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To People Who Want a Flatter Stomach & 6-Pack Abs

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Can you imagine how exciting it would feel to have a flat tummy? Picture how great it would be to fit into clothes that flatter your figure. There’s no question, that a flatter stomach or six-pack abs makes you look healthier and younger.

But when it’s crunch time, most people don’t know where to start when it comes to developing a washboard stomach. Put the right information in your hands and you too can have a sexy waistline and stomach. It’s not easy but it’s absolutely worth it. In this article, you’ll see 7 tips that show you how to start your flatter stomach program.

Tip #1: Drink More Water.

 By drinking more water you can offset any water retention caused by eating too much salt.

Tip #2: Reduce Carb Intake.

 According to Leslie Bonci, R.D., at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center, many bars and sweets are loaded with glycerin or sugar alcohols, which cause bloating. Cut unnecessary junk and snack foods from your diet.

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Tip #3: Reduce Salt Intake. 

It’s no mystery that eating lots of salt can cause water retention, thus making your stomach look bigger than usual. The solution is to watch how much salt you eat. Keep in mind that many condiments and canned foods are loaded with salt.

Tip #4: Eat More Potassium.

 Potassium counteracts the bloating-effect of salt. Some foods that contain Potassium include salmon, almonds and cherries.

Tip #5: Work Abs 3 to 5 Times Weekly.

 Don’t fall for the claim that you should work your abs everyday. They need rest and recovery time just like other muscles in your body.

Tip #6: Work at a Moderate Pace. 

There is an erroneous claim that your ab workouts should take 30 minutes or even hours and that you should do crunches super slow. The evidence suggests that the opposite is in fact true. Try 4 counts to come up and 4 counts to come down.

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To People Who Want a Flatter Stomach & 6-Pack Abs 5

Tip #7: Use Bodyweight Exercises.

 The good news is you don’t need machines or weights to tone and flatten your tummy. The right bodyweight exercises will do the trick. This means, you can work your abs anywhere, even in a small room.

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