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HCG diet plan: all you need to know

hcg diet plan
HCG diet plan: all you need to know

The secret of losing weight is something complex. No one way is right, far from it. But HCG diet plan could be the breakthrough you have been waiting for. But do you know anything about it? Well, there is nothing to worry, for here you will have all that you need to know. But first things first, what is the HCG Diet plan?

What is HCG diet?

Human Chorionic Gonadtropin is the full name for this diet. It is a low-calorie diet supplement that has earned a name in effective weight loss. It stimulates your body to open up the fat stores so that they can be used for nourishment. Pregnant women naturally produce the hormone that leads the body to use fat reserves to feed the baby in them. This new HCG Diet plan therefore starts such a hormonal reaction in all people and helps them win the battle over fat.

The process of getting into HCG diet plan

There is a systematic way of getting into this diet. Here is a simple guide of starting and carrying on with these hcg diet rules:

1. Ordering your HCG diet

Have you decided to take on the HCG diet? Great, you will not regret that you had to make such a decision. Go online and fill the instruction giving a description of yourself and how you like to lose weight. Be sure to say as much as possible about yourself. Your order will then be submitted to the manufacturer.

There are 2 different classes of losing weight you must be aware of before you place your order. There are the ideal and average expectations.

· Ideal is the highest possible rate you can lose weight. For you to lose 30 pounds in 30 days you will have to order one bottle of the HCG drops. For 60 pounds you should go for 2 bottles and for 90 pounds you will need 3 bottles. Ideally, you will be losing a pound of weight each day you are on this diet.

· Average HCG dieting: this is for you if you want to lose weight at a pace you can easily achieve. It is expected that you will lose 5 pounds in each week. So for a 20-pound weight loss in one month you will need 1 bottle of the diet. For 40 and 60 pounds you will need 2 bottles and 3 bottles respectively. This is the weight loss pace that many people find workable and accurate. You should also try this one out.

hcg diet plan
HCG diet plan: all you need to know

2. Preparing before you get your shipment

This is your time to eat normally. Just continue with your eating pattern. Enjoy all your favorite meals for as long as they are balanced. You are preparing your body for what is coming. You are not yet ready to start on the new weight loss diet. You will only stop once your order arrives and you now want to start on it.

3. Starting on your HCG diet

Once you have your bottle(s) at hand, you are good to go. If you ordered the one on the ideal category, you should take 3 sprays thrice in a single day. If you ordered the average weight loss dose, take 2 sprays twice a day. Before you take you diet (30 minutes), ensure you brush your teeth and be on an empty stomach. You should also not eat anything 10 minutes after you take your dose. You should also brush your teeth within 10 minutes after your dose. It is paramount that you stick to these guidelines if you do not want to keep beginning the plan every now and then.

4. The indulging stage

Now you are into it and you will begin to see some changes. You have been in this diet for utmost 3 days and you are now prepared to take what will come your way. You can eat that you want as long as it is healthy. You are preparing your body and this will form a very crucial part for this plan and specifically this phase. It is the most fun stage that allows you to go wild and eat all you want. But be careful that you do not include junk in your eating adventure. Otherwise you will be rolling back to where it all started and this is something you do not want to come your way. There is the temptation to overeat but you can control this one, can’t you?

hcg diet plan
HCG diet plan: all you need to know

A good way to do this is to go for high fat foods such as nuts, healthy creams and pasta. They are good to give your body the necessary fats.

Is indulging necessary?

This is a question you should be asking yourself. Indulging seems to defy every eating rule you ever know on weight loss. You are being told to eat as you wish and yet you want to lose weight. Yes, this is what you have to do and it is very necessary. Indulging helps you build on your fat stock necessary for what will come later. This is the only way to achieve the abnormal fat instance.

Now you are worried because you put up weight very fast. Yes you will gain weight at this stage but there is nothing to be afraid of. Once the diet begins its weight loss phase you will be amazed by the pace you will lose weight. You cannot skip this stage. Furthermore, you will not gain more weight than what you will lose and that is a promise.

hcg diet plan
HCG diet plan: all you need to know

5. Fat loss stage

This is the stage everyone is looking forward to. Now when I told you not to worry if you gain a few pounds during indulging, I had an answer to your problems. Here is where all that weight goes down leaving you lean and fit. For some it starts early while for others it may take longer. The average time for the weight loss to kick in should be 9 weeks. If it takes longer do not be worried for you will have your results sooner.

