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How to Lose Weight with Acai Berry

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The Acai berry is a fascinating little fruit; it is wildly popular amongst nutrition enthusiasts, and many claim to know how to lose weight fast with acai berry. Acai berry is reputed to have been discovered by two surfers vacationing in Brazil. These surfers stumbled upon a berry with a taste somewhere between a cherry and chocolate, and were amazed by the flavor and nutrition of the little fruit. The tribesmen of the Amazon supposedly used it in many remedies, and the surfers took the hint. They started a business to harvest, freeze or freeze-dry, and export the berries to the United States so the health conscious could be fulfilled in their pursuit of the perfect food. Ya, right.

Regardless of how you believe acai was introduced to American markets, you have to admit, it is pretty popular. And it’s popular for all the right reasons: it’s nutrient dense, tasty, and exotic. It comes from the rainforest, like so many good things, and can be used in tea, cereal, fruit smoothies, over ice cream, in trail mix, or on its own as an herbal supplement. It contains antioxidants in moderate concentrations, but the amount of antioxidant isn’t as important as the variety of free radicals it counteracts. Acai antioxidants are active against peroxyl, peroxynitrite, superoxide, and hydroxyl radicals. Acai berries also are high in fiber, protein, linoleic acid, and various other beneficial fatty acids. Many website list acai among their top weight loss tips, and for good reason.

It has no seriously harmful side effects; the only known side effect is, if you eat nothing but acai berries for a prolonged period of time, you could be in for a run to the toilet. This is because acai berry is a cleansing agent; if you want to use it to lose weight, use it with a cleansing program. The most popular acai nutritional supplements are recommended for use with proper diet and exercise, but in these cases it may as well be the diet and exercise that help you lose weight. The acai berry can only help you to slowly lose weight due to the full complement of fatty and amino acids, which your body will no longer need to obtain from other sources in order to help you feel more energetic. However, if you want to lose weight with the most efficiency possible, use acai berry in conjunction with a cleansing program designed to remove toxins and fatty substances from your gastrointestinal system.

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How to Lose Weight with Acai Berry 4

The main idea of a cleansing program is to flush out viruses, parasites, harmful bacteria, yeasts, and undigested food from your colon. Generally this is done by reducing food intake, increasing fluids, and taking a laxative. This is awkward and embarrassing to do when you have to go to work or run errands, as cleansing programs usually last for several days to be most effective. Cleansing programs have been used to aid weight loss for decades. Weight gain is inextricably linked to the digestive tract, and the largest part of the human digestive system is the intestine. Cleared intestines means food doesn’t hang around quite so long in the body, and fatty foods, oils, and toxins don’t have the chance to stick to anything long enough to absorb into your system completely. Naturally, half digested food sitting around in your colon is going to cause you problems and make you gain weight.

Acai berry colon cleansing is more effective than regular cleansing because of the nutrient density of the berry. The fiber and vitamin C content of acai helps the process of cleansing by moving things along faster. The amino and fatty acids in the berry support your body during the time of reduced nutrients due to less food intake, making you suffer less from hunger and supporting your natural systems as they adjust to the changes brought about by the cleansing program. This support prevents your body from being stressed by the cleansing program, which could actually make you gain weight once the program is over and you start eating regularly again. The less stress a cleansing program causes to your natural systems, the more efficiently you will lose weight afterward. So more information on how to lose weight with acai berry, read on.

To add acai berry to your cleansing program, you only need to take an acai capsule once or twice a day, depending on the brand of capsule you choose. The acai enters your system as the capsule dissolves, and is conducted through your intestines by the increased fluids necessary for the cleanse. Once there, it encourages the cleansing process by making digested mass easier to move.

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Once again, weight loss programs are never complete without proper diet and exercise. After the cleanse, you can continue to take acai berry with your regular meals to assist your body in processing food; however, the food you choose will still affect your body weight. With responsible choices in diet and with regular, disciplined exercise, the benefits of the cleanse will stay with you longer and do the most good. The cleanse will make it easier to lose weight even after the program has ended, but you have to make the effort to help your newly cleaned system stay clean. A diet high in fiber and low in red meats will help keep your colon clear and your weight loss quick. An exercise routine which includes plenty of cardio and targeted activities for your problem areas will drop weight like it was never attached to you to begin with.

Acai berry has several benefits outside weight loss, especially when used in conjunction with colon cleansing programs. You will certainly experience better gastrointestinal health when your colon is kept clear, but you may also notice clearer skin and improved health as your immune system benefits from the antioxidants. Your skin will become more resistant to sunlight and dry weather, and may wrinkle less; this is also a benefit of the antioxidants, and also of the amino acids. When used in combination with responsible choices, regular cleanses are the best way to lose weight with acai berry.You may even experience more benefits than you bargained for. Oh, and don’t just stick to this wonder fruit, check out our guide on how to lose weight drinking green tea.

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