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The ultimate guide on how to get lean

how to get lean
The desire to be thin

The world population is 40 percent more fat today than a decade ago. Therefore, getting lean is the order of the day as masses fight against overweight and obesity. Some of the most sought after get-lean topics on the internet are how to eat lean, diet to get lean, best way to get lean and lean workout plan. But a good question would be: do you need a diet plan to get lean? This and many other questions will be answered in this post. If you have been struggling with getting lean, here you will find helpful information.

Best way to get lean

Is there a best way to get lean? Just like weight loss, there is never one-ticket way that will get you there. Instead, it is a combination of ways that will give you real results. Nevertheless, here are some of the best ways to get lean quickly:

· Eating right: it is popularly said that you are the product of what you eat. Nothing could be nearer to the truth. In a loose translation, eat lean and you will be lean. Cut down on your carbohydrates and instead turn to lean proteins, vegetables and starch-free fruits. Another thing is to increase your fiber intake. Fiber, though a carbohydrate, efficiently breaks down glucose into energy.

It is not only about having the right kinds of foods, but also the quantities you eat:Take only what is necessary for the body. Stop the urge to eat when you are not hungry. Above anything else, keep away from junk foods and instead cook your own meals at home. For your lunch, carry your supper leftovers.

· Exercise: you can lose weight without exercise but you may not achieve much when it comes to becoming lean. On top of eating right, your body needs exercise to get lean muscles and shed overall weight. Exercise increases metabolism thus more calories are burned for energy. Resting energy needs are also increased and this is crucial when it comes to stored fat. You do not need to spend hours in the gym; a walk or a short run is all you need to start this.

· Drink a lot of water: water has been lauded as a must-have element in weight loss. In fact, taking a glass or two of water before every meal increases calorie burn by up to 20 percent for a period of 1.5 hours. Water also increases metabolism rate meaning that all stored fat is fully burned into energy leaving you with lean and toned muscles. It is recommended that you take 64 ounces of water each day. If you are more active you can take more of water.

Diet to get lean faster

What should you eat to get lean? This is a question those who want to lose both weight and be in good shape are asking. For your heads up, here is what should be in your diet to get lean:

Proteins: yes you should have proteins but you have to be selective on the kind you will have in your plate. Nuts are great sources of natural proteins so you should regularly have them. Other good sources of protein include lean steak, tuna fish, turkey and chicken.

Carbohydrates: since you will be working out to get lean, you will need carbs in your diet plan to get lean. But you should be advised on the kind of carbs you can bring in. The white of eggs, sugar-free yoghurt and brown bread are all good sources for your carbs.

Veggies and fruits: fiber and vitamins will be a crucial part in your get-lean-diet. You have to include them in your diet. Carrots, broccoli and a few others from this family will be good for your vegetables. For your fruits’ choice go for apples and berries.

Fats: there is a misconception about fat when it comes to weight loss and getting lean. People believe that if you take no fat in your meals, you will definitely be slim. There is no truth in that. You need fat even when you are trying to get slim. But only go for the unsaturated kind. Avocados and the white of an egg should be a perfect choice for that.

For snacks: Vegetables, sugar-free yoghurt and fruits. 

Diet plan to get lean

If you want to eat and get lean, here is a diet plan to get lean:

Pre-workout breakfast: for this meal you can have more fat since you have the entire the day to burn it all. Here are some suggestions you can go for:

· 5 eggs white parts. You can have one full egg. Add on pepper and vegetables to give it a better taste

· 2 slices of brown bread. Avoid white bread and pasta wheat. Add some bagel grains in your slices to fortify them.

After you have this meal, go out for cardio workout.

Post workout breakfast: you will need some carbs to regain your lost energy. They are good for transport and recovery of insulin. You can go for:

· Oatmeal with added raisins. 

· A banana with skim milk

If you want, you can have a smaller portion from each of the 2 pairs. 


· A piece of fruit

· Broccoli with a light layer of butter

· Baked lay chips

· A turkey breast with little cheese (avoid mayo at all cost)


This one is for those who go for their workout in the evening.

· 2 whites of eggs

· A generous piece of tuna fish

· Sugar-free yoghurt

· Cold carrots


You will need the good carbs to give you back lost energy. Do not touch any fat since you will be in bed and no way can you burn them. Here are a few suggestions for your supper:

· Chicken or turkey breast

· Fish or lean steak

· Salad on top of your proteins

Lean workout plan

As we said earlier, nothing is achieved without breaking some sweat. You have to work for a leaner you and that is through exercise. Cardio and strength training are part what should be in your plate of exercises.

You only need 30 minutes each day and you will see the difference that will make. For those who have the time and stamina, you can go for more than this but it is advisable that you do not overdo anything.

Some of the best workouts to get lean

· Running: if you can, running is one of the best ways to get lean fast. 2-3 miles a day should be enough to get you on the slimming path. Do not overdo them since you may tear your muscles and that will stall your progress. Do it a little per day.

· Walking: if it is too much to run, you can as well walk. 30 minutes walk is enough to give you the slimness you desire. You can intertwine some jogging in your walks to get something more.

· Swimming: studies have shown swimming to be one of the best ways to get slim faster. A few strokes in a swimming pool would go so far to give you a lean body.

· Weight lifting: strength training is one sure way to give you lean muscles. Get into the gym and sweat it out for 30 minutes. You will not only be shedding weight but also gaining strength for your muscles.

how to get lean
Regularly come to the gym

Tips to get lean fast

· Eat lots of good proteins: proteins form a very important part of weight loss and getting lean muscles. You need plenty of them if your slimming dreams are to come true.

· Increase your cardio but do not overdo it: run, jog and walk. You do not have to do much of these.

· Lift heavy: weight lifting has an indispensable place in slim body. You need to lift one way or another to tone your muscles and leave them with strength.

· Run and walk: enough has been said about this.

· Only eat when you are hungry. Make sure you are not overeating by stopping when you are full.

· Halve your daily calorie intake and do more exercise: bring down your calories intake. Go for exercise to increase your level of calorie burning. Through this you will create calorie-deficit and that is the prerequisite for getting lean muscles faster.

· Make water your number one friend. There is no getting slim without water. If you are not a fan of water you should get ready to change that.

· Ensure you get enough rest. Do not deny yourself adequate and comfortable sleep. Your body needs rest to repair worn out muscles and be ready for another day.

There is no secret about getting lean. If you want to be slim you have to work for it. Some of the sacrifices you will be making are steering away from certain foods. You will also have to find time to exercise. The combination of diet and training is the best way to get lean. You have to keep away from anything that adds on your body fat. With the diet plan and workout plan to become slim, now the ball is in your court to decide what it will be.

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