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Calories in Alcohol

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It’s a question people ask all the time. “How many calories are in various alcoholic drinks?” That’s a good question because many people like to enjoy a couple of glasses of red wine or even a beer or two after a hard day of work. It’s a habit many people have.

And technically, drinking a couple of glasses of red wine a day could be considered good for your heart. Also, we all know what a killer stress is and a little bit of alcohol now and then can help diffuse built up stress. But the big problem is, alcohol isn’t much of a help when it comes to weight loss.

First of all, while engaging in some casual drinking, you may be sooner tempted to eat snacks and various food items that will pack on the pounds – especially if you’re out with friends. When you’re with a group of friends, all of whom are in a jovial mood, enjoying a few drinks, it’s hard to say “no” to pizza or similar high-calorie food items.

The second problem with alcohol is that the calories in alcohol are empty. What follows are some basic tips you might want to try when it comes to reducing your intake of the calories in alcohol:

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Slimming Tip #1: You may want to give up alcohol for a week or even a couple of months till you hit your target weight.

Slimming Tip #2: Be forewarned that it’s so easy to abstain from alcohol all week and then go out on a Friday or Saturday night and binge. You will be tempted! So be prepared to deal with this reality. Keep in mind that one binge and you’ve undone days or even weeks of work.

Slimming Tip #3: If you will be drinking some alcohol, you may want to try a small 125ml glass of wine. This is the same principle of eating smaller food portions.

Slimming Tip #4: You can substitute alcoholic drinks with water or low-calorie soft drinks or fruit drinks.

When your body intakes alcohol, what happens is that the calories in alcohol are metabolised first before fat is burned and that’s not desirable when you’re on a weight loss program! What follows is a calories in alcohol chart to help you make better decisions.

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Calories in Alcohol 4

Calories in Alcohol Chart

Alcoholic DrinkSizeCalories
BeerHalf litre184
LagerHalf litre180
CiderHalf litre200
Wine red100ml70
Wine white dry100ml65
Wine white medium100ml70
Wine white sweet100ml90
Wine white sparkling100ml74
Tia Maria100ml155
Southern Comfort100ml184
Sherry dry100ml110
Sherry medium100ml112
Sherry sweet100ml130
Baileys Cream1 glass120
Bacardi1 glass118

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