It is now getting intense and you will have to melt down all the fat you had gained. To be sincere, things will get boring but it is all worth the trouble and you will be jubilant when you see your new body.

You are scaling down your calories by the day. Your target is to go as low as 500 calories per day. I know this scares you and you feel like quitting. Take each day at a time and you will be surprised that you went all the way. Here you should be strict on what you eat. The eating holiday was over during indulging and now it is time to watch over what goes into your plate. You will need medium portion of proteins, very low fat quota and moderate carbohydrate ratio. You will be hungrier but you have to put up with it if you want to achieve your weight loss goals. You will have to drink lots of water and keep on taking your HCG supplement.

What should be for breakfast?

If you want to get the best results during this weight loss phase, you should not take any breakfast at all. I know how scary that is. Even I would not picture having to wait for lunch. If you are like me you would want something to break your fast. Liquids are recommended. These liquids should be from the calorie-free category such as herbal tea, black tea and coffee. Fresh water spiked with fresh lemon juice should be even a better option. It helps take away toxins from burned fat and give you instant energy. If this is not enough to tame your hunger then you should take on one item from your lunch menu.

hcg diet plan
HCG diet plan: all you need to know

What in your lunch plate?

Now it is time to have a real meal for your lunch. With the HCG Diet plan menu you will need starch, proteins, vegetables and fruits. You should be careful not to overdo anything more than the 500-calorie gag. You have to avoid anything that comes with a large portion of fat for it will spoil everything for you. For fish go for the white type but by all means stay away from salmon, herring, eel and dried fish. Crabs, lobster and shrimps should also be a better choice to keep you on your weight loss course. If you cannot go without beef then choose the lean cut for it comes with less calories.

Your vegetable pool should be in the likes of onions, cabbages, chicory, green salad, tomatoes and asparagus. This list is longer than what you see so be at liberty to bring your favourites. For the fruits, a few of the kinds to start you off should include strawberries, oranges, apples and grapefruits. Be careful that you do not take more fruits than it is good for your own good.

The dinner Plate

For the dinner, you should ensure that you do not have what you had for lunch. There’re no strict recipes for HCG Diet, so vary your choices and ensure that they are on course to help you lose weight.

Water is a key component in your journey to lose weight with this diet. It is recommended that you take at least 75 ounces of water per day. Water helps to streamline your metabolism as well as flush out toxins such as uric acid.

6. Maintenance stage

You did not work this hard only to be back to where you came from. You have lost a fair share of weight and you should lead a positive life that will not take you back. Only eat what makes a positive difference to your body. Do not go back to junk food. It is advisable you keep on eating foods that will not bring back your lost pounds. It is also crucial for you to know the perfect timing to quit from this plan. If your rate of losing pounds has dropped, it is time to say goodbye to his diet. You will reach a stage whereby you will not be losing a single pound. Quit now and continue eating healthy and leading a good life.

What are the chances of success with this diet?

Does this diet enable weight loss? This is a good question that should have been answered a long time ago. Yes, this diet will give you what you are looking for. But that will be determined by how much you are ready to give everything for it. The diet plan is like a protocol that has to be followed if you wish to get where you are going. If you follow all the stages as required of you, you will have the last smile. After all, there is not much of a sacrifice you have to make. Everything is as simple as counting numerals. A simple misstep will draw you back to where you started and you will be in the same bed with those who say this diet is yet another conspiracy to dupe he masses.

hcg diet plan
HCG diet plan: all you need to know

Taming your expectations

I know how eager you are to lose weight. But that does not mean you have to set unrealistic goals. Losing 5 pounds per day is a good point to start. Be patient with the diet for it may take 2 months or more before you begin to see any signs. But be assured that you will have your results at the end of it all.

Tips to help you be successful with HCG diet plan

Nothing will come to you if you are not prepared to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. To give you chances of losing weight with this diet, here are tips that will go a long way to help you conquer that mountain called weight;

· Have your meals planned beforehand. This will give you easy time and you will not have excuses to revert to junk foods.

· Do not skip any of the stages; they are all there for a reason.

· Be generous with your spices. Salt, pepper, name them should be used to flavor your meals. Nothing has to be dull even if you are on a weight loss diet.

· For cosmetics, only use what is recommended.

You absolutely have no reason why you should be struggling with weight loss. Just like you read this entire article, you can as well finish a HCG diet. Do not look back once you are started. The ball lies in your court; whether to lose weight or continue with your unhealthy ways.

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