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Paleo Chili: Comfort Food That Is Oh So Good For You

Paleo Chili

For many people, foods such as paleo chili are more than just a source of nourishment. They are a source of comfort after a long day. A dish filled with love to share with family and friends. The best part is, there are so many variations of this dish that you can easily go with paleo diet chili everyday of the week while still enjoying a new flavor each day. The ten unique recipes below can help to get you started.

Paleo Chili: Slow Cooker Recipes

If you find that you frequently struggle to find enough time in your day to make a hot meal, these paleo chili recipes for slow cooker recipes are perfect for you. Simply place all of your ingredients in the slow cooker and allow to cook while you are away from home. By the time you return at the end of the day, you will have a hot and delicious meal waiting for you.

Paleo Chili

Chunky Chili

This slow cooker recipe includes lots of extra vegetables to create a super chunky chili that is sure to satisfy even the biggest appetite.

Your Shopping list

1 pound of ground beef or turkey
3 cloves minced garlic
1 green pepper, 1 onion, 1 red pepper, all diced
1 cup diced carrots
1 cup diced celery
1 minced jalapeno
14 oz can diced tomatoes
28 oz can stewed tomatoes
15 oz can tomato sauce
3 tablespoons chili powder
1 tablespoon each oregano and basil
2 teaspoons cumin
1 teaspoon each salt, pepper, and onion powder
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Let’s Get Cooking

Paleo Chili

Begin by sauteing garlic and onions in a large pan over medium heat until tender. Add your meat to the pan and continue cooking until meat is browned. Drain all excess fat from the pan.

Add your meat, onion, and garlic mixture to your slow cooker. Place all other ingredients in the slow cooker as well and sit. Cook on low temperature setting for approximately six hours and enjoy.

Italian Slow Cooker Chili

This Italian easy paleo chili offers tons of flavor combined with convenience of creating your entire meal in just one pot.

Your Shopping List

Paleo Chili

4 pounds of grass fed ground beef
10 oz diced baby bella mushrooms
1 medium onion, diced
6 cloves minced garlic
3 tablespoons tomato paste
3 fresh bay leaves
2 tablespoons each dried basil and thyme
4 tablespoons capers
28 oz can of fire-roasted diced tomatoes
1/2 cup of chicken broth
2 tablespoons of chili powder
1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper to taste
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Splash of olive oil

Let’s Get Cooking

Begin by placing all of your ground beef and your diced onion into your slow cooker. Set the temperature on low and allow to cook for approximately four hours or until the meat is browned. Drain the fat and place the meat back into the slow cooker.

Paleo Chili

Next, add the rest of your ingredients and spices. Be sure to mix well in order to ensure even flavor distribution.

Continue cooking on low for another 3 hours or until your veggies are tender. Serve warm.

Spicy Paleo Chili Slow Cooker

If you are a big fan of all things spicy, this recipe is sure to make it on your favorite food list. However, if you find you can’t handle the heat, you can still enjoy this recipe by substituting the jalapeno pepper for diced bell peppers.

Your Shopping List

Paleo Chili

1 pound ground grass-fed beef
1 large onion diced
1 diced green bell pepper
2 cloves minced garlic
Approximately 8oz sliced portabello mushrooms
3 tablespoons paprika
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 medium minced jalapeno pepper
28 oz can of undrained diced tomatoes
2 tablespoons coconut butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Let’s Get Cooking

Begin by placing your tomatoes and paprika into the slow cooker and setting the temperature to high.

In a separate pan, brown your ground beef in one tablespoon of coconut butter.

Paleo Chili

Add the meat to the slow cooker, allowing the beef fat and butter to remain in your skillet. This buttery liquid will be used to saute your vegetables.

Add one more tablespoon of butter to your meat juice along with your peppers, onions, garlic, and mushrooms. Saute the vegetables until the onions become clear.

Place your vegetables and spices into the slow cooker and reduce the heat to low. Continue cooking for approximately 8 hours.

