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GM diet: losing weight faster and effectively.Meal plan

gm diet
GM diet: losing weight faster and effectively

“I really want to lose weight…but does GM diet really work?” This is a statement you might have heard either from a friend, family or even you. Virtually everyone is looking for the magical diet to help lose weight. But that does not come easy either. There are so many diets out there proclaimed to help in shedding extra fat but do they real work? Well, the good news is that there is one diet you should get on as soon as yesterday. GM diet is the silver bullet when it comes to losing weight. It has been tried and people never come out of it disappointed.

What is GM diet?

It is a weekly diet strictly comprised of fruits, chicken, veggies, and brown rice. In general, it is low-calorie and complex carb diet aimed at increasing the rate of weight loss. It encourages increased water intake to help in metabolism. The truth is it is an effective diet when it comes to losing weight and you are right you enrolling into it.

What is the origin of GM diet?

The longer version of this diet is General Motors. Now that strikes your curiosity how a diet ended up being named after an automotive company. Back in 1985, General Motors in conjunction with the US departments of Agriculture and Food & Drug Administration developed this diet. It was targeted to the employees in an initiative to make them more productive. And just as it had been envisioned, it worked well. The employees lost between 10 and 17 pounds of weight in one week’s time. It was a massive success and millions of people around the world have come to love it not only because its effective in weight loss but as well as being easy to adhere to.

Preparing yourself for the diet

You will not just wake up one day and say you want to start on the diet; you have to be prepared beforehand. You will need plenty of drinking water. Once you are on  the GM Diet plan you will face dehydration and regular thirsts. You will need the water to keep your metabolism high and flawless. You should also stay away from alcohol once you decide that this is the path you want to take. Once you are into this diet, play by the book and you will get your results real fast. But do not over blow your expectation beyond what you can achieve in one week.

gm diet
GM diet: losing weight faster and effectively

7-Day GM diet plan

GM Diet Menu #1st day:

this day will all be about fruits: you can try all fruits but stay away from bananas. Melons would be a better choice with this GM Diet Menu as they contain lots of fluid necessary for optimal metabolism. If you will not be staying at home, blend some of the fruits and carry them in a thermos. You will be sorted for the day. If you can get fresh fruits this is the best choice for you. Go for the fruits in season. For canned fruits make the last option for they are not so good since they contain preservatives.

GM Diet Menu # 2nd day:

this is a vegetable day and you should make a good deal out of it. Bring on all your favorite veggies. You can start your day with the boiled kind and accompany that with some generous portion of butter. Use your vegetables as salads but not as dressing for this will spoil the essence of your diet. Herbs, white vinegar and lemon would go a long way to make your vegetables tasty and keep you enjoying what is in your plate for an entire day.

GM Diet Menu # 3rd day:

fruits and vegetables now come together. Keep off bananas and potatoes if you want to have a great day. Fruits in the first day had given you lots of carbs so potatoes would be overdoing it. If you find it a real hassle to eat them one after the other, you should blend them as per your preference.

GM Diet Menu # 4th day:

if banana is your favorite fruits then you now have a chance to eat as many as you want. 8 bananas are good for you in a day. Accompany them with unsweetened milk. Bananas give you lots of potassium as milk supplies you with plenty of calcium.

GM Diet Menu # 5th day:

tomatoes and beef will be your meal for today. Go for lean meat for it is the best for a weight loss diet. In every 20-ounce of meat, add 6 tomatoes. You will also need to increase your water intake to take care of the expected increase in uric acid. The water will help in excretion leaving your body free from any form of toxins.

GM Diet Menu # 6th day:

vegetables and meat will be ruling this day. Pile up your favorite veggies and accompany them with lean meat. You will stay full for long and get rid of food cravings.

GM Diet Menu # 7th day:

fruits juice, vegetables and brown rice will be the order of the day. No meat at all. Have your favorite vegetables served the way you choose and take them down with fruit juices. Add some portions of brown rice to your helpings. For the juices, you have the entire wildness to make your choices. You cannot exhaust them in one day. Cheers, you have done it! A glass of champagne would be a good way to culminate your success. But keep off from alcohol such as vodka for you may find yourself gaining more weight than you were able to lose.

