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How to Lose Weight Without Going on a Diet

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People often wonder if they can lose weight without going on a diet. Diet is something which is detested by bazillions of people mostly by those who have never even tried to go on a diet. Diet is both challenging and difficult and to make it worse when people do not get the required results they become disappointed and then they start to wonder if there is any way to lose weight without going on a diet.

To loose weight without going on a diet is possible. Always remember diet will keep on become as difficult as you make it. If you consider starvation as a diet then it will definitely prove to be difficult. Also, if you go on a diet but do not exercise or walk at least for twenty minutes in a day then the chances are rare that your body lose fats from anywhere. Diet along with exercise is necessary to shed some pounds. However, all those who wish to lose weight fast without going on a diet can follow the below mentioned tips. These tips do not tell you to quit food completely rather they teach a slight change you can bring in your food consumption pattern for your betterment:

Firstly and most importantly drink as many glasses of water that you can drink. Water is a gift to us by God, it has no calories in it you can have it the entire day and you will not gain a pound. Have at least six to seven glasses of water each day. Starting from when you get up in the morning. Before eating anything have a glass full of water next you can have your cup of tea or coffee along with usual breakfast that you take. Before taking any meal take a glass of water. Water will fill your stomach so you will not feel the need of filling your stomach with all the food lying in front of you. During the meal have another glass of water but in gulps. It will again fill your stomach with water not making you fill the tummy with other food items.

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How to Lose Weight Without Going on a Diet 3

Do not quit eating but try to include more fruits in your diet. If you are fond of drinking fruit juices try replacing them with fresh fruits. The reason being, fruit juices have artificial flavors and excessive amount of sweeteners in it which is harmful to the body. Also, when you eat fruit you take in the fiber present in the food which is very good for your body. Have fruits that has water in them like watermelon and oranges. They will not make you gain weight in any way.

Our body works best when it is used to a schedule. If you keep on changing your eating habits daily your body will have a tough time managing with it. Fix your timings for meals. The timings should be according to your convenience and feasibility. The maximum you can stretch your eating hours is by half an hour but anything more than that or after that will disturb your stomach to an extent that you might loose your hunger or feel stuffed or maybe even so hungry that you fill yourself more than what your body requires.

Eat only when you feel you are feeling hungry. Many of us have the habbit of eating food whenever we see it. Such people take parties or gatherings as an excuse to fill their stomachs. Just remember that if you diet the whole week but on Sunday you eat at a party, your whole weeks diet will go down the drains. We are not asking you to completely say no to the host offering you food but you can just take a little bit of it so no body gets a chance to question your manners.

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