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The secret is out; here is how to lose weight in a week

how to lose weight in a week
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How to lose weight in a week is far much a popular question that everyone wants an answer for. That is it, people want to lose weight in 1 week and be back to their eat-what-you-want lifestyle. While losing weight in 1 week is a possibility, you should be real on how much weight can you lose in a week. If your question is how “How can I lose weight in a week” then be prepared for a rigorous process that not many can go for unless they are really out for losing weight in a week.

A word of caution

One week is way too short a period to lose any considerable weight. For those who have tried losing weight in 1week can tell you how difficult it becomes to bear with each day. Due to the desperation to lose weight fast, people have devised dangerous ways to achieve that. In this post we are approaching how to lose weight in a week with a sober mind and your health needs at the forefront. We will not suggest any desperate ways to give you success while on the other hand your health is at great risk. Someone said that it is better to lose a single pound a month than lose more at the risk of your entire body and health. I tend to agree with this and would not recommend any desperate means to lose weight.

Take for instance fasting for weight loss. I know this is a fast way for losing weight in a week but what benefits do you get from it? I would say you are gaining nothing by denying your body food when you need it. Why not just eat right and at the right time?

So when we will be addressing the subject “How to lose weight in a week” it will nothing reckless but rather a sound approach that takes care of your health and bringing countless benefits to you.

How can I lose weight in a week?

If your question is “How can I lose weight in a week?” then there are number of ways you can achieve that. Here we will address the safest and fastest ways to lose weight in a week;

1. Watch what you are eating

Why is it so hard to lose weight in 1 week? The answer is simple. It is because of what we eat. There is the talk of balanced diet but does such a balanced diet take care of your weight loss needs? That is the part many people fail to address losing weight in 1 week becomes extremely difficult. If you are looking forward to lose weight in a week you have to cut down on your calorie intake. It is recommended that an average size male and female take 2500 and 2000 calories each day. That is for someone who has reached their optimum weight and is not gaining it. For you who want to lose weight in a week should take less of this. Let’s say slash that down by 1000 calories each day. This is logic trim since you will not be critically denying your body calories but rather ensuring that you are just taking enough to keep you going. Such a situation creates a gap for calories and your body will turn to fats as a source of alternative energy.

Going slow on carbohydrate is another way you can bring in some good news to your need to lose weight in a week. Studies have shown that carbohydrates are not the best choices for anyone wishing to lose weight. Of course you need carbs but only the ones that do not do any damage to your health and more so the kinds that will be in support to losing weight. Take a back step on carbohydrates and if necessary go for the approved sources.

Reviewing your sources of fat would also fall in this way of losing weight in 1 week. Fat is necessary in your diet but the problem is where you are getting them. Natural fat from seeds and nuts is lauded to be the best you can go for.

2. Physical exercise

In all the posts I have written on weight, physical activity has been ever present. This is not just for the sake of it but because nothing beats exercise when it comes to losing weight. For someone aspiring to losing weight in 1 week you will need intensive exercise. Forget about the 20-minute run; this time you will have to sweat it out at the gym to start see any considerable pound drop. You will need a comprehensive exercising program and not many of you would be able to cope with what comes with this.

I know you do not like the sound of rigorous exercise but it is the only effective way to lose weight in a week (meaningful weight). You may not have to do it like professional athletes but be assured it will not be any easy one this time round. You have to stick to a full week exercise routine and make it up for any time you skip.

To be serious folks with exercise, you will not be losing any weight if you only do the morning jog you are accustomed to. You need more if you have to hit your goal at the end of the week. For the long term (beyond a week) you can take it slow with the exercise and achieve your target probably after months but here we are talking of 1 week.

Some good suggestions for exercise would be 30-minute cardio and a combination of 36 lunges and push-ups every day. The best time for exercise would be very early in the morning or in the evening once you get home. These times will give you maximum benefits as they come right before you eat a meal.

how to lose weight in a week
You need to exercise to lose weight in one week

3. Having adequate sleep

Sleep is a sure way of losing weight. If you are out to lose weight in a week then you may have to consider sleeping more. Experts say 6-8 hours each day are perfect for an adequate night sleep. This puts your body in a perfect condition to face any illness, depression and stress. If you are able to beat this then your dream of losing weight in 1 week are valid. You will wake up refreshed and if you have to go to the gym you will not have to fight it. Sleep adequately and you are on your way to drop more pounds that you imagined possible.

4. Drink mainly water

Do I need to stress on the need to drink water if you want to lose weight? I don’t think so because water has used for weight loss needs many centuries ago. Water has no calories and carbs and if any only traces of sodium. This is the perfect trim down drink. Once you have your light breakfast you can stick to water the entire day. This leaves with supper as the only other meal you are having for the day. You are immensely cutting out calories and that is silver bullet for anyone wishing to lose weight in a week. That’s not all; water flushes out toxins and enhances digestion.

These are not the only ways to lose weight in a week fast. In fact it is only a tip of the iceberg. But overall they form the base for weight loss. You may have found your best way to achieve this and that is good because success is all what matters here. As long as you find them comfortable and they give you the desired results then keep up with it. Do not forget to incorporate one or two from the list here.

