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How to Lose Weight in 10 Days

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You can lose a lot of things in 10 days. Your keys. Your wallet. Your job. Your boyfriend. Your mind. But all of these things seem to lose themselves; you have to learn how to lose weight in 10 days. It’s not a secret of how, though many manufacturers and snake-oil salesmen would have you believe it’s mysterious and next to impossible to do—unless of course you buy their product for five easy installments of far too much money. No, losing weight can be done naturally, and in a healthy way, right at home. By establishing a reliable timetable for the next ten days and sticking to it like Ono to John, you can lose weight in a relative hurry.

First, build your journal. A written record with a check list of activities to perform every day can help keep you on task and focused, even if you do not usually keep check lists or calendars. Decide what time you will wake up every morning, and set a goal to be asleep in plenty of time to allow eight hours of uninterrupted, peaceful rest. Set aside at least forty five minutes for lunch, as your body will need to process food properly. Plan enough time in the mornings for a light breakfast and a short workout, and enough time in the evening for a restful dinner and a light workout. By having short meals and short workouts dispersed evenly throughout your day, you can encourage your body to burn fat continuously, instead of at erratic intervals. This will also speed up your metabolism, making you more energetic. Workouts also are known to produce endorphins, which are nature’s painkillers. They will cheer you up, relieve stress, and encourage you to continue working out regularly. Ever get that warm hug feeling after a strenuous work out? That’s exactly it. This can also help to ward off Seasonal Affectation Disorder if you are recovering from the holiday season in a cold region of the world.

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Along with your routine meals, plan snacks which are low in processed sugar. Processed sugar causes radical changes in glucose levels, and therefore in insulin production, which can affect your mood and your health. A banana or a tangerine is just as handy as a bag of chips, and their packaging will naturally biodegrade, unlike the chips. Fruits are generally cheaper than junk food as well, so you will help your wallet when you improve your diet. Also, avoid processed health food products; some energy bars which claim to be nutritious can contain corn syrup or high-fat nuts. Try to aim for about 1900 calories of total intake per day, including all meals, beverages, and snacks. This will help you to lose weight quickly. Keep in mind that 1900 calories is a rough, ball park estimate; the most effective level depends on your body and your average activity level. There are many calorie counting calculators on the internet, and all of them are based on more or less the same equations. Try them out to determine the best number of calories for your purposes. For even more detailed information and the most current numbers, you can always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. Health care professionals are generally so sick of fielding requests for prescription diet pills that honest questions about healthy weight loss without medication are a breath of fresh air. For more information on how to lose weight fast in 10 days, read on.

Next, target your workouts to do the most good. Doing sixty crunches every day may build up your abdominals and develop your core muscles, but it may only result in your new muscle mass pushing outward on your existing fat, making you look wider. Concentrate on high-impact cardio workouts for quick weight loss. Cardio makes your body much more efficient and clean internally, and will encourage your metabolic system to operate even faster to turn fat into useful energy. Jogging is one of the best ways to lose weight, so you might want to give it a try.

The set routine decreases stress, which gives you more energy and helps your body run more efficiently. Set mealtimes controls your glucose and insulin levels, which speeds your metabolism, therefore giving you more energy. The workouts cause endorphin production, which gives you a feeling of general well-being. All of these activities, even though they may seem unpleasant when you read about them, are designed by nature to make you feel good. These activities even perpetuate themselves; more energy means you are more likely to exercise, and feeling good means you have more reason to continue living healthy. Healthy living is a vicious cycle- viciously beneficial. Your body is a complex system that is always striving for balance; if you help it achieve the balance it wants, you will feel better and lose weight in a hurry. It is easy to learn how to lose weight in 10 days, if you can work with your body rather than against it. These tips on how to lose weight will do you absolutely no good if you just read them. You need to apply them carefully and consistently if you would like to see any results.

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