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How to magically lose Weight with Whole30 Diet

Whole30 Diet
How to magically lose Weight with

Ever heard of the whole30 diet? If you have been trying to lose weight then you must have come across it or even you are on it already. But if this is your first time to hear about whole30 food plan; no problem at all for you will get to know everything. Without much ado, let’s get into the subject of the day.

What is whole30 diet?

There is a new approach to weight loss and at first there were lots of cries against it. But today, low-carb diets are becoming the kings in losing weight. Whole30 diet is such a deviation from common belief in how you can shed a few pounds of your weight. This is a low-carb high-protein diet that is now believed to be a popular way of how masses are approaching weight loss. It was developed in 2009 by couples, Melissa and Dallas, who thanks to their interest in nutrition and human anatomy bring about this life changing diet. Since then, there have been millions of success story from different people pointing to the effectiveness of whole30 tips. This is a 30-day meal plan that can trim down your weight to healthy levels. It is popularly known as clean eating since it gets rid of all junk from your plates and instead replace them with food that is good for your body and health. The core aim of the diet is to boost metabolism and re-establish some balance between what you eat and what really goes to good use in the body. It is seen as a way to recreate your body into a good shape by establishing a good body-food relationship.

Whole30 Diet
How to magically lose Weight with

7-day whole30 diet plan

1st day:

· Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, onions, hash sausage and sweet potato.

· Lunch: grilled chicken, 1 avocado and spinach salad.

· Dinner: Roasted green beans and spaghetti squash. Add on salt and balsamic vinegar.

2nd day:

· Breakfast: sweet potato accompanied with 2 boiled eggs.

· Lunch: sautéed spinach topped up with spiced lamb ragu

· Dinner: roasted brocolini, mushroom creamy sauce and grilled chicken

3rd day:

· Breakfast: hash and protein filled veggies of your choice

· Lunch: Brussels sprouts and chicken. If you have more of the mushroom sauce you can as well have it.

· Dinner: Slow cooked pork, Pineapple coleslaw, and half avocado

4th day:

· Breakfast: raw almond butter, 2-bolied eggs and a full apple

· Lunch: Larabar and chicken salad

· Dinner: simmered chilly chocolate sweet potato, and half avocado.

5th day:

· Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs

· Lunch: a piece of baked sweet potato, an avocado and take it all down with a glass of lemon juice.

· Dinner: Brussel sprouts, chicken sausage and a generous serving of green vegetables

6th day:

· Breakfast:1 banana, 2 coconut flakes and almond butter

· Lunch: roasted chicken, avocado, and top it up with spinach salad

· Dinner: grilled mushroom, peppered burger, and a big piece of roaster sweet potato covered with onion and avocado oil.

7th day:

· Breakfast: unsweetened bacon, roasted brown piece of sweet potato, 2 boiled eggs

· Lunch: shrimp, watermelon and avocado salad; and Larabar

· Dinner: salted chicken wings tossed with vinegar, avocado sauce and asparagus.

This meal plan is just a guide to give you a clue of what you should eat at what time. You can go ahead and add your favorites as long as they are in the inclusive list. As said, you have to be experimental with everything you do so as to make this a success. You have to keep things entertaining if you want to go all the 30 days. For the remaining 3 weeks, you can interchange whole 30 easy recipes as you deem right as well as adding others from you choice. The key to success is being as liberal and open-minded as possible but having the discipline to stay focused.

Whole30 Diet
How to magically lose Weight with

Foods you can eat

One reason why whole 30 menu plan is called a diet is because you have some restrictions. Do not expect to eat what you want and in return shed your unwanted pounds. These are the foods you are allowed to include in your meals and all will be well;

· Meat- white meat is highly encouraged. Chicken and pork are some of the recommended kinds you should go for. Grilled meat is the best choice for this diet to be effective

· Seafood- this is one source of the most nutritious foods. Shrimps, lobsters, white fish, name them; are all sources of nourishment that will help you lose weight. However, you should keep off salmon, tuna, herring and other types of fish known to be spoilers for weight loss.

· Seeds and nuts: these are the safest sources of natural proteins. They are the best when it comes to helping you on your weight loss agenda. Peanuts, ground nuts, cashew nuts and the entire of seeds family should be your friendly zone when you are on this diet.

· Vegetables: Asparagus, spinach, kales, potatoes, tomatoes, onions etc. You can never have enough of them. Vegetables are the number one recommendation for those looking to lose weight in a healthy way. You can bring on all your favorites and rest assured that you will get results faster than you anticipated.

· Eggs- yes eggs should be in your meal plan. It is preferred that you have them boiled.

Whole30 Diet
How to magically lose Weight with

Foods you should not eat

· Dairy products: most dairy products are laden with high calories. If you are looking to lose weight you should stay away from them.

· Alcohol: unknown to many, alcohol is a big source of calories. If you are trying to lose weight stay away from alcoholic drinks and you will have impressive results. It is advisable that you do not take alcohol at all even after you have lost weight.

· Full grains: grains are not what you should be eating at this time you wish to shed some pounds. Forget about corns, rice, oats and beans. They will only serve to sabotage your way into a healthy weight.

The secret behind this diet

As opposed to many proclaimed weight loss diets, whole30 has had massive success. You would be right to ask the secret behind such massive success. First, this whole 30 menu plan is a low carbohydrate diet. This means that the body will not be dealing with huge amounts of sugar. All the consumed carbs will be converted into energy and fully utilized in the body. The intake of more proteins has weight loss advantages. The body is kept at optimal metabolism rates and this is the conducive environment for weight loss.

The other thing is that this is a strictly balanced diet. It aims to give the body adequate nourishment but only from healthy foods. All the “bad foods” are taken out of the equation leaving you to choose from the best and your favorites too. As much as this plan is strict, you also get the chance to bring on your favorite foods as well as experiment widely.