How much weight can you lose in a week?

Can we really get an objective answer to the question: how much weight can you lose in a week? Some will say they can lose 1 pound a day and that makes it 7 pounds in a week; others will say 5 pounds a week; and the last lot will tell you only 1 pound in a week. So what weight can you lose in 1 week? There are quite a number of factors that goes into losing weight. Let’s see them first before I try to answer this question as truthfully as possible.

· The weight you lose in 1 week will be dependent on the kind of exercise you subject yourself to. If you go for a rigorous program then you can lose as many as 5 pounds by the close of the week. Someone who only goes for a 20 minutes jog may lose 1 pound at the most.

· The kind of foods you are eating. As we said earlier, what you eat over the week will be a factor to how much weight you will be losing. If you are strict on you calorie intake and for instance take them down to half of the recommended quantity then you will lose considerable pounds. Someone who only slightly cuts down his calorie intake will reap a lesser loss of weight.

Now you know the 2 major factors that can affect the amount of weight you can lose in a week. It can be more or less.

I guess now it is time I give an answer to your question on how much weight you can lose in a single week. You cannot lose much of weight in a week. Not unless you starve yourself to death. Since we advocate for healthy weight loss I would tell you this; the weight you can lose in 1 week is 1 pound. If you are really aggressive I would give you 3 pounds max for the week. It is not 5 or 7 pounds. That is what salesmen out there tell you about their weight loss products. But I’m telling you the truth because my interest is only for you to lose weight and not for any money.

What to eat for losing weight in 1 week

As we said you will need a meal plan for the week. But we did not say exactly what you should be eating. Here is a list of food to lose weight in 1 week;

· Vegetables and fruits: If there is a way I know to lose weight fast then veggies and fruits take a top spot. For the veggies, you should go for the ones with soluble fiber. They stay long in your gut killing any room for cravings. Cabbage, kale, spinach, and broccoli are some of the best choices you can go for. On the side of fruits choose the less sugar and low carb kinds. Good examples are berries, grapes and apples.

· Green tea: of course we said exercising is a must if you are to lose weight in a week. A good company for your workouts is green tea. Make it part of your diet and you will be amazed by how fast you drop pounds. Green tea has antioxidants properties that are necessary for burning fat for energy so you know why it should be in your eating and drinking plan.

· Nuts and seeds: you will need proteins and fat in your meals for a balanced diet. But you have to get them from sources that will not hamper your weight loss. Nuts and seeds will give you that. Examples are almonds, chia seeds, flaxseeds and walnuts.

 how to lose weight in a week
Salad for weight loss

What then after losing weight in a week?

Now that you have managed to lose weight in 1 week, what is next? The same way you lost the extra pounds it is the same they can find their way back. You will need to keep on eating the right kind of foods to avoid weight gain. Exercise is a must and lots of other things you did over the week. This does not mean you have to stick to the strict dieting and exercise. It rather means you have to be disciplined on your eating habits. You should keep off foods and habits that lead to weight gain. Otherwise letting the pounds come back after the week would make no sense that you had to lose weight in the first place.

To be frank, losing weight in a week will only give you temporary results. The best thing would be to go for a less aggressive program that would last for long and give you permanent results. There are weight loss diets that you can go for. These are the ones you can stick to for the long term without any adverse health consequences.

Tips on losing weight in a week

· You will need a meal plan to lose weight in 1 week. This helps you to stay on course and you will be duly guided.

· Restrict eating in the kitchen or the dining room. Losing weight in a week will need you to reduce the amount of food you eat. This in effect will lower your calorie and carb intake. One good way to do that is eating at home and that is either at kitchen or dining room. You will avoid the temptation for junk foods when you go out.

· Cook your meals. You should be watching what you are eating. A good way to do that is to cook your meals from home. You can measure quantities in your foods. Keep your leftovers for the next day.

· Finding some support. Having someone as your partner as you lose weight in a week is a big plus. You will have a reason to keep going and be accountable to that person. A family member or close friend would be the best you can go for.

Is it advisable to lose weight in week?

As I said earlier, losing weight in 1 week does not come easily. It calls for extreme means, which will have dire consequences to your health. Even to lose a single pound in such a short time will take toll on you. So, do I recommend that you have your weight loss targets pinned in a single week? My answer is yes and no. Yes if you can manage that but not harm your health. No because this is a short time with no promise for long term result. If anything you need a sustainable way to lose weight. Go for something that will not crush you once you are done. A weight loss program that last for a few weeks is what I would go for. You will take your time to adjust to new rules be it on eating and exercise. This way, your chances for success are high and the health benefits are more than the dangers.

Does that mean I discourage losing weight in a week? Not at all. If you think this is something you can take then go for it. I have outlined for your ways on how to lose weight in a week and they will give you results. What I’m against is losing weight through desperate means.


Losing weight in a week is not just any other weight loss but one that requires determination and discipline. It is a short period but can be a very successful window to maximize on your weight loss goals but if it gets desperate then you should opt out. You have to play by the rules of diet, exercise and a positive lifestyle. And that’s how to lose weight in a week sounds. Good luck!

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