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A close look at diet soda

diet soda
A close look at diet soda

Many people jump into diet soda thinking that it is a healthy option. The promise of diet soda weight loss blinds the masses and they forget about diet soda risks. If you want to know the truth about diet soda then it is imperative you know that diet soda weight gain is real. I know now this is scaring and you would want to know more about the subject. Good then, for here is all you would need to know.

What is diet soda?

Diet soda, by a large pool of online and conventional resources, is defined a sugar-free drink and believed to be free from calories. Well, that is the definition on paper but the truth about diet soda is a one shocking revelation that proponents of such drinks never want you to know. The drinks have artificial sweeteners believed to be of no consequences to your blood sugar level. They are favorites among athletes, those who want to lead sugar-free diets, those who are diabetic and generally those are conscious about the amount of sugar they take.

Is this true or just another way to sale diet soda and its related drinks? A lot of research has been done on sugar-free soda drinks and the truth is that they are never good alternatives to the general soda drinks. Those who have been on it can confirm that exaggerated diet soda weight loss is never a reality but an illusion to lure people into such drinks. But does that mean there is no single good out the diet sodas? Let’s explore the subject and answer every possible question you may have.

About diet soda weight gain

A recent study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society unearthed new evidence that indeed diet soda weight gain is a reality. According to the study, those who took a single can of diet soda each day experienced triple abdominal weight gain than those who kept away from any kind of soda. Out of the 769 subjects who participated in the study each gained at least 3.2 inches around the waist. Those who did not take any kind of soda had an average waist increase of 0.8 inches.

This study comes at a time when other studies have raised concerns over diet soda especially on weight gain. It is now true that sugar-free soda is not what it is said to be and you may have to reconsider before you take that one can or two. The diet soda weight gain is more in those who are already overweight. They have large BMI and will pile on fat more easily than those with smaller BMI. It concludes, the study, by saying that if you are thinking of weight loss with the sugar-free soda then what you are doing is counterproductive.

diet soda
A close look at diet soda

Diet soda weight loss

Is there a way diet soda weight loss is achievable? This is a very tricky question and to answer it let’s take a look at one of the studies conducted to establish whether you can really lose weight on diet soda.

In the study a group of participants lost up to 13 pounds in12 weeks. But do not rush into an immature conclusion; take time to know how that was achieved. The study took in 300 men and women who drank diet soda. They were then grouped into two. The first group drank at least 24 ounces of diet soda each day and drank a lot of water too. The other lot drank 24 ounces of water with no diet soda. Each group member was also introduced to a 6-hour exercise program. This went on for a period of 12 weeks.

At the end of the experiment time, those who drank diet soda with 24 ounces of water lost an average of 13 pounds. On the other hand, those who took only water lost an average 9 pounds. It was also noted that those on sodas felt less hungry than those who drank water. Another crucial finding is that the amount of bad cholesterol’ was significantly high in those on artificial sweet soda. So you would wonder how exactly the diet soda weight loss was even possible.

Probably feeling less hungry and the combination of that with exercise brought the overall weight loss. That would be the only explanation from this experiment. You can now see how you should take your diet soda if you want to lose weight. First you will need a limit of what you consume every day. Secondly you will have to accompany that with a lot of water and thirdly, be physically active.

But the lead researcher in the study we just analyzed, Colette Heimowitz, has some parting words before you rush and grab a 12-pack of your diet soda. Taking 24 ounces of diet soda is way above what your health would need. Instead, the recommendation is for 1 soda cans each day. This gives you room for other options to hydrate your body such as water and green tea. For better results you can as well drop the soda and instead go for water without eating sugar sweets and you will lose weight in a health way.

You now have an answer on diet soda weight loss. There are preconditions; most of which most people do not follow and therefore it becomes difficult to lose even a single pound of fat.

Is diet soda while pregnant good?

One would be concerned about diet soda while pregnant; but are there real fears or risks? Let’s take an objective approach towards this subject and not cause a scare to all the pregnant women out there. An occasional diet soda once in a while is not harmful to the health of a pregnant woman and the child they carry. That is a relief but there is need to dig further and find out the risks that may come with taking one too many of diet soda while pregnant.

A study on diet soda while pregnant has shown adverse effects to both the mother and the child. Such mothers will be overweight and the child will also be overweight at the age of 1 year. Another danger is that as a pregnant mother you will be exposing yourself to more caffeine than you are supposed to take in a single day. 200ML of caffeine daily is the maximum for a healthy lifestyle.

So what’s better for the pregnant, diet soda or not? One can of soda a day is not anyway harmful to the mother and child. The risk is getting addicted and wanting more. It would be highly recommended if pregnant mothers took more water daily. This is a good way to control weight gain and for the perfect health of the baby.

diet soda
A close look at diet soda

Truth about diet soda

Now you have considerable knowledge on diet soda; one that would help you make a good decision whether to go for a can or just drink a glass of water. But is that enough truth about diet soda? From researchers to people who have deep knowledge about the subject, it can be unanimously agreed that diet soda is not a good way to lose weight. Studies show that those on regular intakes of diet soda face the same healthy challenges faced by those who take normal soda. So the truth is that there is no good that will come out of the sugar-free soda. Alternatives like unsweetened green tea and water are the choices anyone can make. And there goes the truth about diet soda. Do not hide behind the misinformation you get on the internet. It is misleading but now you have the right kind of information to help make the right choice.

Diet soda risks

This post would never be complete within a review on the diet soda risks. If you cannot shake off the addiction of taking more than a few cans of diet soda, here are the risks you are putting yourself into;

· It can spoil your mood: the artificial sweeteners in diet coke are not good for you. They cause what is called neurotoxicity. This will cause mood swings bordering more on stress and depression. It gets worse when this becomes an addiction.

· Possible kidney problems: taking more of diet soda will kill the desire to drink water. The kidney will be left with an uphill task of purifying urine. More minerals than water will lead to formation of kidney stones.

· More harm to your heart: the sweeteners in any kind of soda are bad news to your heart. They lead to poor burning of body fat hence increasing the risk of cardiovascular attacks.

· Irregular metabolism: with the introduction of non-natural sweeteners to your body system, your metabolism will be affected in a negative way. Lack of appetite and desire for sugary foods will lead to more intakes of unhealthy foods.

· Increased waistline: Diet soda is the number one cause for big abdominal circumferences. It leads to piling up of fats around the waist. This is not good for a healthy lifestyle.

The truth about diet soda is that you should not be taking it in the first place. There is no any difference with regular soda. It is highly recommended that people just stick to water and other less harmful alternative. I believe now you will have an easy time choosing what to drink.

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