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Do Diet Pills Work?

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There are dozens of commercially-available drugs available to consumers that promise you to lose weight fast, both by prescription and over the counter. Many of them are advertised as quick fixes for weight loss to those who can’t be bothered to maintain healthy routines and make responsible choices. They may even say outright that this or that diet pill makes it possible to eat chocolate and cheesecake without consequences to your weight, but there are always consequences for your actions. Some may help you lose weight while maintaining poor habits, but you will also experience harmful and sometimes terrifying side effects. Nutritional supplements and herbal remedies could bring many of the same benefits with none of the side effects. So, do diet pills really work?

Some of the newest diet drugs out there have seen fairly sound results after scientific testing, but the side effects are still an issue. For example, Orlistat can help dieters lose 50% more weight, but can cause bowel problems, including loss of bowel control. Meridia can help you lose a little weight, but it will alter your brain chemistry and can cause heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Drugs that claim to alter glucose levels and make your body more sensitive to insulin usually cause nausea, diarrhea, and upset stomach, which might be the real reason for the weight loss. Some over the counter pills are classified as dietary supplements, rather than drugs, in order to get around FDA testing and regulation. The advertising of these pills can be misleading, and the pills themselves can be dangerous. Some of them cause side effects like erratic pulse and high blood pressure, sometimes by up to twelve percent. This is incredibly bad for you, and outweighs all the possible weight-loss benefits.

Diet pills can actually help you lose weight, but are you sure you want to deal with the side effects and dangers they present? This is a decision you and your doctor should make together. If you want to lose five pounds in order to look better in a bikini, diet pills may not be for you. Instead of altering your body chemistry and possibly cause permanent damage, consider adding a little extra exercise or giving up snacking for awhile. If you are interested in losing weight while still eating whatever you want and not doing any exercise, diet pills are definitely not for you. All diet pills are recommend for use with improved diet and exercise, not as a substitution! If you continue to eat poorly and exercise rarely while taking diet pills, you will do little more than make yourself sick and possibly cause permanent harm to your system. However, if you are extremely obese, your doctor may suggest diet pills as a way to help you lose weight faster than you would by healthy behavior alone. In some cases, losing the extra weight can remove you from death’s door, or put you at less of a risk for heart attack, sleep apnea, or diabetes. Again, this is a decision that must be made between you and your doctor, not you and your television set! The real question shouldn’t be “do diet pills actually work”, but instead it should be whether or not they can work their magic with absolutely no side effects.

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What if you do want to lose five pounds to look better in a bikini? Are there options? Healthy living is always the most responsible choice. Good choices regarding food, exercise, and alcohol will produce positive results quickly and reliably. If you remove stress from your life by eating healthy, drinking infrequently, and resting for eight hours every night, your body will respond by speeding up your metabolism and seeking a natural balance between activity and calorie intake. You will have less cravings for sugar and fatty foods. As your body adjusts to the new metabolic rate, you will experience more energy, which will help you maintain an exercise regiment for losing even more weight and building lean muscle mass. Exercise releases endorphins, your body’s natural anti-depressant, making you feel good and less likely to eat as a response to emotional distress.

If you feel you need a little help with starting your healthy living, there are some dietary supplements which can help you along without causing harm. Acai berry is gaining popularity due to its high nutrient density and antioxidant content. When used alongside exercise, the antioxidants in Acai can help to clean your cardiovascular system of toxins and cholesterol. You can also ose weight quickly by by drinking green tea, which has similar, if not better effects than the Acai berry.

Overall, the question remains: Do diet pills work? Well, it really depends on your situation. Always investigate choices related to your health, and know the side effects as well as the alternatives. If you have any questions, you can always ask a doctor or pharmacist to chat with you about other ways to lose weight.

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