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A Closer Look At The Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet
A Closer Look At The Dukan Diet

One of the primary reasons that many people choose to give up on their current diet plan is simply because they feel hungry. That is why the ability to eat unlimited amounts of certain foods while following the Dukan Diet appeals to so many people. Add to that the fact Dukan Diet results bring you weight loss  up to 10 pounds in just one week and it is easy to see why the Dukan Diet is receiving such positive reviews. Best of all, you don’t need to take my word for it when it comes to the value of this particular diet plan. Below you will find a complete Dukan Diet review of the plan, including both the good and the bad, ultimately allowing you to make the decision for yourself.

The Good:

Eat As Much As You Want

Perhaps the most impressive benefit of using the Dukan Diet plan is that you can eat as much as you want, as long as you stick to the approved foods list of course. This means that you will never need to feel hungry simply because you are on a diet.

Never Regain The Weight

Many diets that allow you to lose weight quickly will result in you simply regaining the weight you lost once you go off the diet. This is not the case with the Dukan Diet meal plan. As long as you follow the plan precisely, you will never regain the weight that you have lost.


There is no reason to let a small budget stop you from trying the Dukan Diet. In fact, even if you choose to take advantage of the online coaching option available with this diet plan, you can still expect to spend far less when following this plan compared to other diet plans currently on the market.

The Bad:

Not Very Vegan Friendly

The Dukan Diet focuses primarily on the consumption of protein rich foods. While there are a few vegan options that meet this criteria, you may find that you grow tired of eating these same Dukan Diet foods everyday if you also observe a vegan lifestyle.

Strictly Limits Carbs

What makes the Dukan Diet such a powerful tool for weight loss is the restriction of carbohydrates. In fact, during the first 10 days of the diet, you can expect to consume virtually no carbs at all. If you find it difficult to restrict your carbohydrate consumption, this can be a serious disadvantage when considering diet plans.

Dukan Diet
A Closer Look At The Dukan Diet

The Bottom Line:

The Dukan Diet is a very effective way to jumpstart your weight loss and to maintain that weight loss over time. However, in order to truly enjoy the benefits of this diet plan, you will need to be committed to eating only foods that are on the approved foods list.

So What Exactly Can You Eat?

Up to this point there has been a lot of talk about eating only foods that are on the approved list. Consequently, you are probably wondering exactly what you are allowed to eat when following this diet. The good news is, the approved foods list includes more tasty options than you are probably expecting.

During the first 10 days of the Dukan Diet, also known as the attack phase of the diet, you can eat as much of the following foods as you would like.

Lean beef (be sure to trim off the fat)

Lean veal or rabbit

Skinless chicken or turkey

Beef or chicken liver

Any kind of fish or shellfish

Fat free dairy products such as skim milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese

Herbs and spices

Garlic, onions, and gherkins

Artificial sweeteners and sugar free gum

You can also eat up to 2 eggs per day. However, if you suffer from high cholesterol, you will want to limit your egg yolk consumption to 3-4 per week. You can continue to eat the egg whites everyday despite your cholesterol levels.

Not Just A 10 Day Diet

While most reviews focus on the first 10 days of the Dukan Diet, this diet plan is much more than just a 10 day change in your eating habits. In fact, the Dukan Diet plan includes 4 distinct phases that help to ensure you not only reach your goal weight, but that you are able to maintain this weight for a lifetime.

Dukan Diet
A Closer Look At The Dukan Diet

Phase 1: The Attack Phase

The attack phase is the phase you hear most about. This phase last only for the first 10 days of the diet. During this phase it is important that you only eat foods on the approved list above in addition to consuming one and a half tablespoons of oat bran each day and at least six cups of water per day. This phase of the diet also requires you to walk for 20 minutes each day.

If you precisely follow the rules associated with the attack phase for 10 days, it is possible to lose as much as 10 pounds during this phase of the diet.

