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Why Do Some People Never Get Fat?

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You might have wondered why do some people never get fat despite the fact that they eat like pigs! They eat and eat and yet never need to look for information on how to lose weight or anything related to fitness and nutrition. Basically there are two opposing views to see why do some people never get fat while others put up weight by just staring at the food. Genes vs. NEAT

Neat tries to explain the difference between Thin and Fat:Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic is of the believe that the difference between and thin people is not genetic, but more down to the movement that everyone does throughout the day and it is not at all connected to extra exercise. He calls this NEAT. In his latest book named “Move a little, lose a lot”, Dr. James, who is also an exercise expert, demonstrates convincing statistics that prove that there can be a difference of between 1000 to 2000 calories per day between those who move throughout than those who are completely inactive.


This is just like an independent exercise of going to gym of walking for long hours. He further points out that those people who are slim do not put one weight despite being overfed with thousands of additional calories due to the fact that they unconsciously increase their neat. He is a stern believer of increasing the NEAT through moving about, doing simple tasks by self, taking stairs rather than the elevator, parking car as far away as possible from the office and so on. According to him, this is theory completely answers why do some people never get fat.

Genes tries to elaborate why do some people never get fat despite eating what they want to. Why do some people never get fat no matter what and how much they eat while others try to cut on their favorite dishes and yes struggle be slim and smart?

Dr. Jane Wardle, an expert in these matters, believes that this is due to the genetic makeup that influences the appetite. For thin people, this seems effortless as they don’t even want to eat. They by no way have expert power or stronger self-control as compared to other people. It’s just that their brain has little control over what they eat.

When skinny people start to eat more, there metabolism responds by increasing its rate to keep them thin. Dr Ethan Sims fed the thin prisoners up to ten thousand calories a day who were in the Vermont Jail to try to fatten them. But to his surprise, regardless of how much they ate, they remained to be relatively thin and few of them who did manage to gain weight, lost it in just a few weeks.

Dr. Rudy Libel, an authority in human health, explains the fact that some people just do not seem to gain weight no matter how much they eat can be just like a thermostat with different people having different set points. When it goes below that set point, the body of the person begins to do things that force it to recover the body weight that it has lost.


Another obesity specialist, Dr. Carel le Roux says that studies and researches have proved that there is a tendency of laying down muscles rather that body fat which is determined genetically when someone over-eats.

All of the above points focus on the genetic factors of the question, why do some people never get fat? These are beyond anyone’s control as genetic factor is something that cannot be altered. However, this does not explain the rise in obesity over the past decade as the gene pool does not tend to change that quickly. All this points to the fact that the environment plays a big role!

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