Paleo Chili

Paleo Chili Recipes With Chicken

Are you looking for a lower calorie chili recipe, or do you simply prefer the taste of chicken over beef? If so, these paleo chili recipes with chicken are ideal for you.

White Chicken Chili

This paleo chili recipe offers a stew-like flavor that is a delicious variation of traditional chili recipes. Best of all, the low calorie ingredients are perfect for individuals who are following a paleo diet to lose weight.

Your Shopping List

Paleo Chili

2 pounds of diced boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 large onion, diced
1 chopped bell pepper
2 diced jalapeno peppers (you can use just one pepper if you don’t like too much heat)
4 cloves minced garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
4 cups chicken broth
2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon cumin
14 oz can green chiles
3 tablespoons canned, unsweetened coconut milk
3 tablespoons arrowroot powder
1 teaspoon coriander
green onions and cilantro for garnish

Let’s Get Cooking

Place a large stock pot over medium-high heat. Add your olive oil, onions, peppers, and garlic. Saute for approximately 5 minutes or until onions become translucent.

Next, add your diced chicken, salt and spices. Continue cooking for another 8 minutes or until chicken is browned.

Paleo Chili

Add in your green chilies, chicken broth, and coconut milk. Using a whisk, incorporate the arrowroot powder into the chili. Allow the mixture to come to a boil.

Once boiling, reduce the heat to low and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Using the back of your ladle, break the chicken pieces into shreds.

Serve warm topped with green onions and cilantro.

Queso chicken Chile

Don’t let the name of this chili fool you. While queso does in fact mean cheese, this recipe is completely dairy free and paleo friendly.

Paleo Chili

Your Shopping List

1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into bite size pieces
3 minced bell peppers (any color)
1 chopped red onion
1 minced jalapeno pepper
2 cups of pre-made salsa (be sure your salsa is paleo friendly if buying commercially)
1 1/2 cups of water
1 chopped avocado
2 cloves minced garlic
2 teaspoons chili powder
1 teaspoon cumin
Sea salt and black pepper to taste

Let’s Get Cooking

Begin by adding your chicken, salsa, water, cumin, onion, garlic, chili powder, salt, and pepper to your slow cooker.

Allow to cook on low heat for approximately 8 hours. If you want to speed up the cooking process, you can cut this time in half by turning the heat up to high.

When your cooking time is just about finished, saute your peppers and jalapenos over medium heat until tender.

Paleo Chili

Add peppers to slow cooker and allow to cook for another 20 minutes to incorporate the flavor of the peppers.

If chili is too thick, you can add a bit of water to achieve the consistency you want.

Serve warm topped with avocado.

Creamy Chicken Chili

This rather mild paleo chili recipe is ideal for people who don’t like too much spice. The unique spices used in this recipe will also provide you with a great flavor variation when making chili a regular part of your new paleo diet.

Paleo Chili

Your Ingredient List

2 pounds diced boneless, skinless chicken breast
2 diced bell peppers (one red, one green)
1 medium yellow onion, chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
1/2 can unsweetened coconut milk
4 oz can of green chiles
1 teaspoon each garlic powder and sea salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon each oregano, cumin, and sage
1/4 teaspoon each white and red ground pepper

Let’s Get Cooking

Paleo Chili

In a large soup pot over medium heat, add your olive oil and minced garlic. Cook for 3-5 minutes until garlic becomes fragrent,

Add chicken to the pot and cook for several minutes until browned.

Next, add your peppers, onions, and green chiles. Cook for approximately 5 minutes or until onions are tender. Be sure to stir frequently to avoid burning.

Add the rest of your ingredients to the pot and stir thoroughly.

Allow to simmer covered for 7-10 minutes to incorporate all of your flavors. Serve warm.

