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Beginner Female Muscle Toning Tips

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Exercise Performance Tips

When performing your exercises during each session you should observe the following rules:

Perform cardio training prior to weight training.

In addition to the obvious fat-burning advantages you get from performing cardio before your muscles are tired this training sequence also ensures your weight training routine hits those excess fat reserves. This will also help raise your metabolic rate to burn fat throughout the day even when you are at rest.

Focus on technique not repetition.

Performing more reps does not always equal a better workout. For instance less repeated slow movements in weight training put more strain on the muscle fibres than performing more, but faster, movements that make lifting the weight feel like less effort.

Allow for a rest period of 60 seconds to 90 seconds between compound sets.

As you wish to target excess fat reserves in the body for elimination waiting any longer than a minute and a half diminished the fat busting benefits of this routine.

By resting for only short periods, just long enough for your muscles to recover, you keep your body working at its optimal level.

Use the appropriate weight.

You should aim to use a weight that pushes your muscle to its limit and allows you to just perform the required number of reps before being unable to continue.

A weight that is too light will mean your muscles will not get the proper workout needed to tone your body. Using a weight that is too heavy will run the very real risk of serious injury and will not get you your desired physique.

Never lift a weight that is too heavy.

Now that you are aware of the proper procedures for performing your exercises we will take a look at the exercises themselves

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