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10 Best Cardio Workouts for Women

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Every woman is different. And like just about anything, what works best for one may not be the best idea for another. This fact is especially true when it comes to designing a workout program. Lucky for us, there are many different activities to create the best cardio workout, no matter our body type, physical activity preference or level of fitness. Let’s take a look at my top 10 ideas for cardio workouts for women.

1. Walking, Jogging & Running

Because these three are basically the same but at different speeds I’ll group them together. You don’t need any special equipment, other than a decent pair of comfortable shoes, and anyone at any physical level can take full advantage of this type of cardio workout. In addition, you don’t need a special place to walk, jog or run. Take a stroll around town or map out a route around the local shopping centre. If you have access to a gym, use their stationary equipment as well. You’re going to use all major muscle groups simultaneously and reach your target heart rate at the same time.

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2. Cycling

Whether you use a 10-speed bike of your own or the stationary bikes in the gym you get can your heart pumping with cycling. This cardio workout provides the same benefits as walking, jogging or running, but now you can change the terrain and level of difficulty. Many local parks have cycling trails. Clip on your iPod, listen to your favorite track and cycle away!

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3. Swimming

This cardio activity also hits all the major muscle groups, but it’s so much fun you won’t even realise you’re working out. Do a couple warm-up lengths at a slower pace, then speed it up for a couple lengths and then slow it back down. Most gyms have indoor pools available if you don’t have access to a community pool or if the weather doesn’t permit outdoor swimming.

4. Dancing

Again, no special equipment needed! You can have a dance party in your own home for a fantastic and fun cardio workout. Dance around to your favorite dance songs or purchase any number of dance workout videos. Don’t forget to check out your local gym, community center or dance studio for lessons on new dance steps as well! You can do this alone or even as a family event. Kids love to boogie!

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5. Jumping Rope

This will definitely get your body moving and you only need a jump rope to partake. Do it fast, slow, straight forward, crossways, double jumps or a combination of it all! You’ll never run out of variety in a jump rope routine, especially if you put it to music!

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6. Hiking

Like cycling, you get the benefits of walking, jogging and running here with the addition of terrain inclines. If you love the outdoors, check out some local parks and nature trails for different places to explore. The beautiful scenery will clear your mind as you get your heart pumping!

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7. Stair Stepping

If you’d love to get the benefits of hiking but keep it indoors, jump on a stair stepper, set up the incline and get to moving!

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8. Elliptical Trainer

Again, for those who prefer working out indoors, try an elliptical trainer. Elliptical trainers work you from head to toe, all major muscle groups, and get the blood moving. The elliptical trainer is a stationary machine where you simulate a walking, running or jogging motion and can adjust the resistance for all levels of endurance. In addition, your arms are getting a healthy workout on the bars moving simultaneously.

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9. Squash, Tennis & Other Sports

Pick your favorite sport where you aren’t allowed to sit idle for more than a few seconds. Invite your friends or family to play, join a community team or make new friends at the gym to play.

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10. Bodyweight Exercises

No equipment is needed for these because your resistance is your own body weight. You’ll get the benefits of strength training and cardio all wrapped into one by incorporating lunges, push-ups and squats into your routine.

Many of these cardio workouts are especially great for women because a lot of us like to socialise while exercising. Regardless of your individual preference, this list should get you well on your way to creating the best cardio workout routine for your needs, wants and lifestyle!

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