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How Functional Fitness Applies To Weight Loss

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If you’re in the process of putting together a workout routine to help you see accelerated fat loss results, one particular type of exercise that you’ll want to make sure is included is functional fitness training.

But what is functional fitness training and how will this help to improve the overall weight loss results you see?

Let’s take a look at the primary factors that you need to consider with regards to functional fitness.

What Functional Is

Functional fitness essentially refers to improving your dynamic balance while ensuring that the physical training that you’re performing is going to transfer over and apply to all other activities in your life.

In some situations, an individual may be working in credibly hard in the gym and may develop great ‘gym-strength’, but this strength doesn’t really prove to be incredibly useful in everyday life.

That’s where functional fitness steps in.

With functional fitness training, you are ensuring that the activities that you do when performing your workout sessions will carry over so that you enhance your quality of life to a much larger extent.

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How To Train Functional Fitness

In order to train for functional fitness, you really want to focus on your dynamic balance aspect of your fitness level, which is your balance while moving throughout space.

Static balance would refer to you just maintaining a stationary position such as standing on a balance beam and maintaining control.

Dynamic balance on the other hand would be you walking across that balance beam while maintaining control. Now you’ve added some movement to that exercise which is going to increase the intensity of it and take your fitness results even higher.

So to train for functional fitness, you’ll want to turn to any type of activity that causes you to be thrown off balance.

This could be exercises that are done while on an exercise ball, movements that are performed while on a bosu ball, or any exercise that is done while standing on one leg even.

For instance, rather than doing regular dumbbell deadlifts, try doing single leg dumbbell deadlifts with one leg elevated behind you up on a bench.

This simple change of adjustment is going to put your balance ability to the test and get your muscles contracting that much harder.

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The Benefits Of A Functional Fitness Training Program

So how does this all related to fat loss? The key point to remember here is that the more muscles you can recruit in any given instant, the more calories you will burn during that workout session.

When you’re forcing yourself to become off balanced, this is really going to increase the overall muscle recruitment as every single muscle fiber in the core will be working incredibly intensely to help you maintain balance.

This means you’ll see faster fitness improvements as well as higher fat loss progress, moving you closer to your end goal.

So next time you’re in the gym, think functional fitness. This type of training will help take your progress to the next level and allow you to get a jump-start on your fat loss progress.

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