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Low GI Diet For More Energy

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Low GI Diet What You Need to Know

If someone told you, that you could eat certain foods and lose weight while feeling energized all at the same time you might think they were kidding. The truth is that on a low GI diet you can feel better than you ever have while dropping pounds quickly.  The diet is works with your body, and what you body needs instead of against it.  A diet doesn’t have to feel like a punishment or being sentenced to living without filling satisfied at mealtime.  You can enjoy your life, and feel great even while dieting.

Low GI Diet Science

You body works every day to maintain itself.  Cells are being repaired, fat is being stored, and your every move no matter how small requires energy. For everything, your body does it needs energy.  That’s hunger is a natural fact of life.  True, around lunch time your brain is sending  you the picture of a hamburger and fries, but this is your body’s way of telling you more fuel is needed.  The problem here is your body can’t tell you the exact type of fuel that will work best.  Nature’s way of communicating is letting you know it wants fat and protein, but if you have a weight problem, then in this is instance nature is wrong.

You body stores fat as a reserve of energy. The body only uses this stored energy source when absolute has because there is no other source of energy available. If this wasn’t the way the human body was designed mankind wouldn’t have survived periods of famine.  In America where for most people food is plentiful, this system works to your disadvantage.  Your body will work on the principle that a famine is a possible and store fat, and sometimes it will opt for storage over burning food for energy.  The outcome from this is you will be gaining weight while still feeling hungry and drained.

Low GI Diet Foods

The GI Diet foods index is a list of foods assigned a number.  This numbers indicts how fast the body will break this food down.  The lower the number the longer the amount of time it takes for the food to breakdown.  These foods benefit the body because the longer it takes to break a food down, the less likely the body is to use this fuel for energy instead of for fat storage.  You can find a copy of the GI Index online, or you can ask your doctor or healthcare provider for a copy.  The list of foods on the lower end of the index might surprise you.  For instance, a plum is very low as is a peach.  Old fashion oatmeal, green peas, and macaroni make the cut. Even some chocolate is on the list of low GI Foods.  The index is worth looking at since it just might change your life.

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