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Face Fitness Formula Reviews

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We all have things that we do not like about ourselves. It might be physical, mental or in some other aspect. While the others might not be apparent; the physical short comings are. People can be self conscious about their weight, their look or how they appear to other people. They also may go to extremes to change their appearance.

Some of our problems areas are usually hidden under our clothes. Like our tummy, thighs, scars or something else we consider unattractive. But when, that problem is on our face, it can be distracting to us, if not other people. It can also cause us to feel sad, and less of ourselves, lowering our self esteem even. That is why there are millions of cosmetic surgery procedures done on people every year. There is eye, nose, lip, face, jaw, brows, hair and even chin procedures.

How to lose face fat or how to get rid of a double chin; these are some considerations of millions of people who suffer from these conditions. Not every problem though needs to be fixed by surgery. There are things you can do to augment your facial features without a knife. It is also cheaper and do not require that you meddle around under a surgical knife.

John Socratous came up with a procedure called the Face Fitness Formula. It is face exercises that are an alternative to surgery. He, Socratous, always had a problem with his face appearing to be fat for such a skinny guy. What he did, was to take all that he had learnt from people in the fashion, movie or entertainment industry and put it into one comprehensive program. This was a last ditch effort for him, after having failed to get rid of h is face or chin fat after doing multiple exercise regimens and weight loss routines. Mind you, he is a skinny guy.

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This Face Fitness Formula is jammed into 30 days. He uses the same principles in his Face Fitness Center, where he is the co-founder as well as the CEO. This program only asks for under fifteen minutes of your day. There are also workout and nutritional elements to the program. So you can be sure that your query about how to lose face fat will be answered in a healthy way.

It is a combination of exercise, diet and other tips; that are the foundational components of this program. It is very detailed. Most of his face sculpting is definitely from his modeling years.

In a synopsis of the program, you will find the areas below covered.

  • A cleansing of the body through detoxification in the first week
  • Going through a revitalizing plan for your diet and empowering our facial muscles in the second week
  • Strengthening face exercises and massage, in the third week
  • Toning and firming up the face with workouts, as well as relaxation techniques in the fourth week

Socratous has incorporated instruction using a two hour video; he used a fitness expert. Here you will be able to adapt methods which will give you more defined cheeks and jaw line. If the face exercises regimen is too much for you to concentrate on doing it every day, you can opt for a monthly plan. It carries an outline of what you need to do and when, each day of that month.

The blogs and forums for this routine are very busy and popular. There is a lot of feedback on the website for the Face Fitness Formula. There are constant updates and new additions to the guide. Socratous takes this very seriously and those persons who buy into the product have free roam of the website and its information.

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