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Top 10 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

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Weight loss is a perennial struggle for most of us. A lot of us wish that there is a pill or potion that will magically take away our extra pounds but the hard truth is that weight loss is never easy. This is one of the reasons why the fat loss industry runs into Billions of Dollars every year with people looking for a solution that will work for them.

Here are the top 10 fastest ways to lose weight listed below. They will not make you slim overnight or give you a chiseled look in a few days but they can definitely make you lose a significant amount of fat in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Drinking water – Yes, you might have heard this before but it is something that you should definitely do more of if you haven’t used the advice already. 8-10 glasses will do you a world of good. Water helps with better digestion which will in turn help with better metabolism. Drinking adequate water is also great for the kidneys and so many other aspects of the body. Also remember that you cannot substitute water with juice or just any liquid.
  • Smaller meals and more meals in a day – Most people have three or even two heavy meals in a day. This slows down metabolism as your body will start to store away food as fat if you eat heavily after long gaps. A better option would be to eat smaller meals frequently that will keep your metabolism on a constantly working mode.
  • Increase your muscle mass – Increasing your muscle mass will also increase metabolism that will help you knock off the pounds. You don’t have to look like Hulk Hogan but increase your muscle mass to be able to do pushups and pull ups easily. If you are able to lift your own body weight, you will have good muscle mass that will help with fat loss.
  • Don’t skip breakfast – Eating breakfast will kick start metabolism. A lot of people skip breakfast thinking that they are helping themselves lose weight but it might in fact have the opposite effect.
  • Some exercise – You just cannot sit around all day and expect to lose weight even if you are on a pretty serious diet. You will need some form of exercise. Pull yourself together and make up your mind that you will spend at least an hour doing some physical activity. Start with a slow walk if that is all you can do for now.
  • Don’t binge – You are probably aware of some foods that are adding to your waist line but you are probably eating it anyway. Have some determination and cut out those foods.
  • Stop drinking soda – This is pure common sense. A regular size soda can give you up to 14 spoons of sugar. This will convert beautifully into fat. Cut the soda.
  • Go with smaller plates – This is more of a psychological trick but smaller plates help people to eat less.
  • Eat more vegetables and cut down on meat – If you are a heavy meat eater, there is a good chance that you are eating a lot of unhealthy calories. Substitute at least some meat with vegetables.
  • No fancy coffee – If your coffee has a fancy name, it probably has a lot of sugar as well. If you like coffee, well, drink plain coffee, don’t add whipped cream, chocolate, cocoa, oranges, vanilla, strawberry or whatever else people are trying to put in your coffee these days.

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Lose WeightFollow some or all of the top 10 fastest ways to lose weight and you will be pleasantly surprised when you step on the weighing scale in a month or two.

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