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All there is to know about Egg Diet for Weight Loss

Egg Diet
All there is to know about Egg Diet for Weight Loss

The egg diet, also referred to as boiled egg diet in some quarters, has been gaining popularity over the years. This is attributed to true accounts of eminent people and celebrities who have claimed to successfully lose weight thanks to this effective diet. To name a few, Adrian Brody shed 30 pounds in a span of 6 weeks while Charles Saatchi dropped 60 pounds in ten months by eating 9 eggs each single day.

What is egg diet?

The obvious meaning of this diet is total depending on eggs for your meals. While this may be right, it does not mean that you only have to eat eggs for it to be an egg diet. There are variations of the diet (as will be discussed later). In a nutshell, this is a low-carb diet potentially known to be effective in losing weight.

Variations of egg diet

Depending on the combination one uses in the diet, these are the 3 major variations;

1. Extreme egg dieting: this one is exclusively feeding on hard boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch and supper. The only other thing allowed is drinking a lot of still water. This diet will result into serious deprivation of energy and total lack of fiber in your diet.

2. Egg + grapefruit dieting: just like the name suggests, you will rely on both eggs and grapefruits in your meals. Each meal will have eggs and half piece of grapefruit. It borrows a lot from the traditional egg diet as will be discussed below.

3. Traditional egg dieting: this is the commonly followed form of egg diet. To a larger extent it can be said to be a variation of the renowned Atkins diet. The meals revolve around eggs, lean proteins such as fish and chicken; and low carb vegetables.

Is physical exercise recommended?

The egg diet plan is strictly on consumption of low or no carbs at all. As such, physical exercise will not be a requirement. Besides, many people will find it extremely difficult to engage in physical activities due to the serious deprivation of energy.

How much do you need for this diet?

Costs and expenses are always an issue when it comes to following healthy and weight loss diets. Some of such diets are prohibitively expensive. However, with the egg diet you need not worry about how much you will be spending. Overall, you will need a small budget to get eggs, lean proteins and the few fresh vegetables. This is one of the most affordable weight loss diets and everyone can afford it. The fact that you should only be on it for a week makes it even financially viable since you will have a break once your week is done.

Egg Diet
All there is to know about Egg Diet for Weight Loss

Sample 1-Week Egg Fast Diet

If you are ready to try egg diet then you would need a heads up of where and how to begin. From experience and testimonies, you can lose any amount of weight if you follow this diet to the letter. Be warned that you should not adhere to this diet for more than a week. You can skip one or two weeks before you try once more.

Well, now that you know what really should happen, here is a 7-day sample egg diet plan tailored to give you the results you desire;

Day 1

Breakfast: a dry toast of wholemeal bread, and a large piece of grilled tomato

Lunch: fresh fruits (you can have them as you wish i.e. as whole or juice). Take as much as what makes you full.

Supper: a grapefruit, salad and 2 hard-boiled eggs (the eggs in this form contribute to boiled egg diet)

Day 2

Breakfast: boil 1 egg and follow it up with a grapefruit

Lunch: chicken (this one has to be roasted and you can take it to your fill). Add on it 2 large tomatoes

Supper: salad and a small portion of grilled steak

Day 3

Breakfast: one boiled egg and grapefruit

Lunch: loads of salad and 2 hard-boiled eggs

Supper: cucumber and celery in the company of 2 grilled pieces of lamb chops

Day 4

Breakfast: 2 eggs (poached type) and a dry slice of wholemeal bread

Lunch: as much of fresh fruit you can take (of course from the low-carb family)

Supper: 2 chops of grilled lamb, cucumber and celery

Day 5

Breakfast: dry wholemeal bread slice plus 2 poached eggs

Lunch: 2 sizable fresh tomatoes in the company of 2 eggs (the poached type)

Supper: fresh fish (if you go for the tinned fish ensure it is in spring water). Add on generous serve of salad

Day 6

Breakfast: a glass of fresh grapefruit juice and one hard-boiled egg

Lunch: take fresh fruit as much as to your fill

Supper: a mixture of cabbage and carrots in the company of roasted chicken

Day 7

Breakfast: grill one tomato and take it with 2 scrambled eggs

Lunch: spinach and 2 poached eggs

Supper: heaps of salad and 1 small piece of grilled steak

Beverages you can take down with the egg diet

These are the only beverages allowed when you are on this diet;

· Lemon tea

· Soda water

· Both black tea and coffee

· Tonic water and

· Fresh grapefruit juice

For any of these, you should not take more than 3 cups in a day. For still water you can drink as much as your body can take.

Egg Diet
All there is to know about Egg Diet for Weight Loss

The simple egg diet rules

1. Do not eat anything not in the list

2. There is no room for substitutes

3. You should never eat between meals

4. Alcohol, fat or oil, milk and butter are not allowed

Egg diet results

Everyone wants results and the actual thing that would get you into egg diet would be to achieve your health goals. So, what are the results you expect once you begin on this diet?

· Losing fat: if there is one effective way of losing fat then the egg diet is second to none. Taking eggs greatly reduces the intake of calories and at end of it all you will be taking less fat. Eggs are more satiating than any other known source of nutrition: they keep you full for long and kill any sort of craving for high-calorie foods. By streamlining metabolism, the diet will also increase the rate of burning fat in your body.

· Losing of water weight: one of the immediate results you will get from egg diet plan is shedding water weight. This is because eggs contain low carbs and much of body water is lost during the depletion of glycogen. Many people are excited over this thinking that they have lost fat. But no, this is water weight that comes first. Losing fat comes at a later stage.

· A slump in physical activity: with all low-carb diets comes the temporary decrease in energy. Once you begin on egg diet the body will be exposed to less glucose, which is the most efficient way to give your body the energy it requires. In its stead fats will be burned to provide energy and this is a less-efficient way to supply the body with energy. If you are an athlete this is not the best choice of a diet. For most people the reduction in physical performance is not a big issue. Once you resume on a normal diet your energy will be back.

· Preserving lean mass of the body: egg diet has one important advantage over the other weight loss diets you may have heard of. This advantage is the ability to keep intact your body’s lean mass. The presence of 100% score of eggs in the digestible nutrition scale makes them perfect to guard any adverse depreciation of the crucial body lean muscles.

Benefits of starting an egg diet plan

Eggs are not your ordinary meal plan but rather a versatile option that will give you results faster and effectively. Here are a few benefits you should be looking forward to;

· Countless yummy recipes to keep your meals interesting

· Easy to prepare meals

· Adequate protein supply and perfect fat burning

· It is east to stick with the diet since it takes much less time to prepare. On the other hand, there is no big budget needed to get everything you need

Egg Diet
All there is to know about Egg Diet for Weight Loss

Egg diet drawbacks

Everything that has a good side always has a negative side too. With the egg diet, here are some drawbacks you should be aware of;

· Extreme deprivation of energy at the beginning. This is as a result of few or no carbs in your meals. You will be dizzy and feel fatigue most of the times

· The weight loss benefit is only for a short time. Your pounds will pile up again once you begin on your normal diet

· Continuous consumption of eggs will lead to flatulence, bad breath and constipation.

Apart from these few setbacks, the diet is perfect for your loss weight needs and you should give it a try.

Our verdict

Whether or not to try the egg diet, that’s up to you. You have already read on the benefits and shortcomings you should expect. But be advised that there are only few effective weight loss diets out there. When you see one diet, said to be effective in controlling weight gain, you should not hesitate to give it some considerations.

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