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5 Secrets of Slimming Exercise

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Aside from diet, the next most powerful tool in your weight loss arsenal is exercise. Sure, any exercise is better than no exercise, but there are some important nuances to exercise that’ll help you achieve more impressive weight loss results. That’s why it pays to understand some of the secrets of slimming exercise. The tips that follow are based upon proven results.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #1: More elbow grease. 

If you’re not able to make it to the gym or unable to engage in any conventional exercise due to a schedule conflict, the next best thing you can do is to put more resistance in your daily activity. For instance, instead of using the lift you may choose to walk up to the floor in a building. Instead of parking near the shop you’re going to, you may choose to park further away so you’ll have to walk. If you’re doing house or garden work, you may choose to move at a faster pace to burn more calories.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #2: Engage in regular exercise. 

To see the benefits of slimming exercise in your life it’s important to regularly exercise. Ideally three or more times a week. Some people exercise twice one week, then four days the next week, then once the following week and they wonder why their weight plateaus. Every little thing you do counts so stick with a consistent schedule each week.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #3: Refuse temptation. 

I have seen many people who start exercising regularly eventually quit because they start cheating on their diet. They start thinking that since they’re doing tough workouts that they can bend the rules a bit. But the end result is, after cheating occasionally, they start to see a lack of results for the tedious exercise they’re doing week after week and eventually drop out of the program. So don’t short circuit the effort you put into exercise by cheating.

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5 Secrets of Slimming Exercise 3

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #4: Fit your personality. 

Most people aren’t used to following a consistent exercise program. Their efforts tend to be sporadic at best. Once you make a commitment to start your slimming exercise routine, then you must exert tremendous will power to stay with it. The question is, how can you maintain that intense will power if you’re doing exercise that doesn’t particularly interest you? The key is to engage in an exercise activity or sport that you enjoy. Ideally, you want to look forward to your exercise so you won’t be tempted to quit when the going gets tough.

SLIMMING EXERCISE SECRET #5: Cardio & strength train at first.

 In the beginning, it’s often a good idea to follow an exercise program that’s a combination of aerobic and weight training exercises. The reason why is because this type of exercise program burns extra calories and helps you increase your muscle to fat ratio which raises your metabolism to make it easier to lose weight and keep it off. Once you reach a certain weight loss benchmark, and are able to maintain your diet, then you may want to transition to other exercises or sports activities that are more enjoyable to you.

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