Phase 2: The Cruise Phase

This phase of the diet will last a different length of time for each person. This is because you stay in the cruise phase until you reach your goal weight. Consequently, this phase can last several months if you have a considerable amount of weight to lose.

During the cruise phase, you will alternate your diet going back and forth between the same diet you ate during the attack phase and a diet that includes vegetables. For instance, if you follow the attack phase diet on Monday, on Tuesday you will be able to eat an unlimited amount of foods on the approved food list, as well as eating an unlimited number of vegetables.

The cruise phase requires you to continue walking 20 minutes per day and consuming at least 6 glasses of water each day. You will also need to increase your oat bran consumption to 2 tablespoons each day.

During this phase of the diet you can expect to continue losing weight at a rate of about 2-4 pounds per week.

Phase 3: The Consolidation Phase

Once you have reached your goal weight, it is important to establish a new equilibrium for your body in order to maintain the weight loss. This part of the Dukan Diet is known as the consolidation phase. This phase will last 5 days for every pound that you lost. Consequently, if you lost 20 pounds, you should expect to stick with this phase of the diet for 100 days.

During the consolidation phase, you will begin adding foods back into your diet. In addition to eating unrestricted amounts of protein and veggies, you will also be able to eat one piece of fruit, 2 slices of wholegrain bread, and a limited amount of cheese and pasta each day.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the consolidation phase is that in addition to your new daily food choices, you will also be allowed to eat what is referred to as celebration meals. Celebration meals have absolutely no restrictions. If you want to eat chocolate, cakes, cookies, or anything else that you have been missing, these meals allow you to do so. During the consolidation phase, you are encouraged to enjoy 2 celebration meals each week.

To avoid weight gain while reintroducing these foods into your diet, you should continue walking 20 minutes each day and consume as much water as you can.

Phase 4: The Stabilization Phase

The final stage of the Dukan Diet is the stabilization phase. This phase will last a lifetime as it is more of a lifestyle than it is a diet.

During this stage of the plan, you will be able to eat whatever foods you want, in whatever quantities you want. The only catch is, you must continue to follow the attack phase diet one day a week for the rest of your life.

What’s The Deal With Oat Bran?

If you are wondering what role the consumption of oat bran plays in the Dukan Diet, you are not alone. Many people fail to understand how important it is to faithfully consume the recommended amount of oat bran each day. However, the truth is, eating the right amount of oat bran each day plays a huge role in why this diet plan works so well.

Dukan Diet
A Closer Look At The Dukan Diet

Oat bran is a protein rich and soluble fiber. Basically what this means is that oat bran has the ability to absorb large amounts of water in your stomach. This allows you to feel full even when you have not eaten a lot.

Oat bran also has many other benefits. For instance, this excellent source of fiber is good for your heart, helps to prevent constipation, and attracts fat molecules and toxins in your digestive system helping to safely carry them out of your body before they can be absorbed and stored in fat cells.

A Few Recipes To Get You Started

If you are ready to get started on the Dukan Diet but are just a bit worried about the idea of eating only proteins for the next 10 days, don’t worry. There are many tasty recipes that fit within the strict rules of the diets attack phase. Below you will find a few of these recipes to help you on your way to a thinner and healthier you.

Sweet Oat Bran Galette

If you are looking for a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get your daily dose of oat bran into your diet, this is the recipe you are looking for. Just remember to always include the right amount of oat bran for the phase of the diet that you are currently on.

Your Shopping List

1 egg

Oat bran (one and a half tablespoons while on attack phase or 2 tablespoons while on cruise phase)

2 tablespoons of fat free greek yogurt

1 teaspoon of artificial sweetener

1 small container of fat free toffee yogurt

Let’s Get Cooking

Start by whisking together your egg, yogurt, artificial sweetener, and oat bran in a medium size mixing bowl until the batter is completely smooth.

Using a low fat cooking spray or olive oil, lightly grease the bottom of a non stick frying pan. Preheat the pan over medium heat. Pour approximately half of the batter into the pan and use the back of a spoon to spread it out into a circle, much as you would when making a traditional pancake.

