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Top 10 Weight Loss Plans of 2020

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There is always a new fad in weight loss that comes out every year. Most of the weight loss plans are usually a remix of existing plans but it does not hurt to check out the new plans as and when they come because some of them might be really suitable to your lifestyle and habits.

When choosing a weight loss plan however, one should choose one that will be realistic. Do not choose plans that will require you to exercise like an Olympic athlete, unless you are really training to be one. Pick a plan which you can accommodate in terms of time and effort. You must ask yourself the following questions before choosing a weight loss plan. “Is this diet something that I can really follow?” Another question to ask is “Can I really do so many exercises?” If you can answer yes to both these questions, you can definitely go ahead with the plan to attain your fitness goals.

Here is our mix of the top 10 weight loss tips of 2020

  • Stop drinking soda – While it does not really sound like much of a plan, the truth is that most people lose this battle and chug a lot of soda during the course of a year. Soda is nothing but empty calories that will add to your fat percentage.
  • Drink more water – Substitute your soda with plain water. Water has many benefits to it, one of which is that it aids digestion and increased metabolism.
  • Switch to a temporary vegetarian diet – Become a vegetarian, at least for a while. Avoiding meat will allow you to eliminate a lot of calories as vegetarian food is generally lower in calorie counts.
  • At least lean meats – If you cannot really be a vegetarian, at least make it a point to consume only lean meats that have low saturated fat in them.
  • Never skip breakfast – Make it a point to have a healthy breakfast for the whole year. Skipping breakfast is in fact detrimental to your weight loss goals although you might think it helps.
  • No excess carbohydrates – Try cutting down drastically on your carbohydrate intake on a temporary basis. More specifically, try cutting down on bad carbohydrates such as sugar, white rice and white bread.
  • Have some determination – Think about all your fat loss attempts in the past. The most common reason for them to have failed might be lack of determination. Make up your mind not to give up halfway this year.
  • Eat more fruits – Fruits have a tendency to increase the fat burning process as they contain vital acids and enzymes that aid fat loss. Consume more fruits in your diet. Eat them on an empty stomach.
  • Eat more of fat burning foods – There are some foods like vegetables, egg whites, coffee, green tea, fruits, seafood and others that increase the metabolism rate in your body. Try to make these food items a big part of your diet
  • Get a hobby that will involve physical activity – You have to increase your activity levels on a consistent basis. A great way to do that would be to find a hobby that is also an intensive physical activity. Sports like tennis, racquetball or basketball are great to burn calories. You will also enjoy them as a game and not look at them as a boring exercise.

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