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How to Get Six Pack Abs

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What is the Best Way to Get Six Pack Abs? This is a very popular question that gets asked around these days. Everyone wants to know “How to get six pack abs”. It is an absolute craze right now because the media has identified the six pack abs as an ultimate sex symbol.

Regardless of whether it is for men or women, a six pack will get immediate attention which is why a lot of people want it too. However, getting a six pack is no easy task. It is actually one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to achieving fitness goals.

So, with that said, here are some answers to your question on how to get six pack abs.

Six pack abs under a layer of fat! –  You will see a lot of people do hundreds of crunches every day. They will do it to the point where the abdominal muscles are so sore the next day that even walking is difficult.  One has to understand that they can have perfect looking six pack abs under a layer of fat. The abdominal muscles are usually covered with a layer of fat. The stomach area is prone to accumulate fat, especially in the case of men. When there is a layer of fat over your abdominals, there is no way that you are going to look like you have six pack abs despite having it.

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Thus, the key to getting six pack abs is not just strengthening your abdominal muscles but also losing the fatty layer that covers it. This is another area in which a lot of people make mistakes. They assume that spot exercises will reduce the fat around the stomach. So, they do more crunches and sit ups in an effort to lose the belly fat. The fact of the matter is that the body does not burn fat in one particular area just because you are exercising it. It burns fat uniformly. In fact, stomach fat is often the most difficult to get rid off as it is the last area of fat that is used us by a body. So, ultimately, you will have to lose a lot body fat for your six packs to finally start showing.

Here are some other helpful tips that might answer your question about how to get six pack abs.

  • Diet – Just crunches and other stomach exercises will not do it. Getting abs will require a great effort and this includes your diet control. Try to eat a few smaller meals instead of just two or three large meals. Also, try to take in as much water as you can as it speeds up and aids digestion. Stay away from bad carbohydrates like rice and sugar. Also stay away from bad fats like red meat or other items that are high in saturated fat. Try to be as healthy as you can with your choice of foods.
  • Exercise – While you try to lose the fat, you should also try to build your abdominal muscles that will start to show as six pack abs once you lose the fat. There are plenty of exercises for the core such as sit ups, crunches, static holds and so on.
  • Don’t skip breakfast or other meals – Some people deprive themselves of food in a desperate effort to starve the body to make the six packs appear. This is a very poor approach as the body will be malnourished. Whatever weight will be lost will be lost in the form of muscle which is never healthy.
  • Cardio – There is nothing like cardio to speed up your metabolism or give it a boost. Cardio is great for fat burning which is essential to getting six pack abs
  • Build other muscle groups – Increase your muscle mass in other muscle groups such as chest, back, legs and arms. Increased muscle mass will increase your metabolism rate that will burn more fat in your body.