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How You can Stop Binge Eating

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If you’re struggling with eating disorders such as binge eating and compulsive overeating – you’re not alone. There are millions like you. Even so, you must take positive action because you can’t live like this or you’ll harm your health severely. People engage in binge eating (eating large quantities of food even when they’re not hungry) to block out painful emotions. They’re using food as a crutch for comfort.

A typical binge-eating scenario plays out like this: You feel anxious or emotionally troubled and you eat a whole tub of ice cream at the end of a stressful day. Many people also report starting off strong on a diet and then giving up and binge eating because it was too much stress maintaining the diet plan. You’re not the first one this has happened to but the good news is, you can stop binge eating. What follows are seven tips that’ll help you to stop binge eating:

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STOP BINGE EATING TIP #1: Face Reality – Weight Loss Isn’t Easy.

Let’s face it, the ads for weight loss products make it seem so easy but the truth is it’s not. And expanding waistlines prove it. The fact of the matter is losing unwanted weight and keeping it off is really one of the toughest challenges you’ll face. That’s because there are so many issues such as your personal level of self-discipline to consider. So take a realistic approach to weight loss and realise it’ll take time and it’ll take a lot of hard work – but it’s worth it!

STOP BINGE EATING TIP #2: Forgive Yourself and Let it Go. 

You’re only human and there will be days where you will cave in to the temptation to binge eat. It happens. Don’t let the feelings of guilt overwhelm you. You are not perfect but realise you must take positive action and that’ll mean you’ll get knocked off the horse several times. Just keep getting back on and don’t allow yourself to feel the torment of guilt.

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STOP BINGE EATING TIP #3: Take 15-Minute Breaks.

 Here’s what I mean by this. Whenever you get the urge to binge eat or overeat, tell yourself that you’re going to wait 15 minutes before you touch any food. Just 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes period of time, get a grip on your emotions and distract yourself. I think you’ll be surprised by how at the end of that 15-minute period you’ll have no interest in binge eating or overeating.

STOP BINGE EATING TIP #4: Don’t Rely on Diets.

I truly believe that there are no one-size fits all diets. And for many people it seems as if diets don’t work. So let’s try a different strategy if diets don’t work well for you. Instead of following a strict diet, try to slowly improve your eating habits. For instance instead of eating 5 junk foods a day, just eat 3 a day for the next 7 days. Then once that’s successful then keep pushing till you eat no junk food.

STOP BINGE EATING TIP #5: Moderate Portion Sizes. 

When you deprive yourself of the foods you love, it tends to be too much of a shock for the average person. You’ll then be left with cravings for the foods you’ve eaten for years and the temptation will be too overwhelming. So start out by moderating portion sizes. Instead of ordering a full sized pizza, try getting a smaller sized pizza, maybe a kid-sized pizza. Instead of eating on large, normal-sized plates, eat on smaller plates. By doing this you’ll have smaller portions of food available to you and will end up eating less.

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STOP BINGE EATING TIP #6: Control Your Emotions. 

Instead of trying to escape emotional pain, face those emotions and deal with them. If you don’t do this, they’ll torment you possibly for years to come. Face them down; get help if you must because most eating disorders are symptoms of deeper, emotional issues that are unresolved. Fix those issues and you may be surprised to find that your problems with food disappear as they have for many.

STOP BINGE EATING TIP #7: Get Support From Others.

 Can you overcome this problem by yourself; sure it’s possible. But why do it the hard way when you can get a circle of people to help and support you? Make yourself accountable to others and use that peer pressure to overcome binge eating.

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