Cook on one side for approximately 2-3 minutes or until golden brown. Flip the cake and continue cooking on other side until golden. Repeat this process for the second half of the batter.

Serve warm with toffee yogurt on the side for a sweet treat that is Dukan Diet friendly.

Vietnamese Beef

If you are looking for a way to add a bit more flavor to the very lean cuts of beef that are allowed during the attack phase of the Dukan Diet, this recipe is a great way to accomplish this goal. Best of all, you can continue to enjoy this delicious meal during later stages of the diet plan by simply adding a side of vegetables.

Dukan Diet
A Closer Look At The Dukan Diet

Your Shopping List

Approximately 3 ounces (about the size of a deck of cards) of sirloin steak cut into one inch cubes

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

1 tablespoon of oyster sauce

Half a teaspoon of vegetable oil

One large piece of ginger, grated

4 cloves crushed garlic

Pinch of black ground pepper

Coriander leaves for serving

Let’s Get Cooking

Begin by combining your steak, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, and black pepper in a large mixing bowl. Set bowl in refrigerator and allow meat to marinate in sauce for at least 30 minutes. You can also choose to complete this step the night before to allow for more marinating time.

After marinating, grease the bottom of nonstick pan with vegetable oil. Place pan over high heat and cook garlic until slightly browned. Add beef to pan and cook for approximately 5 minutes or until meat reaches desired doneness. Top with coriander leaves and serve.

Rosemary Beef Burgers

If you think that you can’t enjoy a delicious burger without eating bread, this recipe is here to prove you wrong. Even without the carbs that are usually associated with a traditional burger, these rosemary burgers are able to deliver a ton of flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Best of all, with the ability to eat as much as you want on the Dukan Diet, you won’t need to worry about stopping after just one of these amazing burgers.

Your Shopping List

Approximately half a pound of ground or minced beef (be sure to choose the leanest variety you can find)

Medium yellow onion, chopped

2 tablespoons of plum sauce

2 cloves crushed garlic

2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh rosemary

1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce

2 tablespoon chopped basil

1 egg, beaten

Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Let’s Get Cooking

Preparing these delicious burgers is both quick and easy. Simply combine all of your ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Split the meat mixture into four equal sections and use your hands to form each portion into a patty.

Place heavy duty frying pan over medium heat and cook burgers for approximately 5-7 minutes on each side or until center reaches desired doneness. You can also choose to cook these burgers over an open flame if you prefer the taste of grilled meat.

Remember, while you may not be able to consume breads during the attack phase of the Dukan Diet, you can use your 2 slices of wholegrain bread with this recipe during the cruise phase. You can also choose to serve these burgers on a bed of lettuce during the cruise phase of the diet.

Tofu Chips

If you do choose to observe a vegan lifestyle while on the Dukan Diet, tofu will play a major role in ensuring you get all the protein you need. This recipe provides a delicious way to enjoy your tofu both at meal and snack time.

Dukan Diet
A Closer Look At The Dukan Diet

Your Shopping List

When it comes to ingredients, it doesn’t get any easier than this. All you will need for this recipe is approximately 2 ounces of smoked tofu and a pinch of paprika for flavor.

Let’s Get Cooking

Begin by using a sharp knife to slice the tofu as thinly as possible. Be sure to take your time and ensure the slices are thin as this will have a huge impact on how crispy your chips are and how crispy they stay when stored.

Once you have sliced all of your tofu, place chips in single layer in a deep frying pan. There is no need to grease the pan, just be sure that the pan is nonstick for best results.

Cook over high heat for approximately 2 minutes, turn chips over and cook an additional 2 minutes. The tofu should look blistered when it is fully cooked.

Sprinkle with a small amount of paprika while still warm and serve. Any leftover chips can be stored in an airtight container for later enjoyment.

You can also choose to bake your chips for a more traditional flavor. Just be sure to keep a close eye on them while cooking as they will burn rather quickly.

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