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Best Calorie Burning Foods

Are You Sick of Dieting? Eat These Best Calorie Burning Foods to Maximize Your Weight Loss

You might have come across some foods that are listed as “fat burning foods” or the “best calorie burning foods”. These lists exist because some foods increase the metabolism rate while some foods reduce the metabolism rate. While the best calorie burning foods listed below will increase your metabolism rate, you have to use them with common sense and in good balance.

Also, you will benefit if you used these foods as substitutes where you eat them instead of other items. Some people try to add these foods to their existing diet in an effort to increase metabolism rate which will not really work. Substitute them with unhealthy food or junk food that you might be consuming.

List of best calorie burning foods

  • Beverages – Green tea, black tea and coffee are all known to increase calorie burning. One should however be careful about the caffeine intake as too much caffeine is not really good. Also, try to avoid sugar while taking these drinks. Use a natural sweetener like honey that is low in calories. Artificial sweeteners are also best avoided as they are diuretics that are not good for the body. Another tip is to keep the drink simple. Adding things like whipped cream and other sweeteners can offset the calorie burning effect.
  • Fruits – Fruits have been known to increase the fat burning process of the body. This is because they are rich in enzymes and acids that promote fat loss. Try to eat fruits on an empty stomach. They should generally be avoided after meals. There is a very long list of fruits that will serve the purpose. Apples, oranges, lime, grape, papaya, strawberries, mango, peach, blueberries are some of them. Again, don’t add sugar or cream to fruits. Just have them as it is.
  • Vegetables – Vegetables have more fiber in them which is slow to digest. The result is that your hunger will be contained. Vegetables are also rich in vitamins that will aid the body in many ways. Chili, beans, garlic, onion, pepper, broccoli, celery, zucchini are all good vegetables to have. Just about any vegetable is good to go on this list.
  • Meat – Lean meats will increase the calorie burning effect in the body. Lean meats such as salmon, shrimp, chicken, lobster, tuna, crab, turkey breast are all great. These are ideal for the meat lovers who should try to stay away from meats that are high in saturated fats. The meats listed above have unsaturated fat which is good for the body. They are also a great source of protein that is essential for muscle building.
  • Other foods – There are other odds and ends when it comes to food items that increase the calorie burning effect. Some of them are egg whites, nuts, yogurt, brown rice, low fat milk, olive oil and so on.

In general, try to eat 4-5 smaller meals in a day rather than eating two or three large meals. Smaller meals with foods listed in the article above will go a long way in providing you with a great diet that is geared towards fat loss.

Kevin Bender

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