GM diet
GM diet: losing weight faster and effectively

Beverages to accompany your diet

If you want to achieve the desired results, these are the only beverages you should add on to your diet;

· Fresh drinking water. You can have in lime or lemon flavor

· Black or herbal tea. Known best for their weight loss power

· Black coffee without any sugar or cream.

Expected results

By the eighth day, expect to have shed at least 10 pounds. For those who are lucky, you can lose upto 17 pounds within one week. If you still desire to lose more weight then you should repeat the 7-day plan from day one to the last. Now let’s see at some detailed GM Diet recipes.

Nutritious GM recipes

Day 1:

water melon, papaya, apple, kiwi. You should take them as whole or have them blended. Follow up this with between 8-12 glasses of water within the day.

Day 2:

Uncooked/cooked vegetables from your favorite pool. Boiled/roasted potato. Take this down with 8-12 glasses of water.

Day 3:

Watermelon, pineapples, apples (all fruits with the exception of bananas). Sukuma wiki, spinach, kale, lettuces and all the lot of vegetables you like. Do not include potatoes in this one. The routine 8-12 glasses of water.

Day 4:

4 glasses of unsweetened milk, 10 bananas (you may not eat all of them in a day), 8-12 glasses of fresh drinking water.

Day 5:

20 ounce of lean meat and 6 fresh tomatoes. 12-15 glass of water (you will need more water to deal with uric acid).

Day 6:

1 cup of brown rice, kales, lettuce, and all your favorite vegetables. If cooked, oil should not be added to the vegetables. 8-12 glasses of water.

Day 7:

1 cup brown rice, Lemon, pineapple, orange, or any other fruits juice you can lay hands on. Add on vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach and any other collection from your favorite pool.

GM diet
GM diet: losing weight faster and effectively

The mechanism behind this diet

Developed by experts and thoroughly tested at John Hopkins, this diet has proved to be effective in weight loss. But that does not stop the question behind how the entire diet to achieve so much in a week’s time.

The diet improves on metabolism through increased intake of water and complex carbohydrates. The body system is left efficient and conducive for weight loss. You also tend to be hyper active thus burning more calories.

Benefits of GM diet

· Losing weight really fast: it will not take you weeks to lose weight. With GM diet, you will get results in one week. There are many diets out there you have to struggle with for months before you even lose a single pound. But here things get down really fast and you will be back on your optimal weight.

· Unrivalled detoxification effects: nothing cleans your body system like this diet. It gets rid of all toxins leaving your body in perfect functionality.

· More energy: with a bias on complex carbohydrates, your body will be supplied with adequate energy at all times. You will become physically active thus burning more calories. Such is the mechanism of how this diet works on multiple fronts to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

· Prevention of obesity and other related conditions: weight gain comes with a number of problems. Obesity, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases are fully prevented if you are on this diet.

· Healthy and radiant skin: with the absence of toxins and proper functioning body mechanism, you are assured of a glowing and healthy skin. The diet helps in getting rid of toxins and streamlining blood flow all over the body.

· Better toned and flex muscles: if you have a problem with stiff muscles and joints, this diet is the way to go. It tones your joints and muscles leaving them flexible and lean.

GM diet
GM diet: losing weight faster and effectively

Side effects and how to get over them

Every weight loss diet will come with a fair share of side effects (unless of course it is ineffective). Some of the common side effects from this weight loss regimen include;

· Abrupt muscle weakness: the sudden deprivation of proteins from your meals will cause your muscles to be weak. This only come in the first days but you will soon get used and be full of energy.

· Exaggerated thirst and dehydration: you will experience dehydration and the urge to drink water every now and then. The improved metabolic rate brings in all this. The solution is simple; drink lots of water and you will not have to face this.

