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No sugar diet: reaching to the body and soul in a perfect way

No sugar diet
No sugar diet reaching to the body and soul in a perfect way

Did you know that sugar is not as good as it tastes? Well, the love of sugar by many people blinds the fact that sugar is not good for your Health. Why do you think the no sugar diet is professed by many? Still, why do you think there are ways of reducing sugar in diet? It comes back that sugar is not a good a helpful addition in your diet and you should be working on how to eliminate sugar in diet.

What is a no added sugar diet?

For the no sugar diet you have to give up on flour and refined sugar. On the other hand you will not be burdened with the task of counting the number f calories you take in a day. The objective of the no sugar diet plan is to take the lowest level of glycemic index (GI). This keeps your blood sugar level steady and at healthy acceptable heights.

Sound of warning: the no sugar diet is not as simple as you may think. There are those who think that cutting out cakes and sweets is all they have to do. This is totally wrong. What it means is that you have to eliminate sugars for good from your diet. Almost every kind of food in our supermarkets has sugar in it and this makes it a toll order to avoid the entire lot of them.

What to eat in a no sugar diet

What are you allowed to eat in your no sugar diet? That’s a good question and here are your answers;

· Dozens of veggies and fruits: you only have to stay away from the high sugar kinds like watermelon, pineapples and parsnips.

· Whole grains: they include brown rice, oatmeal, pasta and wholegrain bread

· Natural sweeteners are allowed but stay away from table sugar

· For alcohol, health-grade wine is good once at a time

· Protein sources: lean meat with the likes of beef, fish and pork; low-fat dairy products, and nuts.

No sugar diet
No sugar diet reaching to the body and soul in a perfect way

How to eliminate sugar from diet

It is not going to be a smooth ride if you have to completely eliminate sugar from what you eat. This is because almost everything surrounding you has sugar in it. However, it should not be that difficult to completely cut sugar from your diet. Here is how to eliminate sugar from diet;

· Change your snack options: one way through which you take lots of sugar is snacks. You take them every time not aware of their high level of sugar content. It is time you drop snacks in the regime of bars, granola, flavored yoghurts etc. Your alternative sugar-free snacks include raisins, plain yoghurt, vegetable soup, popcorns and sugarless crackers. This lot does not only eliminate sugar but also gives you a full stomach for a long time. You need this to tame your food cravings.

· Avoid sugar drinks: recent studies have shown that you take more sugar in liquid than in solid form. You always have your sweet tea every time of the day and that increases your sugar intake. Stay away from the kinds of soda, juice, sweet tea, and vitamin water. In your cup of drinks you are left with milk, blunt tea and coffee, and water.

· Cook and bake with sweetener alternatives: when you cook and bake for yourself you can be sure that no single particle of sugar goes into your food. It does not mean that your food should be dull. Not at all when there are so many alternative sweeteners with no negative effect to your health. Barley malt syrup and dextrose powder are such alternatives that will cut all the bad sugar you consume. You can experiment with them to establish how much you can add to your foods. They give your food the custom sweet taste but in reality they do not pile up any sugar to your body.

· Before you buy, read and reread ingredients: when was the last time you checked the ingredients of something you were buying? Can’t remember? You are not alone for many of us buy stuff without knowing what is in them. If you are on a no sugar diet that has to end. You have to screen each package you buy and ensure that there is no added sugar.

· If you eat at restaurants, order but ask first about sugar: you do not know how much sugar is in your best restaurant treat until you ask. The sauce you can’t do without probably has a heap of sugar and all that comes down to you. Avoid the sugar laden suspects in the likes of marinades, soup broths, dips, glazes and dressings.

Ways of reducing sugar in diet

If you are the kind that cannot totally avoid sugar from your diet, here are ways to reduce your intake;

For breakfast

Most of the cereals you have for breakfast are full of unhealthy sugar. It is time you bring something with less or no sugar at all. Here is a list of cereals you can use as replacement of your favorite bowl:

· Wholegrain pillows- they should be shredded and plain

· Plain Whole wheat biscuits

· A bowl of plain porridge

No sugar diet
No sugar diet reaching to the body and soul in a perfect way

Having these cereals for breakfast will cut down your sugar intake by 70g each week. If you keep on this for a month you will be reducing your sugar intake by 210g. That is not a mean achievement given that you are surrounded by sugary foods.

If you cannot fully do without sugar, you can alternate your breakfast days. Today take the sugar kind while the following day should be for the low-sugar types.

For lunch and supper

There are meals out there that you think do not contain any sugar. It will amaze you how much sugar they contain if you were to ask or investigate by yourself. Sauces, ready meals, and soups are deceptive but in reality they contain so much sugar. For instance, a medium-sized pasta sauce jar (roughly150g) contains 13g of added unhealthy sugar. The solution is simple; make your own food at home. If you have leftovers carry them to work or wherever you are going. If this is not possible and you have to eat takeaways go for the kinds that are confirmed to have the least amounts of sugar.

For snacks

Snacks are the biggest spoilers for anyone into the no sugar diet. They come easy and their temptation is always huge. The sugar-free snacks are healthy and should be your best choice. They include plain popcorns, unsalted nuts, oatcakes and fresh fruits. If you find it so hard to let go your sugar snacks then you can cut them down. Instead of a full bar go for half, drop the 2 biscuits and instead take one. That way you will work down your sugar intake and all for the good reasons: your health.

For drinks

Fizzy and sweetened drinks contribute to the biggest portion of our daily sugar consumption. Instead of squashes, sodas and sweetened juice opt for herbal tea or lemon/ginger spiced hot water. You can as well opt for plain water for it has many advantages to your health.

For desserts

Do you really have to take dessert everyday and after every meal? You can have it only after the evening meal. What about having it only on weekends or the odd days of the month? If you can find a working formula that can help you reduce your intake for the sugar desserts then go for it. The objective is to have as less as possible.

No sugar diet
No sugar diet reaching to the body and soul in a perfect way

No sugar diet results

If you have chosen to take the no sugar diet, you have your hopes hinged on getting desirable results. Let’s see what you should expect once you begin the sugar-free journey;

· Weight loss: from testimonies and professional insights, a no sugar diet is effective in cutting unhealthy weight. Less sugar flow in your blood stream leads to efficient burn down of body fats for alternative energy.

· No more craving for junk foods: without sugar in your meals your appetite for junk foods will die down.

· A clearer and light brain: more sugar in your food dulls the brain. If you can cut down your intake you will experience a fast and clearer brain. This is good for academic performance and accurate decision making.

· Less risk to heart diseases: with less sugar and efficient burn out of fats, you will have a better chance against heart diseases.

· Less chance to get dementia and Alzheimer: less sugar in your meals is a precondition for the adequate production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which helps the brain remember the past.

· You will beat stress and depression: high amount of sugar is your diet is not good for stress and depression. Your insulin will become irresponsive to the spiked sugar levels and you will be faced with serious stress and depression. With less sugar you will easily manage stress.

There are no many successful diets to help you lose weight. If you get a chance to come across one you should go for it. The no sugar diet is not new in the corridors of leading healthy lives and losing weight; it is the right way for you to eat. Make your choices right and one of such way is to know how to eliminate sugar from diet.

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