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Dangerous Diets that Could Seriously Damage Your Health

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Many people turn towards fad and dangerous diets that promise to be a quick and easy way of losing weight. Some of these contain nutritional value and therefore boost you weight loss efforts for the time being. Regrettably, there are numerous popular diets and products that can be extremely dangerous to your health. When people use these dangerous diets, they don’t actually thing that you would ultimately end up in some serious trouble because after all, the companies that market these types of products and dangerous diets claim that they are perfectly safe for human consumption.

It is important that as a consumer you should be aware of the risks that are posed by these scam dietary products so that you are in a position to make a sensible decision keeping in view you long-term health goals. There are several popular dieting products that are claimed to be a safe and efficient way to shedding those extra pounds but beware as they are anything but safe.

Generally dietary pills are marketed as some sort of a miracle worker and their ads are just ridiculous. I mean how can someone just take the pill and reduce weight overnight. These manufacturers make millions of bucks just by making these sorts of fake claims to cash on the desperation of those who have been frustrated at being unable to lose weight. They claim that the pills work as a fat burner and there is absolutely no need to follow a healthy diet plan and any sort of physical exercise. But the question is that if that pill is really that good, then why are there so many people out there who are overweight?

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Dangerous Diets that Could Seriously Damage Your Health 3

These pills top the list of dangerous diets and some of the side effects that one can experience by their consumption include chest pain, dizziness, liver and kidney damage, nausea, stroke, seizures, heart attack and in some severe cases may also lead to the death of the person. The reason why there are so many side effects is because you can no way tell what the formulation or the quantity of herbs are present in the pill, so it is best to stay away from them.

Another diet used for weight loss that can seriously damage your health is diuretics. Diuretic products are used to treat high blood pressure and glaucoma. They often come in the form of capsules containing natural herbs for weight loss and are considered safe. What a weight loss diuretic is supposed to do is clear your body of toxins, excess food and water. The danger of using these products is that their excessive consumption may lead to the damaging of the intestinal wall, sever dehydration, renal damage and also heart problems. On top of that, you won’t be losing any fat but just water.

Another dangerous diet is the use of Fat Burning massager. These are often sold as thigh toning or stomach toning belts. You need to wrap them around you thigh or waist and then turn them on (you are turning on the electricity). You would start feeling the warm buzz that is supposed to burn the fat around your belly and thigh. Even though electricity simulation has been used over and over again for legal body therapy, there use for the purpose of losing weight is no more than a publicity stunt to cash in on some one’s desperation. You may even experience burns or electric shock if these are not used in the proper way. Don’t waste your money on them as they simply don’t work.

Dangerous diets only harm you rather than doing any good or helping you lose weight, so stay away from them!

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