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Understanding Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme Weight Loss
The feeling of hunger

According to World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), More than two thirds of Americans are obese or overweight. This means that 2 out of every 3 individuals are overweight or obese. The USA is just a case scenario but the overweight problem is spread all over the globe and there are worse scenarios that this. That calls for extreme weight loss. It is no wonder that quite a number of people are on extreme weight loss diet and have bought the idea of extreme weight loss diet plan. If this is the path you have chosen then I bet you would want to know about extreme weight loss recipes, which there are plenty of them. You would also be interested in knowing on extreme weight loss before and after.

If you are out to start or learn about extreme weight loss, that does not make the two of us. In fact it makes the whole lot of others too. It is a time that everyone gets to understand extreme weight loss diet, extreme weight loss diet plan and the results he/she expects. With that in mind, let’s tackle this subject brick by brick and by the end of it all you will have all that you needed to know.

Extreme Weight Loss Diet

What is an extreme weight loss diet? This is good question whose answer would be a good beginning point. An extreme weight loss diet is a ‘beast’ when it comes to shedding of pounds. We are not just talking of a few pounds but as high as 100 pounds and more. You must be having your doubts about this but better not be. The fact that this is called extreme weight loss makes it bigger that you ever imagined.

Have ever read or heard of true stories of people losing more than 100 pounds? Yes you have and tell you what; they tried extreme ways to lose weight. You are wondering too what would be such a diet that would so efficient in losing weight. I must say that this diet is not way too farfetched but rather the usual eating plans recommended for people who want to lose weight. The only difference here is that everything here is taken to the extreme and you have to ready for what will be coming your way.

Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight loss is a process that will need a plan before you begin on it. Therefore it will take planning and following that plan to achieve results from extreme weight loss program. You will need an extreme weight loss diet plan to be able to trim all that weight you do not want on you. Here is 6-meal plan that would help you achieve your goals;

Meal 1

Oatmeal (half cup), half a banana, berries 1 cup and eggs’ white 1 cup

Or Half cup of mushrooms, a slice of sprouted grain bread, one whole egg, and a cup of spinach

Meal 2

Asparagus with grilled chicken breast

Or Broccoli and baked tilapia touched with olive oil

Or green salads in Sardines

Meal 3

Half piece of avocado, kidney beans and quinoa (half cup)

Or half cup of brown rice with grilled tofu and not more than 10 walnuts

Or half piece of yam and a can of tuna

Meal 4

An apple and natural nut butter (seasoned with salt to taste)

Or cup of celery and 2 tablespoons of celery

Meal 5

Grilled turkey with 2 cups of mixed veggies

Or Chickpeas salad with mushrooms and parsley

Or lean beef burger with a mixture of carrots, onions and peppers

Meal 6

Cinnamon and a cup of cottage cheese

Or protein powder with almond milk

These 6-meal plans can be distributed over the days you are on the extreme weight loss diet. You can play with them and establish a pattern that you will be following each day. It is easy to work with a preplanned programmed because you will always have the ingredients you want. It helps stay with your kitchen stocked with the right kind of foods. Ensure that you always shop beforehand so that you will never have an excuse to eat out of the diet you are following.

Extreme Weight Loss
Effect after extreme dieting

Extreme Weight Loss Before and After

I’m pretty sure you have seen real fat people. Or that person could be you. Before commencing on an extreme weight loss diet things are really down south. Fat tummy, loose and shapeless muscles and really high digits on the scale. But that is bound to change once you begin on your extreme weight loss program. That brings us to the results after you have been on an extreme weight loss diet.

For the first week you do not expect much. 5-10 pounds is all that you can get to lose and some people get less than this. Once you are in this path, weight loss becomes consistent and faster. Mind you, the more you weigh the faster it becomes for you to lose weight. Thus it is true to say that extreme fat people will lose weight faster that their slim counterparts. This is because it is easier to notice a change in someone fat looking forward to lose 100 pounds than someone who only wants to lose couple of pounds.

