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The Worst Ways to Lose Weight

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Nowadays becoming thin has become an obsession. People have become more inclined towards selecting ways of loosing weight that would show them results faster than any other medium. I did a little research in the market and came to know below mentioned eight worst ways to lose weight.

1. Purge diets (bulimia) – These diets are one of the worst ways to lose weight. Everybody wants to lose weight but if you are making yourself lose weight through vomiting, diuretics and laxatives then it is entirely wrong because you are only harming your health to an extreme negative extent. You can even end loosing your own life and nothing can be more valuable than your own life.

2. Crash diets – Crash diets have resulted in to deaths this is why they have been labeled as one of the worst ways to lose weight. They are entirely dangerous and are the main cause of Mal nutrition. If you will consult a secure weight loss program you will see that no body has crash diet included in it.

3. Surgery (liposuction, gastric bypass) – Now a days everybody wants to go for a liposuction surgery. This is something you should go for in case of emergency. First give a shot at exercising and diet, try really hard and if they do not work then consult a nutritionist. You will see a nutritionist would never suggest liposuction or any sort of fat reduction surgery to you. Many a times it has been seen that people gain the weight back which is more problem some than before. Do not go for this fix for it is one of the worst ways to lose weight.

4. Appetite suppressants – You must have heard of bazillion pills that can suppress your hunger with in a day. These pills are not even that expensive thus seem very appealing however, there are numerous side effects attached to these pills which you should avoid at all costs. Some of these side effects include hypertension and severe heart damage. These pills should not taken they are not worth the risk.

5. Fat burners – These pills have shown allot of positive results but their side effects are too obvious to be ignored. Several of the fat burners have already stopped being sold in the market anymore because of their negative side effects.

6. Fad diets (Atkins, south beach, etc) – Once again these are not so beneficial to the health and should be avoided. Fad diets are not good for anything except eating away peoples money you should not trust their strict diet schedules.

7. Hypnosis – You must have heard allot of people telling you that hypnosis work but this is not true in any way at least science does not support it. So if you are thinking of loosing weight through hypnosis then our advice would be to think twice because last time i checked hypnosis was expensive so you don’t want to waste such a large amount of money on it.

8. Exercise alone – Exercise is super duper important but if you think you can exercise half n hour and then go and eat pizza but still loose weight so you are quite wrong. You have to control your diet along with exercise to see effective results. Exercise is important – super important. But to really see some results, a healthy diet is necessary. You really can’t expect a lean body if you exercise like crazy but are still eating french fries and doughnuts all the time.

9. Being too strict (unsustainable) – what good will all your hard work be if you can’t get into a system that you can sustain. Living on celery and jogging 10 miles a day probably won’t last you that long. This pattern will lead to burn out and, most likely, gaining back all the weight you may have lost. What is needed is a lifestyle of healthy choices, not a 40 yard dash of strict rules.

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