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Fruit diet: taking it all sweet to healthy living

Fruit diet
Fruit diet taking it all sweet to healthy living

Mention fruit diet and you will have quite a number big names popping up. Steve Jobs for instance was relied on his diet and quite a number of celebrities. Other A-list celebrities have used this diet and that raises some curiosity on what it is all about. Fruit diet has long history and it is widely covered in Diet for a Small Planet by Daniel Kottke and in Muscleless diet healing system written by Arnold Ehret. If you have not read this 2 books you should not worry for they do not form any part of prerequisites for the subject here.

There is a new trend in weight loss dieting. Everyone is now going low-carb and experts say there is prove that such a move would for once solve the overweight problem that has become a crisis in the modern world. Fruit diet has earned a name but the question is; does it belong here? But we would not make such a conclusion unless we know what we are taking about.

But what really is the fruit diet?

It is simple just like the words. Eating only fruits and starchless vegetables for 3 consecutive days is all that is required of you. It is low-carb diet that gives you a break from processed foods and instead go for all natural sources in the name of selected veggies and fruits. You will need to add on salad and proteins to make it a full diet. The promise of this diet is that you will lose weight and cleanse your body system from toxins. To be precise you will lose as much as 9 pounds and for those who are lucky will expect 10 pounds loss in 3 days.

The logic behind fruit diet

You will be taking less carbs and lead your body to burn more fats. As you know, fat is the number one culprit to unhealthy weight and if you could find way to burn it into energy then you will never struggle with weight issues. This is the latest trend in weight loss diets and it has been proven to work.

Fruit diet
Fruit diet taking it all sweet to healthy living

3-day meal plan

Day one: for the better part of the day you will rely on protein shakes. Space them for every 2 hours. You should accompany this with 8-12 glasses of water. For dinner, go full gear with salad. To balance the equation for your health needs add on a considerable piece of avocado, not more than 6 ounces of meat (and not just any meat but the lean kind). The whites of eggs are good source of your proteins so you should not go through any hassle. Now that is what caps your day and should have your dinner by 8 pm.

Day two: call it a fruit day for you will have them from 8am to 4 pm. In a space of 2 hours you should take 100-calorie of fruits. For your dinner it will be either half avocado or salad. Top up that with one protein shake and call it a day at that.

Day three: this one will not be different from the second day. Repeat it and if you had salad in day 2 this time go for the piece of avocado.

It can only go for as long 3 days. Do not extent more than this for as you can see there is serious deprivation of calories. If you did not achieve your objective, take a break and then do it all over again. This is not a permanent diet that you can rely on for a lifetime.

Who is this diet for?

Vegans and vegetarians are best suited for this diet. It comes with a restriction for minimal salt so you have to play by these rules if you expect any success here. Overall, anyone who can take fruits and veggies in loads is good for this diet. You can stay away from your meat for 3 days and be back. But be sure to live on health diet not to water down the achievement you will have made in the 3 days.

Is every fruit natural?

In the old days they never knew anything like GMO. The fruits were purely natural and healthy. Today due to environmental change most of the fruits you see in supermarkets and your regular grocery are no more natural. They are grown in artificial conditions with lots of chemicals. This causes a compromise to the health benefits from the all-fruit diet. So it is upon you to choose your fruits carefully. Go for the naturally grown fruits. Be sure to ask your grocer where he/she gets fruits from. As long as you are on natural fruits, the chances for the success of this diet are really high. Apples, plums, water melons and the berry family are some of the best choices you can go. Be sure to choose the low-carb fruits for it is a requirement in this diet.

Fruit diet
Fruit diet taking it all sweet to healthy living

How many fruits are enough for a single day?

For fruits, you can have as many as you find satisfying (for the second and third day). The only thing you have to beware is that you make the right choice of fruits. Not all fruits will be good for you. Plums, cherries, berries and apples are good choices. If you do not have much liking for the fruits, you can accompany them with vegetables. Vegetables are better placed to give you all the nutrients in fruits without the risk of taking too much sugar.

There are 3 levels of fruit dieters;

1. Ultra-low-carb diet: for this one your intake for fruits should be on the lowest scale.

2. Moderate-carb diet: for this one you should take a few fruits in a day. A maximum of 3 is all good for you.

3. High-carb diet: here you can relax when it comes to your calorie intake. You can have plenty but do not be reckless in your choices.

Do you need exercise?

It has been preached wide and far that you need exercise to be healthy and lose weight. Scientific studies have proven this. But the all-fruit diet has news for you. Since you are taking fewer calories you should not engage on vigorous exercises. Anything more than a leisure walk should not be your cup of tea.

Now that sets is a point of concern to the effectiveness of this diet. Exercise should never be overlooked in any diet plan. This is one flaw that you will have in this diet and it may not sit well with those who love being physically active.

Fruit diet
Fruit diet taking it all sweet to healthy living

Are there dangers of relying entirely on all-fruit diet?

Everyone, presumably, knows that Steve Jobs died of a pancreatic cancer. You wonder if it is the diet he stuck to since he was a freshman. Could it be that the fruit diet played a role in sending Jobs to his grave? For starters, the American Cancer Society cannot precisely point to what causes pancreatic cancer. It argued that gene inheritance and chemicals present in our diet and environment all play a role. Eating only fruits means you will take fewer calories. You will be in some sort of starvation that increases your chance for chronic or health conditions. Probably the intake of calories may be a cause of alarm. But nothing much to scare die-hard fruit dieters from following their routine as long as they avoid starving.

If anything, fruits are natural and their nutrient content is balanced for the benefit of the body. It is recommended that everyone takes 1 or 2 fruits each day. There is nothing wrong with fruit dieting as long as you ensure that you take adequate calories for the day to avoid starvation. But to be sure you should consult your doctor to give you the green light.

Expert opinion on this diet

Kathleen Zelman has an experience with diet and health related conditions. She says that one will lose weight by adhering to this diet. It is also true that this diet helps in flushing out toxins in the body. Weight loss and detoxifications are 2 key features in many diets and this one makes it to that category too. Lots of the lost weight is from water and once you are no longer a fruitarian the weight will crawl back if you get back to your reckless eating habits. As such, this diet is a short-term way to lose weight and should be followed up with a proper management of diet once you are done with it. Whether you will lose 9-10 pounds of unhealthy weight in 3 days that is a bargain. There is no scientific support to this kind of results so you should not be expecting all to be true that is said about the fruits especially the results.

Fruit diet
Fruit diet taking it all sweet to healthy living

Final word

Even celebrities have learned the hard way that extremes in diets are not good. The rule of the thump is that you should always have a balance for carbs, proteins as well as fats (that is the basic balanced diet). No diet on its own will be adequate to give you all the body wants. You should always have room for a balanced eating plan to avoid health risks in the name of losing weight.

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