The first days will not be easy for you. Your body has been used to having generous quota of calories but this time you are cutting down on them. You will be weak due to less energy. This is the time that many people quit the extreme weight loss diet. But you shouldn’t because this only lasts for a few days and your body gets tuned to these changes. Once you go over this low period you literally become a fat burning machine’ and that is now how extreme weight loss sets in.

What entails an extreme weight loss diet?

If this diet achieves all that is said it does, it must be more than just something. You would be wondering what it involves. Here is what the extreme weight loss diet includes;

1. Acute reduction on starch and sugar: sugar and starch are big enemies to any weight loss program. They keep on piling fat on you and it becomes extremely difficult to lose a single pound. The extreme weight loss diet advocates for very low intake of both sugars and starch. In fact, it would be better if you took none of them at all but we know that is not possible.

The overall effect of taking fewer carbohydrates is reduction in the secretion of insulin. When this happens stored fat gets out and is burned as a supply of energy in place of calories. This will result into a fat drop in weight. The other effect is reduction in sodium and minimized water retention. Both these do away with bloating and water weight. When all these happen you will be losing weight like a champ.

2. Include fat, protein and vegetables in your meals: this might sound like a misleading idea it really works. Each of meal should include protein, fat and low carbohydrate veggies. This is the best combination that will take down your carb intake to as low as 25 grams in a day.

For protein the best and recommended sources are fish, sea food, lean beef, eggs, chicken, chicken and lamb.

Getting plenty of good protein in your meals is very important to your extreme weight loss diet plan. From various starch, protein has the potential to boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories each day.

That’s not all; protein has a magical way of reducing your appetite for food by 60%. It makes you fuller and a perfect way to remove late night snacking from the equation. In a nutshell, when it comes to extreme weight loss protein is the ultimate leader of nutrients.

Good fat sources include tallow, butter, olive and coconut oils. These are natural oils that are not only beneficial to your body but will be the silver bullet when it comes to losing weight.

For the low carb vegetables go for kales, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, celery, cauliflower and broccoli. As much as they are low on carbs, they are also rich in fiber. They stay for long in your gut cutting down any food cravings.

3. Weight lifting for 3-4 times each week: exercise is a very crucial aspect in weight loss. The extreme weight loss diet is no exception. In fact its effectiveness is not only about eating the right food but also following a very strict exercising campaign.

Find time to exercise at least 3 times in a week. Weight lifting is touted as the best way to lose weight fast and in the same time tone your muscles. It (weight lifting) brings about faster burning of fat and prevents your metabolism from slowing down.

If weight lifting is not your favorite cup of tea, you can opt for some cardio exercises. Run, jog, walk or swim and you will have the same effect. But you have to be intense and consistent if you are to have a real chance of losing more than just a few pounds.

Extreme Weight Loss
Food for extreme weight loss

Extreme Weight Loss Recipes

What are some of the extreme weight loss recipes? This is a question you must have had since the introduction on this post. Not to keep you waiting, here are 3 recipes that will give you the fairest of all chances to lose weight in a big way;

1. Bristro Shrimp and Pasta

What you need:

2 cups of broccoli florets

1 tablespoon of olive oil

Juice from 1 moderate size lemon

A pound of medium sized shrimp, it should be peeled

1 tablespoon of chopped garlic

Parmesan cheese (a third of a cup)

Organic chicken broth with reduced sodium (half cup)

8 oz. of linguini

Fat free half and half

A eighth of as spoon of crushed pepper flakes

2 table spoons of corn starch

Cooking directions

· Boil water in a large port and add linguini

· Put the broccoli florets on a microwave for around 4 minutes

· Heat olive oil in a pan and then add garlic and pepper leaving them for 1 minute

· Into the pan add your shrimp and leave it for 2-3 minutes (it should turn opaque and pink)

· Mix cornstarch with broth. Add on lemon juice and fat free half and half into your shrimp. Cook them for 2 minutes.

