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An In-depth Understanding About ABC diet,Plan And Health Benefits

abc diet
An In-depth Understanding About ABC diet

A large percentage of people want to use anything to shed of extra weight including use of most dangerous diets. A common diet, (Ana Boot Camp) ABC diet is recommendable. You may ask: does the ABC Diet work? The answer is “Yes”. The principle behind the diet is that you can practically use any foodstuff on any day but the caloric level of the diet should not exceed a certain value. The diet plan has a recommendable family tree. After all, the name of this diet plan refers to the name of a growing thin Ana Boot Camp. Anyone who wanted to shed weight gathered in the camp. In particular, the people in the camp had serious discipline and also engaged in serious physical activities. Therefore, their life was more like that of soldiers. This happened under leadership of trainers. Even though today there are no such camps, people have applied the dieting plan in their life.

What is ABC diet plan?

Tricking yourself without having to starve is now possible: the ABC (Ana Boot Camp) diet makes this possible. The ABC diet is basically an extremely low calorie Pro-anorexia diet that lasts for only 50 days. The diet contains 5 fast days whereby the dieter shouldn’t eat any calories. In the other days, dieter consume between 100-800 calories. By using the Ana meal plan, you will be able to trick your body metabolism by consuming only the variable levels of calories and therefore you won’t feel more hunger. Instead, your body will go into a defensive mode and will slow the metabolism to the lowest level. Most people who have gone through this diet plan found it to be more effective.

 What is body metabolism?

Your metabolism is fundamentally a bodily function which maintains your body chugging along, but the body function is a major culprit when it comes to overweight and obesity. If you have a slower metabolism, then your body won’t process all the calories you take in. In other words, the calories will accumulate in your body in the form of fats.

Therefore, if your goal is to make your body accumulate lesser fat, you should heighten your metabolism level. You can also achieve this by reducing your calories intake. But what is the ABC Diet influence? The ABC diet helps individuals shed any unwanted weight by increasing the body metabolism level. With the diet, the weight lose is also faster.

ABC is an abbreviation that stands for Ana Boot Camp diet. The diet allows you to gradually reduce your calories intake without allowing your body to go into a starvation mode. In other words, you will be fooling your body: something that isn’t easy. If your body happens to realize that you are offering it lower calories than necessary, it will definitely go into the starvation mode. The realization can lead to the body getting into a starvation mode and therefore the dieting can be a failure.

abc diet
An In-depth Understanding About ABC diet

How to do the ABC dieting

Here’re simple ABC Diet tips: to succeed in weight lose with this diet, you must fool your body by alternating your calories intake as a great way of boosting your metabolism. You should do the dieting for only 50 days as overdoing it can lead to other severe problems. People who do the dieting correctly reach their goals within the 50 days. The following are 5 different periods in which the dieters divide their diet.

The first phase.

For the first two days, dieters have to consume less than 500 calories and then 300 calories for another one day. On the fourth day, they should consume 400 calories. After these four days, the calorie intake should dip, which means that the diet should only contain only 100 calories after which it should increase to 200 calories. Then the dieters increase the calorie intake with 100 until it reaches 500 calories (this is within 3 days). And, on the 10th day the dieter should fast the entire day.

The second phase

The second period begins with a very low caloric intake. In this stage, the dieter should take 150 calories on the first day after
which they should alternate it. On the second day, they should take 200 calories; on the third day they should eat 400 calories; on the fourth day they should have 350 calories; on the fifth day they should have 250 calories; and on the sixth day they should only take 200 calories. On the seventh day, they should fast. After the fasting, the dieter should eat only 200 calories on the following day and then follow it with 100 calories. They should then end the fast with a fast.

ABC diet
An In-depth Understanding About ABC diet

The third phase

In this period the dieter decreases the calories gradually after which they again increase the calories gradually. When in this stage, you should start your diet with 300 calories and keep reducing it until you are taking only 50 calories in a day. After reaching 50 calories, you should have a day during which you will only allow 100 calories and follow it with 200 calories for two days. After these two days you should increase the calories intake to 800 calories before you fast for another day.

The fourth phase

This is the shortest period among the five and spans for only four days. On the first day you shouldn’t take more than 250 calories but you should increase this amount with 100 calories in the remaining days. Finally, you should fast for another one day and proceed to the final phase.

The fifth phase

The fifth phase is the last and also the longest. Within the first 6 days, you should keep reducing your calorie intake from 500 calories by about 50 calories in a day. After you have reached 200 calories (on the seventh day), proceed and have the same amount of calories on the eighth day. On the ninth day you should start reducing the diet until it reaches to 200 calories. Follow the calorie decrease with an increase to 300 calories. Then, decrease it to 200 calories. Follow this amount with 150 calories and finally remember to fast on the last day.

After you have completed the dieting you will notice a huge difference. But if you happen to mess up, you shouldn’t worry – you
will only need to stop for a few days and then resume the dieting. Dieters gradually resume their old eating habits after completing the diet plan. This allows their body to adjust slowly to the changes.