Cauliflower Chicken Chili

The use of cauliflower in this paleo recipe offers a great replacement for the texture of beans that many people have become accustomed to in chili dishes. Consequently, this recipe is perfect for both veterans of the paleo lifestyle and those who are just beginning their road to healthy eating.

Your Shopping List

Paleo Chili

1/2 head of cauliflower, diced
2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken thighs cut into bite size pieces
Large red bell pepper, diced
Large yellow onion, diced
1 poblano pepper, diced
2 cloves minced garlic
1/2 cup chicken broth
28 oz can tomato puree
2 tablespoons chili powder
1/2 teaspoon chipotle flakes
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Avocado, lime slices, and cilantro for garnish (optional)

Let’s Get Cooking

The instructions on this one couldn’t be any easier. Simply place all of your ingredients into your slow cooker. Set the temperature on low and cook for 8 hours.

Paleo Chili

Serve warm and top with avocado, cilantro, or lime slices if desired.

Paleo Chili: Big Game Recipes

While the recipes in this section certainly can be prepared to celebrate a big sporting event with friends, the title refers to the use of big game meats. The use of these meats is highly recommended as part of a paleo diet since they are often found only through wild life suppliers rather than at your local supermarket.

Venison Butternut Squash Chili

Whether you have some left over venison from your last hunting trip or simply enjoy the flavor of this paleo friendly meat, this chili recipe is sure to please every member of your family.

Paleo Chili

Your Shopping List

1 pound of venison stew meat, chopped
2 tablespoons lard
Medium yellow onion, diced
Large poblano pepper, diced
2 Large jalapeno peppers, finely diced
2 cloves chopped garlic
6 oz can tomato paste
4 cups beef broth
2 teaspoons each cumin, chipotle chili powder, and ancho chili powder
1 teaspoon each paprika and dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups butternut squash, cubed

Let’s Get Cooking

In a large dutch oven, heat lard over medium heat. Once hot, add venison to the pot and cook approximately 5 minutes or until browned on all sides.

Add peppers and onions and continue cooking over medium heat for another 5 minutes or until onions are soft.

Add all other ingredients except beef broth and squash. Stirring constantly, cook for 2-3 minutes or until garlic becomes fragrant. Finally, add in broth and squash.

Reduce heat to low and cover cover. Allow chili to simmer for approximately one and a half hours or until the venison is tender enough to be easily broken apart with a fork.

Remove the lid and allow to continue simmering for 20 minutes in order to thicken the sauce.

Season with sea salt and pepper to taste and serve warm.

Paleo Chili

Bison Chili Masala

This paleo bison chili recipe is inspired by the savory spices used in Indian cooking, making it a great change of pace for those paleo eaters who are tired of eating the same generic meals over and over again. If you can’t find bison meat in your local area, this recipe can also be made using ground beef.

Your Shopping List

Paleo Chili

2 pounds ground bison meat
Large yellow onion sliced thin
3 cloves minced garlic
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon minced ginger
2 tablespoons garam masala
14 oz can coconut milk
28 oz can diced tomatoes
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

Let’s Get Cooking

Paleo Chili

Place large sauce pan over medium-high heat. Add coconut oil and allow to melt. Once oil is hot, add bison meat to the pot. Using a spoon, break the meat up into small pieces while stirring.

Once meat begins to brown, add your onion, garlic, ginger, and garam masala to the pot. Stir well.

When the meat is almost cooked all the way through, add your diced tomatoes and coconut milk. Reduce the temperature as much as necessary to ensure the liquids do not splash out of the pot.

Continue cooking for approximately 15 minutes with no lid so that the chili can thicken. Once thickened, add lemon juice, cilantro, and lemon zest.

Stir well and serve warm. Cashews, raisins, and cilantro all make excellent garnishes for this paleo chili.

A Final Thought

When preparing any of the paleo chili recipes above, be sure to always use organic ingredients. This is especially important when choosing products such as chicken or beef broth and canned tomatoes, as some manufacturers will use preservatives and additives when packing these products.

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