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Truth About Six Pack Abs Scam – Does The Program Work Or Not?

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It seems that everywhere you look these days, you see a new machine being advertised or a new diet plan that is supposed to be the latest, greatest thing to help a person get great abs. The simple truth of the matter is that these diets and machines do not work. If they did, health and fitness would not be a multi-billion dollar a year industry. You may have heard about the Truth about Abs scam. The question is really whether this is a scam or does the program really work.

Many people wonder how to lose belly fat. This is one of the first areas where the body stores fat and one of the hardest to rid of fat. The truth about six pack abs is that they will never show up until you learn how to lose belly fat. The Truth about Abs program shows one how to get a six pack and maintain it.

According to this program, traditional cardio workouts and diets can not work. In addition, exercises that target the abs, such as crunches, are actually counterproductive. Yet these are the things that fitness gurus tell us must be done to get a six pack.

So, we come back to the question of the Truth about Abs Scam, does the program work or not? Well, is definitely does not propose some sort of magic pill or unique exercise that nobody has mentioned before. It does not put forth a new fad diet that has not been tried before. In fact, the information about how to lose belly fat and how to get a six pack has been available since the beginning of time. It simply has not been packaged together in one place.

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This program is divided into two parts. One is Diet, and the other is Exercise. The diet section provides information on the foods that are natural fat burners. It also tells of food combinations that work together to boost the metabolism and increase caloric burn while reducing the number of calories being consumed.

The Exercise section details an exercise program that gets the metabolism into high gear and helps it maintain calorie burn after the workout is finished. There is no boring, standard cardio program included. These exercises are dynamic and high intensity with them presented in pairs that allow one to work one set of muscles while another rests and switch back and forth at regular intervals that keep the body guessing what is coming next.

Resistance training is also emphasized. This helps to build up muscle tissue all over the body, including the abdomen. These abdominal muscles help to improve posture and strengthen the body’s frame and spine. As fat is reduced and muscle builds up, the abs become more defined.

One problem with the program is that it contains so much information that one can suffer from information overload and fail to get started following the advice it presents. The absolute key to success is beginning the program as soon as one receives it.

After all, this is not a magical program that makes fat melt away over night. The truth about six pack abs is that they take a great deal of hard work and changes in one’s diet to get them to show up and to maintain them. It requires a strong commitment on the part of those using it to follow the advice given and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Therefore, if you are a person looking for an easy way out that will make your abs appear like magic without any effort on your part, you are likely to be one of those who cry “Truth about Abs Scam!” On the other hand, if you are serious about learning how to lose belly fat and how to get a six pack, this just might be the very diet and exercise program you have been looking for.

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If you are not sure, consider this. The program is offered on a risk free 30 day trial for just 4.95 USD. If you get the program on this trial and follow the instructions as provided for the full 30 days, you should see results enough to tell if this program is right for you. If so, you will be glad to pay the balance of the price, 35 USD. If not, you can get your money back and go on to the next program you find or the next machine to be introduced. To date, nobody who has followed the program exactly has requested a refund.

The truth about six pack abs is that anyone can achieve them with the right combination of diet, high intensity cardio, and resistance training. Mike Geary has laid it all out in his 149 page book. He details what to eat and how often to get the most fat burning benefit and target that hard to get rid of belly fat. He details the combinations of exercises that one should perform and in what order to melt away body fat and put the body into fat burning mode all the time.

So, it comes down to making a choice. Do you believe those who claim The Truth about Abs scam does not work? Or, do you believe that the program will work for you if you dedicate enough effort to working toward your goal. And finally, are you willing to put that kind of effort into your workouts and change your diet to one that fuels the body without adding to the problem of fat?

The information needed to learn how to lose belly fat and how to get six pack abs is included in the program. Knowing the truth about six pack abs is the first key to achieving them. That truth is that no machine or diet can work on its own. It takes a total commitment to becoming more fit and making lifestyle changes on a permanent basis to achieve that wash board abdomen that we all desire. This means striking the right balance of nutrition and high intensity exercise rather than continuing in the same old rut of diet and cardio.

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