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Fat Loss Tips for Men

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Since men have the ability to burn fat at an increased rate compared to women, you will only need basic fat loss tips for men. You don’t need any kind of special diet, just read the following article and start burning that fat now.

The first of the many fat loss tips for men is not using the inefficient fat burning zone system. That is just marketing and you will see for yourself that it doesn’t work. Gyms that use these methods will also try to sell you a heart rate monitor so you can keep your heart rate within the supposed fat burning zone. That is so much non sense there I can’t even begin to explain. Your heart is not the engine of a car that you can set the RPM by touching the gas pedal or pushing it harder. It really depends on many things how fast or slow your heart rate is. So forget about this and let’s move on, shall we?

Fat loss tips for men include the gradual increase in the number of repetitions you do each set. So, for example, if you d abdomen crunches start with 15 repetitions the first set, go to 25 the next one and for the final set try doing 35. If you can’t reach that final number do as many as you can and try to do more than 30. If you have trouble with that as well ask someone to push your back a little in the last two or three repetitions. You should also do this for your other exercises as well, but adapt the number of repetitions according to the type of exercise. These tips must be implemented in your life immediately if you seriously want to lose weight fast.

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The next one in the fat loss tips for men category is the proper use of the stationary bike. Put the bike into a higher setting, maybe the highest and pedal as hard as you can for around 10 to 15 minutes. This workout increases leg muscle mass and because those are the largest muscles in the body they will eat calories and fat like bread. Do this at the middle of your training program each day and see the difference in a matter of weeks. As far as fat loss tips for men go, I believe that this is the most efficient, at least in the beginning, because, as I mentioned, those large leg muscles burn fat faster than anything else, so the larger and stronger they are, the better. Don’t worry if they get large, they will look great if you start pedaling 30 minutes on a medium setting and pace. So focus on getting your legs strong enough to burn all the fat in your body.

Another important episode in the fat loss tips for men series is meal frequency. Increase meal frequency to about 6 meals each day. I know this sounds wrong, but listen to this. A recent study shows that increasing meal frequency to 6 or even 7 per day reduces cholesterol levels, insulin spikes and fat intake for the organism, because you eat less at each meal than you normally would. Try getting carbohydrates and fibers into your meals as well because they also burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. Protein should also be present in slightly higher amounts. I should recommend that you eat a small amount of food on each of the six or seven meals each day, but you will probably have thought about that already.

The last, but probably the most effective one in the fat loss tips for men is the turbulence exercise. This means that you are required to add at least ten more seconds to each set and try to maintain intensity or even increase it. This shock of energy in the muscles translates to a perfect workout and fat loss is significantly increased just because of this added turbulence. You can probably imagine why it is called turbulence, it disrupts the muscles and requires a surge of blood flow to help the muscles work just that little bit more.

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You can do this for about two weeks than go back to your normal routine, than after another two weeks use the turbulence again, and so on. You can also increase the time and intensity for the turbulence workouts in order to increase muscle mass and fat burning rate.

For the conclusion to this article and to the fat burning tips for men we can also recommend a very hot shower after the workout in order to maintain the muscles as warm as possible for at least another 20 minutes. This keeps the blood flowing and the fat burning process as well. Try to make it as hot as you can bear, for only a couple of minutes at first, than gradually start increasing the shower length.

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