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The Diet Solution Program Reviews – A Scam?

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With so many fad diets out there, you may wonder is there is one that really works to help you lose weight and keep it off. If you’ve read the Diet Solution reviews you may have felt a twinge of excitement or even a surge of hope that here, finally, is a program that can offer you the help you need to manage your weight without starvation and without the dreaded yo-yo syndrome. The DSP book is healthy and and safe.

Those who claim the Diet Solution scam exists haven’t checked out the facts. This weight management program is based on finding and using the metabolic type built into your body. When you answer a series of questions, you will learn which type of metabolism is yours. Once you know the type, you will be able to develop a diet program that will help you determine which foods will be helpful for weight management and which foods will cause you to fight increasing pounds. When you select foods from your approved food list, based on your metabolic type, there is no scam, just consistent healthy weight loss.

The metabolic types are labeled as carbohydrate, protein or mixed types. When you complete the analysis questions, you will be able to easily determine which type or category that you fall into. You might be a carbohydrate type. Once that is determined, you will progress to selecting the components of your foods. The same thing is true if it is obvious that you are a protein metabolic type. Again, the questions you answer will tell you what type you are and if the protein related diet components are the proper choice for your dietary program. A few people are classified as mixed types, and they have yet another group of menu choices.

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An important part of the dietsolution program is detailed meal planning assistance. Each of the bodily metabolism types is provided with complete meal plans. More than twenty days of snacks and meals are provided for each type of body metabolism. There are detailed and delicious recipes for preparing the food choices so your diet need not be boring in order to work. Each body type has their own food choices and recipes to follow. The diet information tells you what type you are, what foods to eat and how to prepare your dietary choices.

When you are overweight, if you are like most dieters, you reach a point where you know you must act. Usually any diet will help you to lose weight fast during the first few days. Once you reach the end of the easy pound loss, you may find yourself getting more and more discouraged. If you are relying on reduced calories to peel of the pounds, you soon realize that your body simply shuts down into starvation mode in order to avoid using up any of the stored fat. Your body is your enemy is this situation, refusing to be starved.

If you are overweight, you probably have reduced energy and ability to be active. Unfortunately, other diet programs often leave you with the same loss of energy. You are hungry and thinking only of that next meal or what might be left in the refrigerator that won’t blow your diet efforts. With this innovative program, you will not suffer from energy deprivation. Instead, you will have increasing energy as you feed your body the nutrients that it requires. At the same time, your energy is no longer being used just to drag your extra pounds around. You will have increased vitality and zest for life.

The diet was created by a certified and qualified nutritionist with a Rutgers University degree in the field of exercise physiology. Isabel de Los Rios is certifies in kinesiology and is a holistic nutrition coach. The background in nutrition, exercise and related natural methodologies help her to create a program that is both safe and effective. Her personal certification is as a nutritional counselor. This sets her diet program apart from most of her contemporaries. Taking supplements such as green tea, fish oil and others are not a part of De Los Rios recommendations.

While the precise nutritional components will vary somewhat, depending upon the body type of dieter, it should be noted that this is a long term approach to weight control. There are no quick fixes or claims to lose ten pounds in ten days. The basis of the healthy foods included are lean proteins, non-starchy vegetables, most fruits and snacks such as nuts, raw vegetables and other nutrient dense foods. The author encourages eating healthfully rather than taking nutritional supplements. This is a way of eating that you can use and enjoy the rest of your life. You won’t need to lose the same ten to fifteen pounds over and over again.

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To assist in your goal of permanent weight loss, the author offers dozens of strategies and secrets that help keep the pounds off without resorting to binge dieting periodically. The techniques include showing you how calorie counting is counter productive and won’t work when it comes to lifelong weight management. Carbohydrates are not the enemy. You can implement the right nutritional foods in your fat loss program and still eat all the carbs you need. So called health foods might actually be causing your body to store fat rather than get rid of it.

Isabel De Los Rios DSP program requires you to eat plenty of food in order to get rid of your excess weight. Most people believe that you must cut back on portions in order to cut back on calories. They end up discovering that eating less food often results in weight gain rather than weight loss. The benefits of this weight management lifestyle are obvious. The program focuses on sensible eating habits over the long term. It is easy to follow and is backed up by unbiased clinical studies and scientific evidence. You can learn more about the many success stories by visiting the diet solution program website.

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