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5 tips how to lose weight in your face

how to lose weight in your face
Hide your face

Face weight, is there really something like that? Of course yes and that is why some people look chubbier than others. Forget about face shape, there is a distinction and face weight is real. In fact you should be thinking on ways how to lose weight in your face. That said; can you lose weight in your face? A big fat yes you can lose weight from face. So if you are wondering about the best way to lose weight in your face that will be covered in details. So let’s get down into it: how to lose weight on face. But first we will answer a very critical question.

Can you lose weight on your face?

As we said in the introduction, yes you can lose weight on your face. You can change from being the chubby faced guy to a smooth and flat face. Sometimes there are those who have natural faces that look fat. This is not the face weight we are talking about losing. Instead we are referring to the weight gained on your cheeks giving them a fat appearance and changing your face shape.

How much face weight can you really lose?

This is a hard question to have a definite answer for. Let’s not talk about the quantity of face weight you can lose but answer how you will be once you lose weight from face. Your cheeks will not be chubby and you will get back your natural face shape. How much weight you will lose from your face will be determined by how much you had gained in the first place.

Why do you gain face weight?

The best way to find a solution to a problem is digging up the root causes. It would be logical to find out the reasons behind gaining face weight before we try to find ways on how to lose it. So, what causes facial weight gain?

· Lack of physical exercise: this sounds funny because you might ask how you have to exercise your face. Well, there are exercises specifically meant for your face (will be covered in details later). Just like the normal exercise like running or hitting the gym, these ones will need consistency and determination. You have to do them daily if you have any chance of progress.

· Bad life habits: smoking, drinking alcohol and eating junk foods are big causes of weight gain. They are all bad for any weight loss efforts and that is why you are highly advised to change the way you eat and leave other habitual practices such as smoking.

· Lack of adequate sleep: you have been told how sleep forms a very important part of a weight loss campaign. Yes, lack of sleep is an enemy when it comes to losing weight. It creates a bad environment for the body to perform its functions. This in turn will result into poor digestion, bad metabolism, stress and depression. All these are prerequisites to weight gain and you may never beat it.

· Dehydrated body: lack of water in your body is bad news. It creates room for toxins and irregular body functions. This leaves a loophole for bad eating and pilling of harmful elements inside your body. This gives way to weight gain and fighting it will be an uphill task.

Now that you fully understand what may be the reasons you gained face weight in the first place, it would be easy to find ways to lose it. If your desire is to find the best way to lose weight in your face you may be disappointed. In fact, weight loss is not a one-way approach but rather a compounded effort. What this means is that you have to include more than one approach to effectively lose weight. You will need a combination of ways to drop the pounds making your face fat and chubby.

how to lose weight in your face
Different faces

Best way to lose weight in your face

Now that you know face weight is a reality, you may want to know how to lose it. Your focus will be on the best way to lose weight in your face. That best way should be able to give you back your normal face that you can feel proud of once more. If that is your wish, here are number of ways to lose weight in your face;

· Eating a balanced diet: the root of weight gain be it on face or the entire body is from what you eat. People have gone rogue and only eat what they like regardless of whether it is balanced or not. If you are that kind you must have accumulated a lot of unhealthy weight.

For you to lose weight from face you have to get back to the basics of eating. Do not starve yourself but have holistic meals with ingredients from all major food types. Such a balance will ensure that your body gets all that it needs in the right quantities. In such a scenario your body will not be left with any loopholes to pile fat and as such you can fight any face weight gain. Later there will be a section on the kinds of foods that you should eat if you are trying to master the ways on how to lose weight in your face.

· Keeping your body hydrated: water is an excellent catalyst to any weight loss program. You can lose face weight if you keep your body hydrated at all times. First, water gets rid of all toxins from your body including your face. Without any toxins your body is left at an optimal state to deal with all adverse effects coming its way. One of such effects is weight gain that comes anywhere including your face.

Secondly, water keeps your tummy full for longer cutting out the need to eat every other time. If you are to watch what you are eating then this is one that easily hands you that control.

For adults, it is recommended you take up to 8 glasses of water daily. Children should aim at 6 glasses daily. It is also recommended that you take warm water. The best times to take water include early in the morning once you get out of bed, right before meals and after exercises.

