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Finding Slimming Exercises You Enjoy

As a general rule we tend to continue doing things we enjoy. As women, we tend to base our career path on what is personally satisfying. Our hobbies become hobbies because we love doing them. For many of us the thought of an exercise program puts us off immediately and we feel the need to force ourselves to engage. And often times we are aware of the many benefits, but have yet to find a way to actually enjoy slimming exercises.

Our Ancestors Didn’t Need Gyms

Many moons ago this wasn’t an issue. In fact, if you wanted to eat you had to get off your rump to hunt or farm. People lived off the land and surplus was sold or traded to provide other essentials for daily life. The whole family was involved and obesity wasn’t a great concern. Our forefathers didn’t have time to sit in front of the tv and snack on Bon Bon’s while the world passed them by. Their exercise was daily and painstakingly obvious on their sun-scorched bodies and rough hands after working in the fields day after day. But they were leaner, stronger and could actually walk the lot without getting winded.

The Fat Facts of Technology

We’ve become spoiled and a little lazy as much of the world around us has been enhanced and automated with technology. Most of us don’t have to hunt for supper or grow enough produce to last an entire year. And as the times have changed we are now faced with finding ways to incorporate exercise. What once was mandatory, daily physical labor has now become an activity in addition to our already busy and sometimes hectic daily routine. What fun is that?

Fun Goes Further

Now here’s where the real change comes in. It’s not that we have evolved and don’t have to work so hard for food; it’s actually the need to find enjoyable ways to perform slimming exercises so we stick with them. Being spoiled and all, if we don’t like it we don’t continue. Once you begin to change your frame of mind on exercise, fitting it into daily life doesn’t become such an issue. Take scrapbooking for instance. Any lady who loves to scrapbook will find the time for it even with a full-time job during the day and husband and kids to tend to at night. In turn, finding a way to exercise that you love will increase your chances of squeezing it into an already full schedule.

If you have a more competitive edge could join a sports league or even start a new team with a few friends or work colleagues. Social butterflies might like to invite a couple friends for a nightly walking routine with the ladies. Catch up on the latest gossip while you walk those extra pounds off! You can certainly join any number of classes at a gym, join a dance studio or even offer to help coach your kids’ sports team. There are plenty of ways to spice up the hum-drum thoughts of exercising by making certain it’s something you look forward to!

Kevin Bender

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