· Add your shrimp, broccoli and sauce to pasta. You should toss it well to ensure that the pasta is fully and well covered

You have prepared a meal for 4 and each plate contains 450 calories.

Extreme Weight Loss
Bristro Shrimp and Pasta

2. Country Greens

Not a single meal should be complete without greens. They are such a good addition to any weight loss diet. Country greens make such a good addition and you should have them once in a while in your extreme weight loss diet.

What you need;

2 pounds of kale

4 thinly sliced garlic cloves

Apple cedar vinegar (2 tablespoons)

2 pounds of smoked turkey wings

Freshly ground black pepper and kosher salt

2 pounds of collard greens

Cooking directions

· Have the turkey, pepper and garlic mix in one large pot. Add one quart of water. Boil the mixture. Reduce the fire and simmer for 30 minutes

· Prepare your collards and kales. You have to strip down the leaves leaving the stem clean. If the leaves are large you should slice them into 2 at the center.

· Add your kales and collard to the pot. Simmer them for 20 minutes.

· Add pepper and salt to your taste

This meal serves 8 people and is better served hot.

Extreme Weight Loss
Country Greens

3. Black Bean Salsa, Rice with Chili Rubbed Chicken

What you need;

Fresh Cilantro (half cup)

4 Chicken breast cutlets (4 ounce each)

2 Shirataki spaghetti bags (each 7 ounces). It should be rinsed and drained

Fresh pico de gallo (2 cups)

Chili powder and salt

Cooking directions

· Spray your pan and place it over medium heat

· Season your chicken with salt and chili powder on both sides. Grill each side until is cooked

· Remove the pan from heat and set it aside

· Add rice into the pan and cook it until all water is gone

· Mix pico de gallo with beans and season them well with salt and chili powder

Extreme Weight Loss
Rice with Chili Rubbed Chicken

These are not the only extreme weight loss recipes you should be looking up to. There are so many others out there. But as you have seen, there is a limited serve of carbohydrates. That is the tone set for every recipe so you should choose in those lines.

Tips on how to successfully follow an extreme weight loss diet plan

There is nothing easy when it comes to losing weight. You need all the help you can get to boost your chances of success. If you are on with an extreme weight loss diet, here are some tips that will come in handy;

· Clean up your kitchen: this cleaning is not getting rid of any dirt but rather throwing out all foods that may be enemies to your plan. You should redo you kitchen stock and instead shop for the right kinds of foods. Forget about carbohydrates that made a dominant presence in your kitchen and rather go for low carb veggies, natural fat sources and healthy protein sources.

· Cook your meals at home: If you want to be in control of your extreme weight loss you have to cook your own meals. This gives you the chance to know how much of nutrients you are having in every plate you are serving. Cooking your meals gives you the mantle to accelerate your weight loss. It keeps a watch over what you eat. You will have the inclusion of the preapproved foods. If you have job day you should carry your leftovers and have them for lunch.

· If you are not hungry it is not a crime to skip a meal. But as long as you are hungry you should have something healthy to eat. You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, eating the right kind of food at the right time will be a big boost to your weight loss endeavors.

· Sleep is always an important part of your weight loss program. Let no one lie to you that sleeping is not part of your losing weight. And not just sleeping but having 6-8 hours of sleep every day. With sleep your body gets the chance to rejuvenate and reenergize. You will need both these to lose extra pounds on you.


It is popularly said that extreme problems will need extreme solutions. If your weight is on the extreme edge you have no reason but to find an equal measure of a solution. Extreme weight loss is always an offer on your table. It gives an accelerated option to lose your pounds faster. But do not be misguided by the many misconceptions about losing weight. For instance, you do not have to starve yourself to lose weight. You can eat, eat right, and still lose loads of pounds. Extreme weight loss diet is the way to go if you want to lose real and massive weight. As long as you play by the rules, this battle is yours to win. Do it right and you will be amazed by how much weight you can lose.

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