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5 Reasons Women Should Exercise With Weights

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It’s a common belief that women shouldn’t exercise with weights. You usually hear comments like, “I don’t want to bulk up” or “I don’t want a man’s physique”. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. If you play your cards right, exercising with weights is one of the absolute best things you can do for your figure.

First, let’s explore the reason why women won’t bulk up like men if they start weight training. The fact of the matter is men produce more testosterone than women, that’s why they’re able to develop the kind of bulk that they can. Women simply do not naturally produce adequate amounts of testosterone to bulk up to the degree that men can.

Why does it make sense for women to exercise with weights? You see, when women train with weights, it will increase lean muscle mass. The positive result of that is that there will be less room for fat to be stored on your body.

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5 Reasons Women Should Exercise With Weights 3

The second reason is that by having more muscle on your body, your metabolism will speed up. It’s important to speed up your metabolism, because the faster it runs, the more calories you’ll burn. You’ve no doubt met people who could eat practically whatever they wanted and not gain weight. The reason why was because they had a fast metabolism.

The third reason why it makes sense for women to exercise with weights is because by adding lean muscle mass and reducing body fat, you’ll add more curves to your body and improve your appearance. Younger women tend to have more lean muscle that’s why they have a youthful looking figure. You’ll look better in your clothing and turn more heads thanks to exercising with weights.

Let’s look at the forth reason women should exercise with weights. Weight training will give you more strength, endurance and energy! This will give you an added boost in confidence. We could all use some extra confidence, couldn’t we? And just think of what you could accomplish if you had more energy during the day!

The fifth reason women should exercise with weights is that it will help fight depression. Let’s face it life is full of ups and downs. And when you’re engaged in a weight loss program, it can get depressing, missing out on delicious foods and having to maintain a rigid exercise program. By exercising with weights, you can feel good about yourself, and enthusiastic about life.

Now that you realise why it makes sense to exercise with weights, the next step is to work with a trainer, or to learn more about the topic from books, DVD’s and online sources so you can take advantage of the benefits it offers you.

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