· Exercise: you might be wondering on the kind of exercises you would need to lose weight from face. Do not bother with that for here the ways to lose face weight are detailed here;

1. Chin lifts: the weight around your chin makes you lose the good shape of your face. To get rid of that you can turn to chin lifts. It is simple, you only have to lift your head towards the ceiling and keep your eyes focused on the top. If you do 10 lifts you follow it up with 10 holds (a hold means keeping your headed lifted for 10 seconds before you bring it back to the normal position).

2. Jaw releases: if there is a facial exercise that takes away your face weight then jaw releases make top in that list. You only have to move your jaws up and down like you are chewing with your lips closed.

3. Blowing air: this one is effective in getting rid of under chin weight as well as chubby cheeks. You have to sit down in a resting position then tilt your neck backwards until your eyes are staring at the ceiling. From this position blow air out of your mouth with your lips closed in to leave a small opening.

4. Pulling lips: this one is for the chin and cheeks giving them a stretch and strain adequate to burn some fat. In your normal position you are supposed to push the lower jaw out and as a result your lower lip moves up. Stretch your jaw to the maxim until you feel some mild pain under your chin and in the lower jaw.

· Sleeping adequately: have you ever wondered why sleep is always a factor when someone is trying to lose weight? Research has found out that those who do not have adequate sleep end up with black circles and sagging muscles on their face. This makes your face seem fat than it is. That is a consequence of face weight.

Sleeping adequately will take all that away leaving you with a youthful and normal face. Ensure that you sleep for at least 8 hours a night.

· Regularly getting facial massage: getting a good facial massage is one sure way to lose weight on face. In return this increase blood circulation and oxygen. This is possible since it helps burn a lot of fat. This takes away chubbiness and sagging skin.

It is highly recommended that you use more than one way from this list to lose weight. You will not adhere to just one of them and get your results. The more diversified your approach the better your chances of succeeding.

how to lose weight in your face
Your face is what you eat

What to eat to lose weight on face

One of the best ways to lose weight from face is minding what you eat. As covered earlier, watching what you eat could be one of the fastest ways you can lose weight from face. It would be necessary that you know the kinds of foods that you should eat in order to shed some face weight. Here is a list;

· Vegetables and fruits: these ones should be from the low-carb and low-calorie types. Grapes and apples are some of the fruits you can go for. For the vegetables, cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower are among the best choices if you want to lose weight from face.

· Starchless foods: this is tall order for anyone to abide by since most of the foods readily available contain starch. But starch is one of the biggest reasons why face weight was gained in the first place. Foods with no starch include fish, turkey, lean beef, pork, eggs, coffee and tea. While meat may be a starch free source, you should ensure that you only stick to the lean types and only consume the adequate quota of them.

· Foods with lots iron calcium and vitamins

· Whole grains

3 rules on how to lose weight in your face

You have gone over the best ways to slim down your face, the right kinds of foods you should be eating as well as the sort of exercise to cut down fat on your face. But before this ends, there are 3 rules you have to learn by heart on how to lose weight in your face;

· Increase calcium intake: sometimes your chubby cheeks may be only as a result of water weight. If you got something to deal with excessive water retention then you have a perfect answer on losing face weight. Increasing your calcium intake is the solution you need. It helps in reducing retention of water. you can do this by eating sesame seeds, spinach and broccoli

· Quit smoking: yes smoking is bad for weight loss. You should stop it and see how you can be in control of weight not only on face but your entire body. If you are trying to lose weight on face you have to put down the cigarette for good and find something else.

· Cut salt: salt is a big enemy to any sort of weight loss agenda. It holds onto to water in your body causing bloating. If you can avoid salt. Instead of canned food go for fresh supplies. Keep away from restaurant foods for they are laden with salt.


If you did not know about face weight you are not the only one. Many other people concentrate with losing tummy, waist and other scores of weight totally forgetting about losing weight from face. But now you know better and will do all that it takes to get your smart face back. Just like it is with losing weight from any other part of the body, this is a systematic process. You will have to take things just like you are losing waist weight. To lose weight on face you will have to follow at least one best way to lose weight in yo


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