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Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Dieters

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When you put yourself on a fat loss diet to help reach your goal weight, you may in fact also be putting yourself at risk for suffering from severe nutrient deficiencies that could hinder your long-term health and well being.

When using a reduced calorie intake, you won’t be taking in as many foods you normally would and because of this, may not get as much variety in terms of overall vitamins and minerals.

That’s why there are a few important vitamins and minerals that you should look into supplementing with. High quality supplements are a very good idea to use with your weight loss diet to ensure that you aren’t becoming deficient and to increase the nutrient absorption in the body.

They’re fast, easy, and can be very effective for helping you maintain good health as you reach your weight loss goals.

Let’s take a quick peak at the specific vitamins and minerals that you need to focus on.

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The first supplement to consider is chromium. Chromium is one of the key minerals that will be at work when your body is building lean muscle mass and help to also keep up with all the heavy demands that your exercise plan puts on your body.

Those who are deficient in chromium may not recover as well from workout to workout and may even begin to lose lean muscle mass, which would then cause a reduction in their overall metabolic rate.

Another very beneficial thing that chromium will do is help to increase your insulin sensitivity, so that each time you eat carbohydrates your body is able to manage them very well.

If you’re deficient in chromium, you may suffer insulin insensitivity, where the sugar would stay in the blood, putting your health in danger.

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The second supplement that you’ll want to consider when on a reduced calorie diet plan is calcium. Since many dieters do cut out dairy products as part of their plan, if you aren’t taking a supplement your bones may not be getting what they require.

If this is the case, you could eventually set yourself up to experience stress fractures or osteoporosis, really putting a dent in your ability to live the lifestyle you want to live.


Finally, the last supplement to consider when on a weight loss diet is iron. Iron you would typically get from any red meat you were consuming, but since this food is also often fast to get shunned from your diet, you likely won’t be getting enough of it either.

Iron is going to be essential for helping to keep your energy levels higher as it transports oxygen to the muscle cells. If you’re low in iron, it’s very likely that you’re going to find yourself fast to fatigue during each workout session you perform, therefore really taking away from the results that you get from your plan.

So make sure you give some consideration to adding these supplements to your weight loss diet. They’re cost effective to buy and will ensure that you stay healthy and feel great as you strive towards weight loss success.

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