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How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

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When you want to change the way you feel about yourself, one of the first things that might come to your mind is to lose weight. But it’s not always very easy, there are easy ways to lose weight and then there are harmful ways to lose weight. Finding out how to lose weight fast without exercise seems to be a new and growing trend among those that understand that it’s not about exercise as much as is about what you are putting into your bodies. We will focus on how to lose weight naturally in this article. First thing is you’ve got to understand that to really lose weight you will have to make some serious changes in your life for the long haul, not just a few small temporary changes here and there. If you want to get better you’ve got to stay away from the idea of a diet and focus on a change of life. Your lifestyle is what the problem is and a temporary change in your eating habits won’t help you much.

When you come off the diet you’ll probably go back to your old ways and gain all that weight back. That is why you will need to change your lifestyle and make it a permanent thing in your life, not just temporary. Easy ways to lose weight include changing the portions and limiting the amounts that you eat for each meal. A good way to do this is to simply add food to your plate as you always would but instead of going right to sit down you would take half of each food item on your plate off and put it back into the food bowl. Then you can go sit and eat the portion you have. When you are done you can drink a glass of water to fill any of the voids of hunger that are left, if there are any. This is one of the easy ways to lose weight that has been verified by many people. The truth of this is it is usually not what a person eats that is the problem. So, if you want to lose weight without exercise, you should start working on reducing the amounts you eat for your meals. Exercise

It is more of a problem of how much one eats, portion wise. Now although it is healthier to eat foods that are not so high in fat and cholesterol it is still more about the portion size that matters. Easy ways to lose weight also include how you cook your foods. If you are always deep frying everything you eat then you are eating a lot of saturated fat, also known as grease. Instead of frying and deep frying everything, you can lose weight quickly by baking your foods. It is a fact that when you bake foods in the oven rather than fry them that you are eating healthier. Just look at a bowl of French fries that have been deep fried and a bowl that was baked. You will see a very big difference in the quality of food. Just looking at the same food cooked those two different ways is enough to understand why one is healthier than the other.

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There is also a very well known diet type of eating style that is more of a discipline than a diet called eat, stop eat diet. This plan tells you that you can eat what ever you want but every other day you should eat half of what you ate the day before. You should on these days try and drink nothing but water and eat no sweets and try and keep your food intake on these days to around only 300 calories. By eating on and off like that you are forcing your body to find an alternate place to eat from. That would be the access fat that in your body. You want to eat something so that you do not suffer but try and stick to a very low calorie diet. It is a form of fasting and as most people know fasting is a form of praying and at this time food and all beverages except water is denied. This truly has an effect on the body and can cause one to lose weight drastically if done for long periods of time.

More on how to lose weight without exercising includes herbal supplements or as some hard core herbalists like to say, drink tea and stop drinking anything else but water. It has already been proven that you can lose weight with green tea and that the tea leaf is the greatest antioxidant in the world and when your body if full of toxins that are present in all we intake. Losing weight can be tough. But if you are really serious about losing weight without exercise then try replacing the sodas, the coffee and the sugary beverages with all natural herbal teas and or the tea leaf. Black tea alone can take the weight off of you and you can get green tea leaf supplements that are listed as a weight loss supplement.

All tea can help you lose weight, but the higher the antioxidants the better it will work. White tea has the highest content, then next in line is red tea and then the famous green tea and last black tea. No matter what beverage that you choose they will all have a good effect and when you replace all other beverages except water you are sure to get a nice change in your weight as well as your health. The only way these weight loss tips on how to lose weight without exercise will help you is if you put them into action immediately without being lazy.

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