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How Healthy Foods for Weight Loss can Become Unhealthy Foods that Block Weight Loss

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You’d be surprised by how often I hear of people complaining that they ate everything right and yet, they still gained weight or those extra pounds wouldn’t budge. Look closely at the problem, and you’ll see that 9 times out 10, dieters are turning healthy weight loss foods into unhealthy foods that are sabotaging their efforts. What follows are some healthy foods that people inadvertently turn into unhealthy foods.

At first glance, salads seem like a sure-fire recipe for success. But here’s the rub. Many people instantly turn those healthy weight loss salads into something that’s unhealthy. And they do it by pouring on creamy salad dressings, drowning their salad in oil, adding bacon, deli meats, fried chicken, fatty cheese and croutons. The lettuce and vegetables themselves are very healthy but the above mentioned additions are problem. The solution is to use lean meats, low calorie dressings, and limited cheese. Don’t fall for the trap of believing that since you’re eating a salad that it won’t matter if you include the high calorie, unhealthy foods.

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Cereal bars are heavily marketed as a great weight loss food. But look closely at cereal bars before you decide to buy them. Many of them you will notice are loaded with sugar, corn syrup and caramel. The truth is, they’re nothing more than calorie laden bars in disguise. There are some good cereal bars on the market, just make sure you review the ingredients before you buy a box.

Walk through any supermarket, and you’ll see lots of foods touting “Fat Free” on the label. You might be inclined to buy that food, but wait. It may be unhealthy. The problem with many of these fat free foods is that while the fat is removed, they’re loaded with sugar. The sugar helps the food retain some flavour and it hooks you to keep buying that particular product. The key here is to look at the ingredients and see how much sugar the product in question contains.

I hear a lot of people brag about eating wraps. But many of them are short-changing themselves by making these wraps unhealthy. They do that by filling the wrap with creamy sauces, fatty meats, and lots of cheese. Sure, the concept of eating a wrap makes sense from a health and weight loss perspective but realise it loses its value once you insert these unhealthy foods.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but now that you’ve read this article you understand the concept of how people easily turn what they think are healthy foods into unhealthy foods.

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