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Healthy Eating Tips

One element of the weight loss equation that many people do tend to struggle with is eating right. We are strong creatures of habit and once we develop certain types of eating patterns, these tend to be incredibly hard to break. In addition to that, many women will start eating for emotional reasons, which only adds to the equation.

That’s why it’s very essential that you do put forth some effort into creating the behavioural change that will help you move closer to shedding those pounds of fat that seem to cling to your body for dear life. Fortunately, with a few quick healthy eating tips, this doesn’t have to be quite so difficult.

Let’s have a quick look at what you need to know.

Eat Protein First

The very first diet tip to remember is to always eat your protein first. Protein is the one nutrient that will help to maintain your lean muscle mass, which is vital for keeping a high metabolism.

Protein also helps to speed up the entire recovery process from your workouts so by getting enough each day you can make sure that you keep coming back stronger than you were before.

Plus, protein is also one of the most satisfying food types so by eating it first throughout your meals, you’ll find you take in fewer calories overall.

Fill Your Plate With Half Produce

Second, another great way to immediately cut back on how many calories you’re consuming is to make sure that you fill your plate with at least half produce. Since produce does tend to have so few calories while also supplying plenty of dietary protein, it’s going to make sticking with a reduced calorie diet that much easier.

Try and find new recipes for salads to add to your meals as these are quick and simple to make and can easily be packed and taken to work for a lunch on the go.

Snack On Protein and Fats

When it comes to those snacks that you should be consuming throughout the day, always try and make them protein and fat based. Far too many of us are consuming simple carb-rich snacks such as granola bars, rice chips, cereal bars, and so on and even if they are reduced fat, they’re still going to really stimulate that appetite.

Instead, turn to protein and fat rich snacks. A perfect example would be a small piece of salmon over a cup of mixed greens. This contains protein, healthy fat, and fibre, all which will reduce hunger and maintain constant energy levels.

Reduce All Calorie-Containing Beverages

Finally, one place where calories often sneak into the diet of many people is through the beverages they consume. Remember that it’s very easy to take in a good 300-500 calories with those fancier ‘cocktail’ type fruit drinks, smoothies, or blended coffee’s, which is often the equivalent of an entire meal.

If you’re really serious about watching your weight, you must be serious about cutting these out. Instead stick to water, plain coffee, and herbal teas. These will not supply any calories and will help keep you hydrated.

So remember these healthy eating tips. None of them call for you to go to the extreme but all of them can have a significant influence on your results.

Kevin Bender

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