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Sainsbury’s Diets

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What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a high level of support and flexibility as you go about reaching your weight loss goals, you simply can’t go wrong with the Sainsbury’s Diets programme. This programme takes an all-inclusive view to weight loss and provides you with every tool you need for success: workout advice, dietary recommendations, and full meal plans and recipes.

Essentially, it’s a done-for-you system that allows you to lose weight in a safe manner at a rate that you’re comfortable with.

If you’ve been on weight loss programmes before but have fallen off due to lack of support, strong food cravings, or high levels of hunger, this programme will take care of all those issues instantly.

Let’s have a closer look at what this programme has to offer so you can see for yourself the numerous benefits provided.


  • Ability to take your diet with you on your iPhone or Blackberry
  • Get a completely customised workout programme to tone and strengthen the body while you burn fat
  • Offers eight different types of weight loss plans to choose from
  • Users will be part of a recipe club that offers over 1000 different recipes
  • Easy to use calorie counter is provided to quickly figure out how many calories are in any of your recipes
  • Offers community support through online forums
  • Provides a number of tools to help you succeed with weight loss such as a BMI checker, daily calorie calculator, waist to hip ratio calculator, target heart rate tool, calories burned calculator, and much more
  • Provides users with a food diary where they can track what they’re eating and ensure success
  • Program will provide you with graphs showing you your progress
  • Teaches you easy to implement strategies that will ensure life-long weight maintenance
  • Takes a healthy approach to weight loss and is not a crash diet – there are no banned foods on this plan
  • Cheaper than similar competitor plans
  • Offers numerous price point plans to meet all needs


  • Will require a computer and Internet access as all information is available only online


The Sainsbury’s Diets system really stands out above some others because not only are you getting a flexible diet programme that you can easily adapt to your own needs and preferences, but you’re also getting a full workout programme as well.

While other approaches may have the diet aspect taken care of, often they fall short when it comes to exercise.

By combining both of these factors in one plan, you’re going to significantly increase your results and will look a great deal better as you lose the weight as well. Studies show that those who combine exercise with a proper diet experience greater muscle tone, definition and higher metabolic rates over those who don’t.

For that reason, this program stands above the crowd. If you want to experience the most optimal weight loss possible, this is a wise investment to make

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