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Fat Loss Nutrition

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The third method to create a calorie deficit in your body is to go on a diet. The main problem with using the word “diet” is that many people associate it with the word “starvation”. Unfortunately, years and years of misinformation have caused people to believe that going on a diet means you won’t be able to eat anything you like anymore and that you will have eat fruits and vegetables all day. But the trust is the exact opposite of that.

Remember the calories in vs. calories out principle mentioned at the beginning of this series? Did it mention one tiny part about where those calories came from? No. That’s because where you get your calories doesn’t matter as long as you’re not exceeding your daily calorie limit. Dieting really means adding balance to your nutrition, not starving yourself and eating carrot sticks all day. You can eat as many times as you want a day just as long as you follow the calories in vs. calories out formula.

Now although you can lose weight simply by going on a diet (read: adding balance to your nutrition), remember that the ultimate goal isn’t just weight loss but a health body as well. That’s why you shouldn’t get all your calories from the same place. Sure you could eat pizza all day as long as you stay beneath your calorie limit, but is that healthy for your body? Not a chance! That’s why you need to add variety to where you’re getting your calories from.

The three main sources of calories are: fats, carbohydrates, and protein. This is another source of confusion for people who want to lose weight. What percentage of their daily calorie limit should come from each source of nutrients? An entire book could be written on the subject of fat loss nutrition and there would still be unanswered questions and information left to write about. You don’t need to waste your time reading studies and research to get the exact decimal amount of protein you need per day, all you need is a general outline which gives you basic pointers and tips on how much of which types of food you need to eat per day.

As long as you’re getting your calories from a mix of the three sources of calories mentioned above, then you should be alright. Don’t fall victim to the disease of paralysis analysis and over analyze things, just do it.

Sometimes you will reach a point where you stop losing weight, to learn how to overcome this plateau move on to the next step.

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