The diet is an easy one to follow since it comes with the choice of foods you can get even on frugal budget. Nothing is expensive for you and you do not have any excuse not to follow the guidelines. Such is a feature that lacks in most of other weight loss diets.

The importance of exercise

It is never enough to just be on a diet and expect everything to go your way. Exercise is one aspect you should never overlook in your weight loss program. Find some time to jog or run. Mornings and evenings are the best opportunities. You do not need hours of exercise in the gym; 30 minutes would be adequate to make your dream come true.

Whole30 Diet
How to magically lose Weight with

The whole30 diet benefits

I understand that you are sceptical about everything to do with weight loss. It is no your fault but the turn of events where everyone wants to make bucks from the misery of others is to blame. However, to set the record straight, whole30 diet is not out to dupe anyone. If anything, it is something you can make at the comfort of your home. That said, it would be right time you asked about the benefits that would come your way;

· Fast and effective weight loss: this is the overall aim of this diet. It will deliver in your weight loss agenda. You just have to stick by the regulation of this plan and you will all be good. It will take a few sacrifices to achieve your weight loss goals and you can rest assured that you will have it.

· Quality sleep: bad eating habits are a major contributor to sleep apnea. On the other hand, lack of sleep is known to negatively impact on weight loss. The whole30 diet plan will guarantee you undisturbed night sleep. As long as you find time, you will have peaceful nights of sleep. You are sure to get along well with your weight loss campaign.

· Improving your body shape: it is needless to say how your body shape will be changed after you lose weight. But still not all diets will bring back to you the old good athletic body. Some will bring back some hollow shape and you will again be wondering how you will get back to a good shape.

· Minimized food cravings: those who eat junk food cannot stand the sight of chips, hamburger and the lot of salty and fatty foods. But once you start on this diet, everything will fall in place just like anticipated. You will no longer be tempted by just any other food. You will be able to stand any temptations to eat unhealthy foods and wait until you get the chance to eat your own food.

· Streamlined metabolism: poor metabolism is why the number of the overweight people will never go down any single day. If you could find a way to perfect your metabolism then you would never again shed a single sweat drop to lose weight. But you are in luck because you have a diet that can easily hand you that. With the taking of low carbs and increased protein, your calorie intake goes down. Your body system will thus be able to burn all the taken food and release it as energy. There will be no fat stored and this is a sure way to have a lean body.

· Improved energy levels: with a flawless metabolism, your body will have adequate energy to keep it active at all times. Being active will in return mean you will burn more calories and increase your chances for losing weight. If you are an athlete, you will be more productive and keep up with an impressive body shape.

Whole30 Diet
How to magically lose Weight with

What others are saying about this diet

It is no longer the time for you “to take my word for it”. I know I have tried to convince you on the effectiveness of this diet but that is not enough. To further give you a reason as to why you should try this diet, here are testimonials from those who have tried it out;

Amber Hill,

My husband decided that we should give this diet a try. Both of us were struggling with losing weight and I thought why not. That moth we set everything right and we got into it. I have no regrets. My husband and I are leaner and in perfect health. To you out there, I would urge you to try whole30, it is the weight loss magic.

T, Kyle,

I used to be an athlete in high school. But when my parents divorced when I joined college, food was my way of dealing with issues. I ate anything I could lay my hands on. I began to gain weight and soon I was heavy even for myself. My friend Jack told me about this diet and I reluctantly bought into it. Today I am a living example of how you can lose weight in a single month. I’m now playing soccer and in perfect shape for any physical challenge. It worked for me and why not for you?

Sandena Neely,

I founded Watch your Mouth Bahamas, to tell the whole30 diet story. I once was struggling with weight and had a few option on my able. I chose this diet and the rest of the story has been amazing. Everything worked out perfectly and no more fight with unhealthy burden of pounds of fat on me. Following my success story I have become an ambassador of this diet and would want you and everyone out there to know that it works and you should try it.

The criteria of weight loss success with whole30 diet

To be sincere, losing weight is not easy so do not be fooled by anyone. But that should not make the process complicated. For you to succeed with this diet here are tips to keep you focused;

· Planning ahead: do not be the kind of person who only thinks of what to eat once you see food. Plan way before you go out to eat or cook. Preparing will hand you success at all times.

· If you can, find a partner: this is a journey that will not be easy. If you can get someone to go through it the better. Your spouse or a close friend should make a good company.

· Do not limit your social life: just because you are on this diet does not mean you should not go out with friends and have fun. What you need to do is to be cautious of what you order. An omelet with lots of vegetables should be good to give you an outing experience without being so hard on yourself.

· Be creative and experimental with meals: If you just follow the same routine every day, you will not go far. You have to be creative with your meals. Try new things with your meals and you will be looking forward to the next chance you have to cook and eat.

Whole30 Diet
How to magically lose Weight with

Verdict: to go for the diet or not?

The subject of weight loss is not new to the world. People have been struggling to eat well and lead healthy lives. Unfortunately, things have taken a bad twist as weight loss has been commercialized and scrupulous business where people want to make quick money. Having that in mind, whole30 diet is a one-month plan that takes you back into a healthy shape. As it is popularly said, tough times deserve tough choices, here is your chance to lose that waist line that has been holding you down in terms of self-esteem and being who you ever wanted to be. I would give you all clear lights to join this diet. It is only one month and you can get back to who you used to be: healthy and energetic.

You deserve to be in perfect shape but that will not come to you while you sit. You have to make tough choices. This diet is the least you can sacrifice and you will never regret any decision you made. The promise that this diet is effective is one that you should hang on to. Millions of people have tried it and they never come out disappointed. You are sitting on a potential to beat all lifestyle diseases and all because you cannot make the bold move.


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