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The Magic of Fat Burning Foods

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One of the most exciting secrets of losing weight involves what are called fat burning foods. What are fat burning foods? Imagine this, a food that helps you burn more calories than you consume and makes you feel full! Picture a food item that zero’s in on your belly fat and helps to slim your torso. If there were foods that could do that, wouldn’t you want to know what they are? The good news is I’m going to show you what they are! All of these foods are available at your local shop or supermarket.


EFA’s are Essential fatty acids. These fatty acids come from fish. Now here’s what’s special about EFA’s. It was found that women who consume fish regularly have lower levels of a protein hormone called leptin, which is linked to a slower metabolism and obesity. You can acquire EFA’s through supplements or by eating fresh fish three to five times a week. The best fish for EFA supplementation include wild salmon, fresh tuna, herring and mackerel.

FAT BURNING FOOD #2: Cinnamon.

It was found by the USDA that as little as ¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon added to food helps your body metabolise sugar 20 times faster and lowers your blood-sugar levels.

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The Magic of Fat Burning Foods 5

FAT BURNING FOOD #3: Apples & berries.

Apples and berries contain a significant amount of a substance called pectin. What’s special about pectin is that it has a water binding property that drowns out the fat from your cells, thus hindering your body’s ability to absorb fat. You’ve heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, now you know an apple a day keeps fat away!

FAT BURNING FOOD #4: Cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper became vogue as a weight loss food when it was published that models such as Gisele Bundchen and singer Beyonce rely on it to keep their body’s lean. The reason why Cayenne pepper slims you down is because it triggers what’s called a thermodynamic burn that lasts for hours after you eat. In other words, Cayenne pepper helps to speed up your metabolism. Chilli pepper also has the same effect. In fact, recent studies have revealed that adding chilli to your meals can help you lose up to 5lbs a month!

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FAT BURNING FOOD #5: Citrus fruit.

Lemons, oranges, grapefruit and limes are considered citrus fruit. What’s special about these fruits is that they contain a high amount of vitamin C. This is important because vitamin C can help liquefy or dilute fat so that it exits your body. Citrus fruit is known to help increase your metabolic rate.


At first glance, eating too much garlic seems rather unappealing. But when you consider what it can do for your waistline you might reconsider your thoughts about it. Garlic works as a thermogenic in your body, thus it speeds up your metabolism and keeps your insulin levels low to maximise fat burning.


Ginger has properties that expand blood vessels and increases body heat, which in turn helps to boost your metabolism by 20%. Ginger is also known to detoxify the body and promote good blood circulation. You can add ginger to meals or drink ginger tea for the benefits.

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FAT BURNING FOOD #8: Dairy Foods.

It just doesn’t seem like it’s possible but low-fat dairy foods can aid in weight loss. The reason why is because in an April 2005 study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity, it was found that the calcium and protein found in low-fat dairy foods actually promotes weight loss and helps maintain muscle mass. For this to work, you may want to try eating three servings of low-fat dairy foods a day.

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