 Is the Ana Boot Camp diet safe?

Different people and experts have different views on this question. The Ana Boot Camp diet basically teaches you how to lower your calories intake to dangerous, starvation like levels. These ABC Diet rules promote high instant weight loss but some experts believe that this have mental and physical side effects. The ABC diet was initially promoted in the pro-anorexia communities (they promoted it as an introduction to the pro-anorexia.

ABC diet
An In-depth Understanding About ABC diet

A large percentage of girls of younger and impressionable age have been relying on this diet to drastically reduce their weight. The diet reduces the level of calorie intake to around 600 on average per day and with several one day fasts. According to rumors, the diet is based on 2468, which is another popular diet plan among the pro-anorexia. Even though experts and nutritionists believe that this diet plan doesn’t work and it has several physical and mental effects, pro-anorexics favor it strongly due to its simplicity and the long duration. The diet plan has 50 days in total and the dieter has to take a specific amount of calories on each day of the plan. On all the dieting days, the calories vary between 800 and 0 calories. Generally, the calories range between 200 and 600 but there are several fasting days. To succeed, the dieter has to stick to the level of calories each and every day during the 50 days period. There is no information on the exact pounds a person can lose in the 50 days even though some pro-anorexics comment that the diet causes drastic weight loss. But typically, the goal is usually to become and “ana” or an underweight

 The difficulty level

And, even though the Ana Boot Camp is straightforward, it can be stressful on the dieter’s body. To achieve the weight loss goals, the dieter has to remain on an extremely low calories diet. Therefore, the diet doesn’t allow sufficient calories to establish a healthy plan. It also reduces the number of proteins, vitamins and healthy fats a person should consume each and every day. Essentially, this plan promotes self starvation and as a result, most dieters bring and start over. To succeed with the diet plan, a person should have clear weight loss goals and remain determined to achieve them.

The safety of this diet plan

The ABC diet extremely reduces weight; reduces the calories intake to anorexic like amounts; and causes some anorexic complications like fainting, dizziness, mental distress, heart palpitations, extreme hunger and depression. Generally, using the dieting for any length of time is highly risky.

However, the diet plan is cost effective. To succeed, you will not need any special foods or equipments. You only need to join a
pro-anorexia website which promotes this product and you will be on the road to achieving your weight loss goals.

And, even though completing the diet plan is very hard mostly due to the level of strain it puts on your body, but some anorexic individuals reported to have attained their weight loss goals. But however, they do not report the amount they lose or how fast they did lose the weight. Completing the diet plan is extremely hard since it will put your body in a starvation mode.

ABC diet
An In-depth Understanding About ABC diet

The general rules of the diet plan

The following are some of the typical rules of ABC weight loss technique:

. In particular, during the dieting, you can hardly accept more than two dishes. Therefore, you should select only the acceptable and the tasty dishes during this time.

. Choosing one of the products rich in proteins at the dieting period is also important. You can choose fish or meat but you should avoid mixing them.

. During the dieting period affording an alcoholic beverage is possible and you can therefore decide on whether to take whisky,
martini or dry wine.

. Eating your meals in smaller portions but frequent is also important. Five to six meals in a day will be enough.

. Also, during the ABC phases you should avoid physical activities of higher intensity. The main reason behind this is that during the diet your body will be extremely weak.

. Whenever you are cooking you should apply techniques of suppression.

. Moreover, after eating you shouldn’t get to bed immediately. It is important you walk before getting to bed.

ABC diet
An In-depth Understanding About ABC diet

What to eat during the 50 days period

The duration of the diet will never be less than 50 day and therefore the diet will be more rigid. So, alternating the low calorie food diet to complete starvation is important. Before starting the diet, you should properly weigh its pros and cons mainly because most
nutritionists and doctor consider it to be an unhealthy way of losing weight.

Each and every day during the diet you should weigh and measure your hips’ volume, your forearms and your waist and then write the data down. Moreover, throughout the 50 days period you should drink more than 1-1/2 liters of water. As for a diet, you can take an existing menu or make yours independently. When drawing the menu, you should consider the calorie intake and remember that there is a restriction on the calories intake on each and every day. By breaking up your meals to five times in a day you will be able to control your hunger cravings. Moreover, your body will fully process more food.

To stick to the 500 calories in a day, you can drink coffee or tea without sugar at the morning. During the second breakfast eat a slice of dry bread that is one slice. For lunch you can have around 50 grams chicken breast and soup cooked from around 100 grams of cauliflower. At mid-morning you can have a smaller portion of salad prepared from cucumbers and tomatoes. You don’t have to fill salads but you can add a little salt.

For the 400 calories you can eat baby puree and a peach for breakfast; porridge on water for lunch; and baby food and a pear for dinner. To get the 300 calories eat cottage cheese for breakfast, chicken breast for lunch and a couple of apples for lunch.

For 250 calories eat cottage cheese for breakfast, stewed cabbage and an egg for lunch and 100 grams baby food for dinner. And to get 100 calories eat sauerkraut for breakfast, sea cabbage for lunch and dinner.

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