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Why Am I not losing Weight: Get the right Answers

Why Am I not losing Weight
I can't fasten belt

Why Am I not losing weight? This is a question I have heard for so many times and it never stops coming around. It is even shocking for those who are exercising but not losing weight for they cannot possibly understand why. They try to find reasons why it is such a trouble to lose weight. Working out but not losing weight? There are many reasons why this may be happening. This article will explore those reasons and emphasize on reasons to lose weight. Keep reading and get to know why you may doing all that you think is right but the scale numbers never seem to drop.

Why you are not losing weight

Exercising but losing weight can be a nightmare that many of us never want to come to. But if you find yourself in such a situation, here are some of the reasons for it:

· You are not having adequate sleep: sleep is one of the most important factors for a healthy physical and mental well being. Lack of enough sleep is bad for the body and will make it gain unwanted weight. Studies show that those who do not sleep well have 55 percent to 89 percent chances of becoming obese. For a good night sleep, you need 7 to 8 hours in a comfortable bed.

· You are not drinking enough water: water has been found to be one of the best friends in weight loss. In a 12-week weight loss study, those who drank half liter of water 30 minutes before meals lost 44 percent weight higher than their counterparts who never. Water increases calorie burn out by at least 30 percent within the hour you drink it. Not taking enough water will stall your weight loss progress.

· You are a binge eater: Binge eating means often eating too more than your body needs at one time. It does not matter whether you are eating nutritious food or not, the thing is that you are taking more than your body can handle. You are giving your body more calories and burning them up becomes a problem. They pile on body as fat and instead of dropping weight, you will be adding more.

· You are doing too much cardio: you will be amazed by this. Cardio may be one of the best ways to shed weight but too much of it is bad news for your progress. If you are taking more than an hour in cardio workouts, you are doing too much. Running 10 miles in one session also counts as too much cardio. What happens is that more cardio burns and tears into your lean muscles, which are known to better your metabolism. You gain more endurance and your body quickly piles energy to keep you going. It dramatically increases your appetite and the result is gaining instead of losing weight.

· Your kitchen is full of the wrong foods: If you are exercising but not losing weight, the first place to turn your attention to should be your kitchen stock. Look into what has a bigger portion of your foods. Bread, sugary foods and the likes that contain more carbohydrates should not be dominating your kitchen. Get rid of them and instead bring more lean proteins, low sugar fruits and veggies. Only then will your stalled weight loss be back on its momentum.

· You are always too stressed: if you are working out but not losing weight, your body could be too stressed to make any good out of your efforts. Exercises are stressors to the body and it will try to fight that. If you have other stressing issues in your life then you have nigh chances of losing weight.

· You are drinking alcohol (too much of it): beer and wine a stocked with calories. If you are taking them and you are trying to lose weight then all your efforts are going to the drain. While it may not be bad to take a little alcohol, it is disastrous if you are taking more of it. Studies have shown that those who do not take any drop of alcohol lose weight 5 times more than those who are regularly drinking.

· You have a health condition that is inhibit your progress: Medical conditions like sleep apnea, hypothyroidism and ploycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are known to stall any progress with weight loss. They make it totally impossible for the body to make good use of what you eat and the exercises you may be doing.

· You have been starving yourself far too long: being on diet is one of the things that speed up weight loss. However, being on it for long has its fair measure of drawbacks. If you fast your body for too long you will soon reach a plateau and you will not be losing any single pound of unhealthy weight. This is the time to take a break and give your body time to recover.

· You have set unrealistic weight loss goals: weight loss is a slow game. If you are not patient you may be discouraged by the fact the scale seems not to drop. It is only a few people who can witness any weight loss in the first week into their program. For others it takes even up to a month to witness any change. Do not set high expectations once you begin but give it time before you declare that you are not losing weight.

· You are not allowing your body time to rest: if you are ever at the gym or running around to lose weight, your body may be too tired to start the weight loss process. Your body needs rest to recover from workouts. With constant stressors on your body, it becomes impossible for it to make good use of your exercises and healthy eating thus no weight loss.

· You are not into weight lifting: resistance training is very important when it comes to weight loss. It improves on metabolism and preserves your lean muscles. One of the best ways to achieve this is weight lifting. If you are not into them then this might explain reasons why you no longer lose weight despite sweating it all out with other exercises.

Do you have Trouble losing Weight? Here is how to solve it

You now know the reasons why your weight loss progress has stopped. Question is: what do you do to correct that? Here are a few suggestions to bring you back on track:

· Sleep well and adequately: the importance of sleep cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to weight loss. It helps your body rest, recover and be ready to face yet another day with your workouts.

· Avoid alcohol: while it may not be harmful to drink a little alcohol from time to time, it is not good to make it regular. If possible, say no to the bottle. If you must then go vodka and spirits. As opposed to wine and beer, these ones do not pile calories on your body.

· Drink adequate water: water is the medium that puts your body at its optimal functioning conditions. It helps with metabolism as well as keeping you hydrated. Take at least 8 glasses of water each day. If you are so active, you need to take more water. Do not use sugar drinks in place of water for they do more damage that you thought. You are more advantaged if you drink water 30 minutes to meals.

· Do not overdo your cardio: cardio is one good way to lose weight, but only if you do enough. It means you should not overdo or under do it. 30 minutes each day with cardio workouts could be all that you need to shed those unhealthy pounds.

· Eat right: this one means you should eat the right quantity of right foods. You need to do away with sugar-laden foods and instead go for solid proteins and veggies. Do not be a binge eater; just take what is enough for your body. Do not take comfort in that you are eating healthy foods thus you can take as much as you want.

· Set realistic goals: weight loss is not easy. It may disappoint you that you have exercised and eaten as it is advised and still there is nothing positive to show for it. It takes patience to achieve considerable weight loss. You may be the type that takes long before your body appreciates your exercises and diet. Do not set big goals that will discourage you if they are not achieved.

· Fight stress: if you are constantly stressed, your exercise and diet may not be anything that will give you progress with weight loss. Get out of stress by identifying the triggers and staying away from them.

Why Am I not losing Weight
Healthy eating: the key to success

Reasons to lose weight

· It is healthy 

· You regain self esteem

· Having the right weight gives you a reason to be happy with your body

· It shows that you can be in control of your body

· Keeps away unhealthy conditions and diseases

· It speaks volumes of your level of fitness

As long as you do things right, you should lose weight to as much effort you put into it. Now if you are working out but not losing weight you know the reasons. Get on top of your game and shed as much weight as you wish to.

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