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Banana diet: the ultimate weight loss way

Banana diet
Banana diet: the ultimate weight loss way

Are we really talking about banana diet for weight loss? It is ridiculous. Well, I had the same reaction when I heard of this idea for the first time. But since then I have known better not to criticize something on the face value. So after all we should have a talk about this diet for it has been used by many and they always come out happier and healthy.

The simplicity and lack restriction will scare you from trying but wait until you hear the entire story and then you can make up your mind.

What is the banana diet?

Your first thought is that you will be exclusively feeding on bananas. That is not what this means. Far from it you will have freedom to eat like your normal meals but with a few adjustments. Also known Morning-banana diet, the banana diet was developed by 2 Japanese couples Sumiko and Hamachi. They had a thing for healthy living and thanks to them you have an easy way to shed down some pounds from your waistline.

The diet encourages you to eat fruits, for that matter bananas, just before you have your meals. It does not come with limitation on calorie intake or give you a new meal plan that you have to stick to. But except for one condition: that you stop eating when you are 80% full as well as not taking dessert after your lunch and dinner.

It is also recommended that you go to bed by midnight and ensure that you really have a good fulfilling sleep. That is not new either for many diets also recommend of adequate sleep for those who want to lose weight. How this diet works is not an open knowledge but those who have tried it claim that it works. Probably low-calorie intake makes it work but let’s see how it all happens.

How to go about with the diet

It is required of you to eat bananas and drink lots of water in the morning. For lunch and dinner you should only relax your appetite but without any restrictions at all. Voila! And you will have your body back into a perfect and lighter than when you started. It is a plan that will avoid hunger and get you away from stress. As opposed to the diets that will want to starve you, this one will feed you well and keep you full.

2 effective Banana diet menus

One thing you got to give this diet is its simplicity and lack of restrictions per se. If you want to give it a try, here are 2 menu plans you can try out;

Banana diet
Banana diet: the ultimate weight loss way

1. 3-day banana menu plan

This one targets those who are not after losing much weight. It is ideal for those who want to lose a few pounds.

For 3 days you will have to live on bananas and milk for your breakfast. Each day, take 3-5 cups of milk and it should be low in fat. Accompany this with 3-5 bananas each day. If plain milk is something that does not work well for you, try out the almond type that is becoming the talk of everyone. You can take them separately or blend the mixture into a smoothie. For the 3 days or you will be taking this diet you should expect to lose as many as 6 pounds. That is an achievement given the flexibility that comes with this diet. You should go on with lunch and dinner as normal but leave it 80% of your fill.

2. 7-day menu banana menu plan

For 7 good days, that is a week, drink lots of green tea and ensure you take down 3 pounds of bananas. To give your body a fair share of proteins, take 2 hardboiled eggs each day. The first effect you will feel is becoming lighter. You will lose as much as 8 pounds in a matter of a week. Your body will also be naturally cleansed leaving you vibrant and healthy.

Once you are done for the week, you should revert to your normal eating plan. You will be suffering from an effect called yoyo. It is associated with frequent lack of balanced diet but it will go away soon your body gets used to the new environment. Break into your normal food chart by starting with loads of vegetables and fruits. Within 2-3 days you will be back to your old self. But that does not mean you have to get into a reckless eating adventure. Keep away from fried foods, alcohol and the whole kind of processed foods. It is that simple and you will be on your way to better and healthier you.

To accompany your diet, ensure that you take lots of fluids. This will help to hydrate your body leaving ready to take on anything coming its way. You should also remember to grab your exercise gear to help you lose weight faster (this is not recommended by his banana diet as it is thought to cause stress. But you will need exercise). The diet, adequate hydration and appropriate physical exercise will give you what you want.

Banana diet
Banana diet: the ultimate weight loss way

The flexibility that comes with this diet

If you have been a keen reader of the various weight loss diets, you should have noticed something. They all restrict about what you eat. But that is not the case here. Things get easier and you only have a flexible routine to adhere to, except that you will have to sacrifice your scrumptious breakfast.

The first thing you should notice is that you have the freedom to eat as much as you want. Your lunch and dinner should not be restricted. You eat to your fill and only leave some room for the bananas.

Will this diet work?

This is a good question you should get an answer for before you decide to get into it. The diet will for sure work first of all because you will be eating less. You will be having bananas and water in the morning and eat upto 80% fill for your lunch and supper. This will for sure cut down your calorie intake.

There is some strict recommendation that you need to sleep. This diet insists that you should sleep adequately. Studies show that those who sleep for 8-9 hours per night lose more weight than those who sleep for less.

If you are not out to lose so many pounds, this is a diet that will help you. This is an assurance that despite all the concerns raised over this diet, you can hang your faith on it.

Banana diet
Banana diet: the ultimate weight loss way

Health benefits of this diet

Bananas have so many benefits to the body. It would take millions of sentences to list all of them but here are a few that will come to you once you enrol into this diet;

· Fast weight loss: bananas contain no fat and cholesterol. This is the first attribute you would need in a weight loss diet. The presence of magnesium, potassium and various kinds of vitamin B gives it an edge towards stabilizing your metabolism. With a perfectly functioning body, you will be able to lose weight really fast.

· Boosting your immune system: your body will need defence when it comes to diseases and lifestyle conditions. The banana diet has an unmatched potential to give your body the defence it deserves. You will not only lose weight but you will be safe from common ailments and diseases.

· Stabilizing your moods: the production of serotonin, a happiness hormone, is triggered by the banana diet. It will keep away the blues that would ruin your moments. This is something you need in your fight against unhealthy weight.

· Good for your nervous system: with a streamlined body functions, you will have your nervous system at the best of its performance. With a flawless nervous system then you will have an easy walk to losing weight.

· Easing digestion and fast food absorption: bananas are the easiest of foods to digest. This gives your gut an easy time. There will be no stomach upset and you are sure to have sound sleep every time you go to bed.

· Detoxification: bananas will push away toxins from your body creating a perfect environment for weight loss.

Is it worth your trying?

You may be contemplating whether or not to thrust yourself into this diet. There is a lot that is not proven on the banana meal plan but one thing is for sure, it helps in losing weight. That is the only prove you would need for now and as long as it works you do not have to be bothered by what posts like this have to say.

It is all about whether you lose weight or not. But this diet can teach you good life skills that would help you live positively. There are good lessons here you need to learn beyond just losing weight.

 To cut the chase, you should go ahead and try this diet. There is no anything you are gaining siting over your pounds. Trying is better than waiting for fate to decide things for you.

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