· Feeling sickly and frequent headaches: as your body adjusts to this new diet, you will get regular headaches and malaise. You will experience some strong craving but you should stand your ground and follow the diet. All will be fine in a short while and you will be all smiles on your way to a healthy body weight.

Tips to help you succeed in weight loss

· Change your lifestyle: even the most effective diet in weight loss will not achieve if left on its own. There is the need to change your lifestyle. If you used to eat anyhow, it is time to change that habit and plan your meals.

· Ensure you sleep adequately: sleep has been found to be an enemy to weight loss. Find adequate time to sleep at night. It is recommended that 6-8 hours of night sleep would be enough. It helps your body to deal with fatigue, streamline metabolism as well as detoxification.

· Eat at home often: if you are used to fast foods, it is time you begin to cook your food at home. It helps you keep track of what you consume. Homemade food always has the right proportions of nutrients and you can tailor it for your weight loss program.

· Choose the vegetable and fruits you like: this is not a diet to punish you. You are at liberty to choose what goes in your plate.

· Be consistent: nothing good comes for the faint-hearted. Consistency will give you positive results. Be loyal to your diet and paly by rules at all times.

GM diet
GM diet: losing weight faster and effectively

Do not leave out exercise

Even the skinny models you see on television have to exercise. It does not mean that because you are on a weight loss diet that you remain physically inactive. Exercises help improve your metabolism and in return boost calorie burning. You do not have to kill yourself with workout, a jog or a short run will be enough. The diet only will not be enough to hand you back your desirable body weight. Incorporate some easy exercises and your program will be complete.


There are pertinent questions that you should be asking about this diet. Some of them would be:

· Is this diet meant for everyone? Of course yes, anyone can try out this diet. But you should consult with your doctor before you start so as to be on the safe side. For pregnant ladies you should first consult your dietician before you get into this diet. Diabetic people should not try this one out for they need a balanced diet to keep them healthy. If you have no health complications and you are not on medication, this diet is for you.

· Is this diet effective? Yes, this diet is effective and fast in losing weight. General Motors tried on employees and it was a great success. Since then scores of millions have tried it and they get positive results. As you long as you strictly adhere to the diet you will have your results.

· Does this diet have an age-limit? Not really but it is best for those over 18 years. Children are still growing and would need balanced diet to holistically grow and develop. The overly aged would also be not fit for this diet but if they are in perfect health

· Can I stick with diet for a long time? Of course not. This is a quick way to lose weight and should not be used in the long term. The creation of this diet was to have a short term way to lose weight and never to run for more than one week consecutively. Unless you really had so much weight to lose, you can have it for 2 weeks and lose at least 20 pounds. This should never be a continuous diet since it lacks a lot in terms nutrition.

GM diet
GM diet: losing weight faster and effectively

· Are spices and salt allowed? Yes, you can have your favorite spices added. Salt is important to give your meal a good taste do not add more than necessary.

· Can vegetarians take this diet? Sure, vegetarians have their own GM diet without meat. They only need to increase intake of vegetables and rely on whole grain proteins.

· Are dry nuts and fruits good? No do not go here. Dry fruits and nuts will spoil your diet. They are highly concentrated in carbohydrates and will bring in more calories. It is advisable that you totally stay away from them.

· Are yoghurt and butter good replacements for milk? Yes you can have the two instead of milk. Ensure that they are not sweetened just like it was with the milk.

· Which oil is the best for cooking the meat and vegetables? Olive oil is your best for GM dieting. Try as much as you can to get it.

· Is wheat recommended while on this diet? This is a gluten-free diet and you should avoid wheat at all costs. Forget about chapati, rolex and pulka as long as you are in this for weight loss.

These are just general questions that you may be asking. If you still have more, leave your comments and you will have your answers.

If you have been struggling with your weight loss, now you have a perfect answer. GM is the way of losing weight and it never disappoints. Many have tried it and they always meet their healthy living goals. It is an easy diet to follow and you do not have to be so hard on yourself. Cheers to your weight loss and Godspeed in achieving your goals!

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