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Anorexic diet: gearing up for a thinner you

Anorexic diet
Anorexic diet gearing up for a thinner you

Now everyone would buy into getting thinner faster. But is that really necessary when you can have all you want with anorexic diet? Well, it now depends whether you know of this versatile diet. Forget about the meaning you are getting from your dictionary. I know you are scared that they say anorexic is something to do with a mental obsession and paranoia to become thin. Yes there is that but this diet, if planned and managed; you will get what you want faster.

Clearing the air on Anorexic diet

There is an eating disorder majorly in teens and it is called Anorexia nervosa. It is the desire to get thin. It originates in the fact that many fat teens are not happy with whom they are and they become obsessed with losing weight and become thin. They begin to skip meals totally and eat nothing. They also engage in vigorous physical exercises. More girls than boys suffer from this disorder and it may lead to death if it is not controlled.

Now back to anorexic diet. This is about losing weight for anyone who wants to but not the disorder we have just mentioned. See the difference and you will be sure of where you are heading if you choose to go for this diet.

What is anorexic diet?

Of course you already know it a weight loss diet. It incorporates disciplined eating and lots of exercise. You will regularly have to fast and do some really engaging physical exercises. But everything here should be within set limits and this is why there is a difference between this diet and anorexia nervosa disorder. Are you now ready to try this one out?

Before you decide this is the way to go you will have to consult with your doctor. The diet is not suitable for people with chronic diseases and conditions. If you have diabetes, cancer and HIV then this one is not for you. If your doctor gives you all lights clear then you can go for it.

Anorexic diet
Anorexic diet gearing up for a thinner you

The prerequisites for this diet

This is not the first weight diet you are reading about. Neither will it be the last. But one thing about anorexic diet is that it will be effective if at all you observe the regulations that come with it. You will lose weight faster than you have ever imagined but before that, here are the fundamentals to take you through the journey;

· You have to be prepared: have you ever wondered why only a few people manage to lose weight? It is because majority are never prepared. Losing weight is not anything you will just wake up and begin on it. You have to be ready for all that comes with it. Set both your mind and body. Especially for this diet you need to be prepared for you are walking into a new experience you have never had. Don’t be hasty or over ambitious but take it easy with your agenda and everything will fall in place.

· Be ready for a change: I know you are used to taking as much calories as you want. Things are bound to change and you should be ready for it. Here you will have a limitation to what you eat and how often you do it. Are you still following? And yes you will have to get into a habit of physical activities. These and other changes have to be accommodated.

· Being up for the challenge: it is not easy to lose weight. Let no one tell you it will be a roll coaster as you shed pounds. Far from that, it will be something you have to sweat for all the way to the last pound you have to lose.

· You will fail, but always get up to continue: everything will not go your way. You will have setbacks but you have to keep on going. Pick up yourself once you fall and go again. You will have you prize if you are persistent.

Anorexic diet
Anorexic diet gearing up for a thinner you

The Anorexic diet plan

Someone said if you wish to lose weight then you have to quit eating. Whether that is true or not it is beside the point. This diet proves that you will need less of food and more of exercise to have healthy weight and be as fit as a fiddle. But what diet plan should give you this?

· Air-weight-loss: this is one of the fastest anorexic plans to lose weight. You eat air to become thinner. Scaring, isn’t it? You will sit at your meal table with food of course. Spoon it and do not put into your mouth. The only thing you should take is water and clear soup. It is rumoured that Madonna relied on this diet plan and you can see how shapely she is. For this plan you should not have running for days; 2 days are adequate. Anything beyond this will make you starve.

· Losing weight with baby-food plan: I know how this may sound ridiculous but believe it. It works magic and you will be lean and fit like you have always wanted. You will have to eat like a baby. Liquid food in jars and only have a single in one sitting. You are not starving but you have something to keep you going. Stay away from alcohol and instead drink lots water.

· 5-bite weight loss diet: here now you get serious. For every meal: breakfast, lunch and supper you should only have 5 bites and you are done. It should be only from healthy foods and you will lose weight in an easy way. You should take lots of fluids in between the meals but they should not contain calories.

· Other diets you can try: to be anorexic, there are so many diet choices you can pick from. Scarsdale, cabbage soup, and Hollywood diets are some of the plans you can enroll into.

Anorexic diet
Anorexic diet gearing up for a thinner you

What you need to succeed with this diet

Is there a secret to succeed with this diet? Not really, just like it is with all other weight loss diets. But there tips that can help you get over some challenges that will come your way;

· Write down all you need: you will need to be strict on how you go about with this diet. Write down all the requirements and stay on course. Do not allow any excuse to sway you.

· Exercise, exercise, exercise: the emphasis on exercise is not for the sake of it. You will have to exercise really hard. There is no the promise of easy things and if you do not love physical activity then this may not be cut out for you.

· Get a friend: weight loss is better done as a team as opposed to single effort. If you can get someone close, a friend or family, to go with you for this journey then your odds for making it are better. You will motivate each other and each day will be an adventure.

Experience from people who have tried his diet

One thing about this diet is that it works really fast and effectively. But it would be to your benefit if you hear what other people say about it;


At 13 years I was fat. Way too fat that I was the center of jokes in my school. It did not stop there; even at home I felt some air of rejection. Then I began not to eat all. It was something I had to put up with. But things were not going down well. I was starving. I met some lady who gave me the idea of anorexic diet. She told me how it works and that I should try it. I desperately got into it. Today I’m into modelling and as you know this niche is not for fat people. I lost weight fast and I kept on that to date. As long as you play by the cards you will be fine.


It all started with my brother. When he saw me around he would say, “Who’s that fatty?” My parents joined him and everyone was teasing me. For 10-year old it was more than I could take. I began eating nothing at all. My eating disorder started and I began to see a doctor. Luckily our family doctor was my uncle who understood what I was going through. He told me about anorexic diet and it was a turn around. I lost weight and I didn’t have to entirely starve myself. My brother later became the fat one at home and I was happy to get better of him. Anyway I helped him through and it was like magic.

Anorexic diet
Anorexic diet gearing up for a thinner you

Verdict: is this diet worth your try?

Well, starving is dangerous and I would not recommend that for weight loss. But this diet, as you have seen for yourself is not about starving, but rather having as little as possible for maximum weight loss. It is not an eating disorder but a well-planned diet plan to lose weight fast and effectively. You have heard from people who have done it so you should not be afraid. As long as you get clearance from your doctor you are good to go.


  1. What kind of stupid dangerous bull shit it is this? you expect people to believe this when you can’t even spell properly? Scaring, indeed.
    Anyone reading this, this isn’t a real diet. It’s some stupid fake troll thing designed to make people hurt themselves for laughs. steer clear of this stupid ‘diet’ this stupid website and the idiot who wrote it, Kevin Bender

  2. I was just doing some surfing on my Nokia Phone during my spare time at work , and I happened across something I thought was intriguing. It linked over to your site so I came over. I cant really figure out the relevance between your site and the one I came from, but your site good none the less .

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