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How Do Celebrities Lose Weight?

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For all those who are a bit like me and always awed by the fact of how celebrities lose weight fast, the answer is that there is a program that is proved to deliver results. This plan that answers the question of how celebrities lose weight is the cookie diet plan developed by celebrated physician Dr. Sanford Siegal of Miami and is a weight loss toll that is sure to work. So when I learned about the cookie diet plan and got to know about it by watching a dedicated segment on news, I decided that that I would give it a try. It is really easy and extremely uncomplicated as compared to the other diet programs that I have tried before.

I am one of the many people out there who have such a genetic makeup that makes it very difficult to lose weight. And when it is combined with the fact that I simply cannot go on hunger strikes, it has been very difficult for me to stick to any one diet plan long enough to benefit anything. In spite of my good intentions and determination, I most of the times fail to lose any considerably amount of weight and when I was able to, it was not long before I put on the weight again. Then one morning I got to know how celebrities lose weight through the Cookie diet plan.

Dr. Sanford’s Cookie Diet was extremely easy to follow and the best part of all was that it actually worked. You won’t believe that I lost 30 pounds in just a few months and now, even if I see the slightest of increase in the weighing scale, I go back to eating cookie and then all gets well again. The diet is pretty easy to follow and all you have to do is just eat 6 cookies every day and have a meal that has lots of lean proteins (chicken is a good idea) and vegetables and that’s all. For sure, it is always better to consult your physician before you start on with any weight loss program. Even I did!

My doctor fully endorsed this diet as it contains no sort of drug whatsoever. It is just food. These special cookies that you eat have been specially formulated to help you get rid of your need for food and hunger pangs, and if you are not feeling hungry and just listening to your rumbling, you can just get on with your diet. The amino acids which are a special kind of protein would help you suppress your appetite but they were by and large unheard of until Dr. Siegal came along with these delicious cookies that make use of them. It really makes sense and as you eat food that aids in curbing your hunger pangs, you will eat less and eventually lose weight.

I saw the doctor on the television with one of his success stories who was a young man by the name of Warren Thompson from Tempe, Arizona. Warren tried the Cookie plan once he heard about them and in just 3 months, he lost more than 70 pounds! These cookies were developed by Dr. Seigal decades ago but until recently, they were only the fortune of few lucky people who were blessed enough to be his patients in his obesity practices.

Now I too have joined the likes of Warren Thompson and thousands of others who have successfully reduced their weight and shed those extra pounds through the Cookie Diet. They are delicious, healthy and most of all, they actually work.

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